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I opted only to drop in for a visit here and there, for years before joining just recently. Would hit the forum to gain one specific piece of wisdom for some quest/ goal/ problem ... geophysical sciences content Geowizard provides, mining history tidbits such as bucketline dredging locations, detectors and evaluations, etc. I'd look at the forums for just one thing. So the 6 view limit never was an issue for me.

Am shocked ad revenues per click are just a few pennies on the dollar. Geez ... you should be earning commissions on gear recommendations ... I bought my detectors largely due to your evals/ trusting your judgment given your AK-specific experience. Not Fisher nor Garrett nor the retailer I purchased through offered anything close to what you provided. So, to me you made the sale not their marketing thus ought to get a healthy kickback. Just sayin 

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I am wondering what the heart means in bottom right hand corner of post. I see this heart on all post except mine, did I do something wrong ? If I have I will cease to post, do not want to disrupt a very informative web site.

Happy Hunting !!!

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The heart is a “like” button (changed now to a "Thumbs Up" similar to Facebook). You activate it to tell a poster you like their post. You can’t like your own posts, so the button is grayed out.

People with the most “likes” each day are listed on the Leaderboard

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Got it !! Thx,

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2 hours ago, MannyScoot said:

How can a profile be deleted ?

What profile, not sure what you mean? You can add or delete stuff from your profile as you please. The only way to remove the profile page completely is to have your account deleted. If you want your account deleted then you request it and I do it.

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I'll be the first to ask: What happened to the forum layout ? I was using it about 3 days ago, and the page was changed to 'super-wide', about 40% of it was only readable by moving the left/right slider-bar. Then an hour later, the width was correct, but the font size had shrunk down to micro size. I can still read it, but sure don't like it. The avatars have shrunk too. Am I the only one ?

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37 minutes ago, PimentoUK said:

Am I the only one

Sorry Pimento but mine is the same as it has always been.   Maybe shut down your browser and open it up again.  Might have inadvertently pressed a re-sizing option?   

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4 hours ago, PimentoUK said:

I'll be the first to ask: What happened to the forum layout ? I was using it about 3 days ago, and the page was changed to 'super-wide', about 40% of it was only readable by moving the left/right slider-bar. Then an hour later, the width was correct, but the font size had shrunk down to micro size. I can still read it, but sure don't like it. The avatars have shrunk too. Am I the only one ?

Nothing has changed on the forum - it’s on your end. When in doubt use a different browser.

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      Looking at some usernames on this forum i sometimes wonder how they came up with their name. Obviously some have user names that are their real name but others are a little more bizarre. When i decided to join prospecting forums i didn't know what to have, so googled how you say Gold in different languages. I came across "Jin" which is the Chinese term for gold.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I just upgraded the forum to the next major release, 4.5.2. This time they did some changes to the overall look and feel. Most of the changes are improvements but the new high contrast colors and bold fonts are almost too bright, too sharp. The header went stark white so I dialed that back to blue. Anyway, I'll be tweaking the look and feel for a few days. A couple of the old add on modules are now out of date so need to deal with that also.
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    • By Steve Herschbach
      Enjoying everything but one person’s posts rub you the wrong way? Go to your settings in upper right and look for “Ignored Users”.
      Ignoring a user allows you to block some or all of their content from showing. Users are not notified that you are ignoring them.
      Just add the user name you wish to ignore to the list accessed under “Ignored Users”.
      I prefer people not complain about or directly address other people about their behavior on the forum. Don't take moderation tasks on yourself... leave that to me. If you have an issue contact me directly about it, or use the ignore function.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Dealers are welcome on these forums. I do as a rule prefer dealers identify themselves when posting. Putting dealership contact information is the signature line is encouraged for this reason, and can bring the dealer some business! 
      Unlike most forums this one is not owned or sponsored by detector dealers. However, I respect many dealers as being some of the most knowledgeable people in metal detecting. To ban them here would be a bad idea. I in fact would like to attract them. I welcome any posts from any dealer intended to enlighten and inform. Any smart dealer should know people do not like overt sales. The way to go about it is show you know your stuff. Help people. Be useful.

      I also do not mind dealers advertising in the Classifieds and in fact again, I welcome it. There are limits however. First, you must identify yourself as a dealer in your ad. Second, only advertise real deals. Genuine limited time offers that people would regret not knowing about. Do not "flood" the Classifieds with ads. A few good quality listings is better than sheer volume. As a rule a dealer should have no more than two ads in the Classifieds at any one time; if more are posted I may delete the oldest ones at my option. And do note that no ads stay up forever unless updated regularly. After 90 days any ad may be deleted. Again, at my option and I am not looking to be draconian but am pretty forgiving. I try to see what the intent is and work with that.

      In particular, dealer ad listings for used detectors and demo units are most welcome. Offer the members of the forum real deals, and you will be appreciated.
      Dealers can be aggressive types but if so they will meet their match in me. I have very high standards for this forum and demand polite, informative discourse. Anyone wanting anything else, well, the internet is loaded with places that cater to everything else. Here, we stick to meat and potatoes. Advice from my 35 years in retail - talk about what you do that is good, not about what other dealers do or do not do. People do not like it when dealers talk others down. Any dealer that makes a habit of talking negatively about the competition or engaging them directly in a negative way will not be welcome here.

      This site will always put regular member interest first over dealer interests. Any member who has a problem with or objects to the behavior of any dealer on the forum, please PM me with your concerns. One person complaining that a dealer did them wrong may not sway me but on the other hand I do not want to support dealers in any way that do not make a habit of going above and beyond for their customers. Since this is all an experiment I am making up as I go you can bet I will be watching like a hawk and make adjustments in practices and policy going forward as I see fit.
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