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For what it's worth I appreciate this website.  It's quickly become my favorite Nugget hunting website.  I'm just getting back into the hobby and have learned and relearned so much here about the hobb

AND PLEASE, NO SHOUTING! "All caps is considered shouting on the internet. Shouting is not polite. Using all capital letters in electronic communication is like shoutin

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On 12/7/2020 at 10:32 AM, PimentoUK said:

That was when there were a lot of cosmetic changes, like the 'Edit Post' moving to a drop-down menu, and evidently you chose not to retain BB code support.

I did not choose anything. I simply apply updates when they become available, and in this case the default was probably for BBCode to go away, but I am fine with that. Staying with obsolete stuff like BBCode may be easier for a few, but it will lead to increasing problems as time goes by. A forum owner has two choices. Lock in the software and fall back in time, ending up like some forums now that have serious issues. Or move forward with the times.

"BBCode is a legacy markup language that was originally designed to allow users to submit rich content prior to the advancement of WYSIWYG editors. BBCode support is deprecated and may be removed in a future release, and we recommend leaving this option disabled for greater performance and reliability if your community does not rely on BBCode parsing to format posts."

It is true now that I looked into it that the editor button options changed from where I had them, and it appears some people have access to the old version, and some the newer version. I just jiggered the toolbars.

There are three sizes I can set. The toolbar options are limited by space, and so there are small, medium, and large versions. Here are the current versions just set. I try to use the most common buttons, and things like superscripts are not used often enough for dedicated buttons on the smaller versions. The catch all is the source code buttons.

The <> button opens a dialog that lets you add code snippets. The <>Source button puts the editor in full html mode. Modify the code, then press the button again to toggle back to view mode. The <>Source button was custom, and got lost on the last update. I added it back to a couple versions.

Hopefully this helps. People still may have different versions until in caches until they clear.


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Oh, cool, I now have the missing 'source' button to toggle between plain text and html.

And if I shrink down the page once, the sub & superscript buttons appear... though not in the 'edit post' mode, I have to shrink twice to get them then ??

But with html editing available, I think I can sort out all the trickier things.

And Goldseeker's tip re: colours seems to work. Cut some text, paste it into the post as black. Then select it all, then choose a new colour, and the whole lot changes colour.

A little test:

Susceptibility = 250 x 10-6 units (cgs)

Steve said: "I just jiggered the toolbars."

..which is OK in the privacy of your own home. HeHe.

Time to try and edit some of my non-functional posts then...

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      I'd am happy to announce that I am inviting Simon (phrunt) back to the forum. The short story is we had a falling out. The long story is complex, and I am way over it, so let's let that go. I certainly played my part, for reasons explained in the system announcement I have posted. I am also happy to be able to apologize profusely to Simon for my failings. I do the best I can, but I am damaged goods, and I blow it now and then. Despite the hurt on both sides, Simon and I inherently like each other. I think we have lots of weird nerdy stuff in common, and he really does have the most adorable puppy in the world. 
      Unfortunately Simon requested I delete his earlier contributions, and more unfortunately I agreed when I should have said no. Read the announcement for more as to why I act like I do. I do not do daily backups. Yeah, I know. It is not impossible but at this point I have a strong urge to make up and move on, not mire myself in a week of trying to undo that mess.
      There were lessons learned that I think will alleviate issues like this in the future. My hope is that by spilling my guts you all will better understand my dilemma. I am desperate for connection and terrified of it, and it makes me do odd things at times. I'm actually doing really well, but I do realize now I have to stand up and ask explicitly for all of you to just help me a little bit more.
      Again Simon, and honestly, quite a few forum members, I am sorry for what happened. There may be a few who are skeptical about Simon returning, and that is to be expected. I trust that he understands me now a little better, and that we may in time be even stronger friends for having passed though this small fire. I will certainly be more vocal in the future as I do think people can read my mind sometimes, and that's idiocy on my part.
      So join me in a round of welcomes for Simon. He has a good heart I am sure. And do please post a picture of that pup of yours Simon. 
      Steve Herschbach
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I would like to add a little element of fun for people to encourage posting of finds. What I am thinking is a forum where each month people can post what they think it a nice find, and a story with it would help. I’d set up a winners gallery for the monthly winners, issue a DP certificate to the winner each month by way of a pdf file they can print, frame, and display. Winners would be chosen by employing the “like” system so that the forum membership picks the winner each month. There would also be a year end contest to decide the winner for the year.
      I have had this idea for some time, but the problem for me was in how to offer a prize, without people trying to game the system. Cash makes people do funny things. Mailing stuff is expensive, and we have members worldwide.
      Last night I had an epiphany. What I’m proposing is each month, I will make a $100.00 donation the the winners choice of charity. The donations would probably go to a list that we can chose from, and I need to research donation sites to find the best one to work with that offers the widest range of charities. The winner picks the charity, I’ll make the donation. This will be tallied over time so members can see how much total we have given to charity. The year end contest would be a larger amount, like maybe $500.00. I would make the donations personally, and yes, I would write them off on my taxes to help offset the cost. So it would be me making the donation to a charity of the winners choosing. I will post donation receipts just to be transparent.
      This forum is paid for with those pesky Google ads. The revenue pays the hosting and software fees that run over a grand a year. My time...  There is excess that basically pays a couple utility bills each month for me. However, the forum has been growing rapidly, and revenue with it. I do not need the money. So I’d like to start giving it back. If this works, I will employ my industry connections to ask manufacturers to maybe help by providing some additional prizes if they wish, but I have to be careful how I do that, as a contest for a detector could stir up the kind of competitive issues I want to avoid. So I have to think that over. Or maybe they would help with charity donations on top of what I’m doing? Anyway, lots of things we could do, but in general I’d like this to be oriented to charity. It this goes well, I will probably boost the spending as the forum continues to grow, hopefully providing the revenue stream to make that happen.
      That’s the gist of it for the moment. Any thoughts, suggestions, etc.? Some of you have probably done something similar and can see pitfalls to avoid? I think the plan is sound and different than what I’ve seen before, and I love the idea of competing to give to charities.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I am very fortunate to have made JPs acquaintance years ago on Finders Forum when I was trying to learn more about my new sd2200d. Those were great times on a great forum, everyone friendly and sharing. JP is a literal gold mine of deep Minelab knowledge, with personal ties to Bruce Candy. We got to know each other a little over the net, and then I was fortunate enough to be invited to Oz to spend a month of time detecting with JP and Chris Ralph.
      I have never had a better host in my life than Jonathan Porter. He is like this crazy camp host who insists on cooking and who selflessly shared his locations and gold with me for a solid month. It was one of the best times of my entire life.
      The Aussie forums went downhill and became combative. To my dismay I found myself acting like an asshole in response. This forum was set up as a direct response to my experience watching forums self destruct. I wanted this place to be like the old Finders Forum. By and large I’ve achieved that goal over the last few years.
      But a problem developed. As this forum has become the place to be for information, it is attracting some people who have history of some sort with JP. A lot of it seems to be tall poppy syndrome. Other stuff is more real and personal. Maybe some of you have legit beefs with JP.
      Here is the deal. I don’t care what those issues are. Jonathan Porter is my friend. I’ve learned a lot from him. I’d like to learn more. I know of nobody outside Bruce who has deeper knowledge about current Minelab product, and JP is a truly superb detectorist to boot.
      People dogging JP is at cross purposes to the forum as far as I am concerned. I think there are quite a few people here who would like to hear more from JP without him having to swat files and getting grumpy in the process. Long ago I promised him a refuge here, and I have failed in that by trying to accommodate everyone. But I guess the time has come to declare allegiances, and I choose still to stand with JP.
      If anyone has a problem with that it is simple. There are a dozen forums you can go to instead where you can spend all your time talking about JP and me and the multiple ways in which we are horrible people. I’m really fine with that. Those who wish to stay are also very welcome, but from now on keep in mind that having a go at JP is the same as having a go at me. And my patience after four years has hit rock bottom. We have a new detector on the way, and lots of exciting stuff to talk about. If you want to share information and have fun, stay. Anything else, please leave. If it is just ten of us here I can handle that. I don’t need this forum or website, and it either gets back on track or I will continue to take action until it does.
      This is not about products, this is about personalities and who gets along with who. I think JP deserves one place on the internet where he is truly welcome by all, and anyone that gets in the way of that here will eventually be rooted out. Thanks and good night!
      Steve’s Australia Adventure

    • By Valens Legacy
      There was an article a few weeks ago about a find that needed to be identified.
      It was a square pendant with some gold flakes inside.
      Several people had seen them before and there was a link to the item.
      I have someone that is wanting to find a couple of them, and would like to point them in the right direction.
      Thank you, Caleb
    • By Sleddman
      Anyone signing in from old whites forum site.  Just seeing if any of you guys made the journey over here.  Sign in here if you did. This is Sleddman , long time whites user. Be safe out there to all and have a great Christmas.   Sleddman
    • By Jin
      Looking at some usernames on this forum i sometimes wonder how they came up with their name. Obviously some have user names that are their real name but others are a little more bizarre. When i decided to join prospecting forums i didn't know what to have, so googled how you say Gold in different languages. I came across "Jin" which is the Chinese term for gold.
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