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Metal Detecting With A Knee Replacement?

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12 hours ago, Northeast said:

Dang-nab it, I thought there may have been a cheap 19" coil up for sale :laugh:

Nice work old boy, very happy for you.  And good work on the nuggets too. 

Any size?  Any pics? 

Hi Northeast,

i don't want to push my luck, the 19" might be just too much to ask of the knee, so it might very well be for sale. 👌

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Mike I tried what you suggested, and had no issues. Due to the new knee/ leg still being very stiff and a little tender I don't kneel on the ground, I remove the Bungee cord and lay the coil on the ground, than bend the old back and check the hand full of dirt that way. I had the toe of my boot touching the coil and no problem while bending over. Plus I'm only a short person and still no issues. Hope this helps?

Outback 54

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Thanks Outback.

That helps allot!, I'm short myself now about 5' 5 1/2". The information you provided solves one of the issues about knee replacement that had me concerned. I'll need to have both knees replaced so once complete I won't have an original to place near the coil.

Thanks Mike



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I am 83 and had both knees replaced. One at 75 and the other at 78. Was driving at 7 days for each and the only thing I can recommend is do not put it off because the sooner you do it the better you will feel. I still climb mountains and have no problems with my knees. I use an Infinium, GMT and pinpointer with no detecting problems. You must use knee pads to do any nealing, that is the only problem I have. The sooner you get rid of that pain and misery the better off you will be. 

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