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Steve Herschbach

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I opted only to drop in for a visit here and there, for years before joining just recently. Would hit the forum to gain one specific piece of wisdom for some quest/ goal/ problem ... geophysical sciences content Geowizard provides, mining history tidbits such as bucketline dredging locations, detectors and evaluations, etc. I'd look at the forums for just one thing. So the 6 view limit never was an issue for me.

Am shocked ad revenues per click are just a few pennies on the dollar. Geez ... you should be earning commissions on gear recommendations ... I bought my detectors largely due to your evals/ trusting your judgment given your AK-specific experience. Not Fisher nor Garrett nor the retailer I purchased through offered anything close to what you provided. So, to me you made the sale not their marketing thus ought to get a healthy kickback. Just sayin 

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I am wondering what the heart means in bottom right hand corner of post. I see this heart on all post except mine, did I do something wrong ? If I have I will cease to post, do not want to disrupt a very informative web site.

Happy Hunting !!!

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The heart is a “like” button (changed now to a "Thumbs Up" similar to Facebook). You activate it to tell a poster you like their post. You can’t like your own posts, so the button is grayed out.

People with the most “likes” each day are listed on the Leaderboard

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Got it !! Thx,

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2 hours ago, MannyScoot said:

How can a profile be deleted ?

What profile, not sure what you mean? You can add or delete stuff from your profile as you please. The only way to remove the profile page completely is to have your account deleted. If you want your account deleted then you request it and I do it.

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      Hi all. I have downloaded a photo resizer app off the internet for android devices. It has the resize options of pixels, cms and inches. Which do I use for this site and details please? I am going to try and get my head around uploading photos to this forum via my tablet or smartphone rather than via computer. TIA and help appreciated. 
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Enjoying everything but one person’s posts rub you the wrong way? Go to your settings in upper right and look for “Ignored Users”.
      Ignoring a user allows you to block some or all of their content from showing. Users are not notified that you are ignoring them.
      Just add the user name you wish to ignore to the list accessed under “Ignored Users”.
      I prefer people not complain about other people on the forum. If you have an issue contact me directly about it or use the ignore function.
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      That would be cool. I always wanted to try a D-Tex, Gardiner, Compass, Arado, etc... but was stuck on early Bounty Hunters and Whites. Always wondered if anyone actually used them in the parks around my area in the 70's
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      I have had mine for a year now and it is the only detector I use now. My only thoughts are the 8x11 coil works great in the water but I wish he would offer a 12" coil for the damp,wet and wash. It also would help shrink those fields while relic hunting.
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      I was contacted out of the blue recently by Dimitar Gargov, owner and designer for Tarsacci metal detectors. I gave him a call and we were like two kids talking metal detectors! He explained some ideas he has for the future and I decided it was past time to set up a forum for Tarsacci owners to discuss their detectors. The MDT 8000 is a very high performance detector designed first for saltwater use but people are trying it for other purposes to good result. The bottom line is I have always supported competition especially as regards new technology. My main bias is I tend to only feature detectors with U.S. dealers and service. Yup, I am U.S. centric - sue me!  Tarsacci as a home brewed detector obviously meets that criteria. So here we go, a forum for Tarsacci and the MDT 8000 and whatever else Dimitar's brilliant mind brings us eventually.
      Yeah I am buttering him up because I think I have talked him into doing what he never does - appear on a forum to answer questions about his product. Don't expect to get deep proprietary info as it is.... well, it's proprietary! But I hope to see Dimitar here soon. I am sure you will give him all that friendly place to share information we are famous for. Thanks!
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      Hope all made the trip from the old to the new forum. I like when Rob made the change and this looks the same. This is such a great forum and now it's made a big step forward.
      For info on new detectors you will find it here. The main reason nobody is making a push to sell their product ( detector ). So here it's not one sided picture you get..
      I like all the other forums but I find myself spending more time here.
      Thanks Steve for the new look.
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