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    • By Steve Herschbach
      So you see something that you do not think fits the spirit and intent of the forum. Somebody attacking somebody else, off topic posts, political posts, or just plain spam. How to handle it?
      Please, do not go after the poster yourself. Maybe it is a misunderstanding of some sort, but now you have created hard feelings with somebody else on the forum. The main thing, unless I have made you a moderator, it is not your job to moderate the forum. However, it is everyone's job to report objectionable content. Let me decide what to do about the issue.
      Every post has a unfortunately quite faint "Report post" link. On mobile devices there is a tiny grey flag. If the problem is obvious, just click that link and hit "Submit Report" and you are done. I will get the message and look into it, but if it is my middle of night, it may be a few hours. Be patient - I am on the forum every day. If you feel you need to give me more details, there is a place there for that also.

      My default response to threads or posts that are an issue is to simply delete them without comment. People involved usually get the hint. Some may take offense, and while that is not my intent - oh well. Maybe it really was no big deal but if it is a non-essential post I will err on the side of caution and delete it. My apologies in advance. I have only had to ban a handful of people over the years, and if I have to ban somebody I may leave the posts in question up for a bit so people can see why I did what I did, but they also will be deleted eventually.
    • By Goldseeker5000
      Hey Steve is it possible to make a slight change to a username?
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I am happy to report Sourdough Moe contacted me. Suffice it to say he made a mistake and wants to make good on it. In order to facilitate this I have reinstated him as a forum member. Would the couple people he owes money please contact him and work this out? I believe he is sincere. It takes a big man to admit he was wrong and seek to make amends. He is in a tough place but trying hard so I want to help and hopefully this will have a happy ending. Thank you all.
      He can be messaged via his profile page
    • By Steve Herschbach
      As part of my Metal Detector Database project I want to be able to link to catalogs and user guides / owner's manuals. I get a little frustrated however about how external website links keep moving around or disappear. So I decided the catalogs and user guide area of the Downloads Page will have to get copies of everything I am linking to so I know things will stay put going forward. This is part of the archiving process for older equipment where manuals and catalogs may not even exist in scanned form yet. I will start with current equipment. Once I get all the readily available stuff done I may start soliciting for old catalogs and owners manuals people have sitting around so I can scan them and add to the collection.

    • By Steve Herschbach
      All the current Tesoro metal detector models have now been added to the Metal Detector Database with User Reviews starting on page 4 about halfway down. If you have owned any of these Tesoro models please help others by leaving a review. Discontinued Tesoro models will be added in the future.
      For an explanation of the Metal Detector Database with User Reviews visit this link

      Tesoro Tejon metal detector
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Those of you who have been around awhile know this started as one main forum. As traffic has climbed I have created subforums to organize the content better. Several of those forums have reached critical mass, which to me basically means somebody who is not me posts daily.
      Most of the brand specific forums have not reached that point yet although traffic is increasing across the board. That surprises me a little as I was thinking people orphaned by other forum closures would end up on them instead. These things take time though.
      Anyway, I was thinking of running some brand forum "Best Finds" contests. I will start with new detecting gear I have accumulated from various sources that will be prizes. The idea is not to have prizes worth so much as to tempt people to cheat - it will all have to be honor system. I think simply "winning" motivates a lot of people but some kind of small prize helps make it more fun.
      Example - a "Best Finds" contest for the White's Forum, using a set of White's headphones or a White's digging tool as a prize.
      People will basically vote for the best finds by giving the post "likes". In fact, now that I think about it, I can create a new "like" option for voting.
      Question One. People can see who "likes" their finds post. Does anyone have a problem with knowing who voted for who? Alternative suggestions?
      Question 2. Is a month long contest too long? Given low traffic on the brand forums it seems ok to me but maybe two weeks is better? Suggestions?
      And Question 3. When to start? Half the U.S. is frozen now so some people can't participate. I will run these more than once throughout the year, so would it matter? Still, on the first go I prefer as much people get to participate as possible, so back to the question - when to start?
      Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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