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9v Battery Li-ion Alternative For Gold Bug Pro

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Has anyone tried using a Lithium Li-ion battery in their Gold Bug Pro? 

I thought I would order a few to see what they're like, they are yet to arrive. 

These are the ones I ordered out of interest https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Brand-NEW-Etinesan-9V-3600mWh-lithium-li-ion-rechargeable-li-polymer-battery-for-Microphone-GPS-remote/32811854849.html

It seems like they would provide long life power for the Bug and they charge using a USB cable so I could use my phone charger in the car to charge them up if i'm out and about.

If they work out I'll get them for my Carrot too


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Almost twice as powerful as the NiMH setup I have been using, though it has been working just fine for me. http://amzn.to/2AlqXbv


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14 hours ago, phrunt said:

I like the fact that you don't need a dedicated charger for these -- just a USB cable attached to car, computer, AC transformer, etc.  I have Eneloop AA's (NiMH) for my White's TDI and the charger cost almost as much as 8 batteries.  Looking forward to hearing how well these work for you.

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Unfortunately they will take a couple of weeks to get here yet, they're coming slow post as they Li-ion the airlines don't like them to transport by air.  They've got to get from Singapore to New Zealand by ship! 

I've bookmarked Steve's alternative ones so if mine turn out rubbish at least I can order his tried and true good ones.

The concept seems good and they sure have a lot of power so here's hoping! I also like they fully charge within 2 hours via USB


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I used mine in my Gold Bug Pro / G2 and Gold Bug 2 plus Garrett Carrot. The life was not as long as an alkaline but that is why I got the four battery set. Battery life does not matter quite as much with rechargeables, just swap them out. The Gold Bugs and G2 are gone now, so I have plenty of backup for the Carrot. My hope is the new Fisher pinpointer I have on order works fine with two AA batteries, and if so, I am done with 9V. I hope!:smile:

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These work quite well in most applications I have found.  Have had very good luck with them.


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