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Best Vlf Detector For Nugget Detecting?

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11 hours ago, Sourdoughmoe said:

And the GMT with the GMlong scan II Coil is a deadly combo i mean it screams on the tiny bits

Yeah that's what I tried to tell everyone 3 or 4 years ago, When I first bought the GM II Long Scan Coil I had to buy a special set of Scales with an 0.0001 Readout because it could see bits that could not be weighed and even after I bought those scales the GMT with that coil could still see bits that even those scales could not weigh, I truly believe the 6x10 on the GB II is the secrete behind it's small Gold success, Because the GMT with the GM II LS Coil is the Hottest combo I have ever seen, Even at the factory pre sets, Crank it up and flick the Boost switch and there is nothing on earth that the GMT and the GM II combo won't see.

hope that helps


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