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On 12/7/2020 at 10:32 AM, PimentoUK said:

That was when there were a lot of cosmetic changes, like the 'Edit Post' moving to a drop-down menu, and evidently you chose not to retain BB code support.

I did not choose anything. I simply apply updates when they become available, and in this case the default was probably for BBCode to go away, but I am fine with that. Staying with obsolete stuff like BBCode may be easier for a few, but it will lead to increasing problems as time goes by. A forum owner has two choices. Lock in the software and fall back in time, ending up like some forums now that have serious issues. Or move forward with the times.

"BBCode is a legacy markup language that was originally designed to allow users to submit rich content prior to the advancement of WYSIWYG editors. BBCode support is deprecated and may be removed in a future release, and we recommend leaving this option disabled for greater performance and reliability if your community does not rely on BBCode parsing to format posts."

It is true now that I looked into it that the editor button options changed from where I had them, and it appears some people have access to the old version, and some the newer version. I just jiggered the toolbars.

There are three sizes I can set. The toolbar options are limited by space, and so there are small, medium, and large versions. Here are the current versions just set. I try to use the most common buttons, and things like superscripts are not used often enough for dedicated buttons on the smaller versions. The catch all is the source code buttons.

The <> button opens a dialog that lets you add code snippets. The <>Source button puts the editor in full html mode. Modify the code, then press the button again to toggle back to view mode. The <>Source button was custom, and got lost on the last update. I added it back to a couple versions.

Hopefully this helps. People still may have different versions until in caches until they clear.


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Oh, cool, I now have the missing 'source' button to toggle between plain text and html.

And if I shrink down the page once, the sub & superscript buttons appear... though not in the 'edit post' mode, I have to shrink twice to get them then ??

But with html editing available, I think I can sort out all the trickier things.

And Goldseeker's tip re: colours seems to work. Cut some text, paste it into the post as black. Then select it all, then choose a new colour, and the whole lot changes colour.

A little test:

Susceptibility = 250 x 10-6 units (cgs)

Steve said: "I just jiggered the toolbars."

..which is OK in the privacy of your own home. HeHe.

Time to try and edit some of my non-functional posts then...

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  • 4 months later...

Steve: The 'Source' function has gone again, as have the 'subscript' / 'superscript' options.
I've just tried to type some maths in one of my posts, and stalled when I couldn't find how to type 'Q - squared' , even after shrinking down the screen size twice.
Any thoughts?

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