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gold coins

Deepest Detector On Coins

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Hi everyone

I'm looking the deepest detector on gold buried abou 50 centimetres ( 25 ")

Probably golds are in glass or are free. There is about 400m2 for check , there is no rubbish

What can you suggest ?

Garret ATX or Lorenz X6 or Z1

Who does have an experience in this topis?

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Interesting scenario,i am assuming its a hidden hoard of gold coins and as you have mentioned that they 'could' be in a glass container then it would be a sub 200 year old hoard,of course could be wrong but you dont have any further details.

In a situation like that here in the UK if i was too come across a scattered hoard ie the plough has taken the top off the container and spread the hoard in a reasonably tight radius,then i would try and locate the stray coins then try and locate the container,usually ours are located in earthenware pot that type of thing and usually down at the 18-26'' depth range,which is the type of range that you have mentioned.The detectors that i have and use for these types of detecting hunts are either the Whites TDI Pro(pulse) with a range of coils from 12'' upto 20'' that certainly will give you the depth especially on the bulk or container of the hoard/stash or what ever you are detecting for.A couple of other detectors that i use are the Nexus SE (dual 9'' coil) or the Nexus MP with the 14x13'' coil,both of these machines are VLF but will certainly hit the bulk hoard container at the depth that you are after.

One other and last resort and the deepest option that i use is a Fisher TW-5 twin box,basically no good on single coins but will have no problems locating a container of coins in the area size that you have mention,how deep will a twin box go on a hoard size container with coins in,well i will stick my neck out here and say that will nail the container at even greater depth,it all depends on the size of the target,the larger it is the deeper a twin box setup will go,but remember no good on single coins.

This may or may not help you,but this is the method that i have  use with some success here in the UK,surprisingly enough if you are on a tight budget and non of this information you have provided,you can buy a much cheaper setup say like a older version MXT and buy the Whites 15'' coil Concentric coil for a very reasonable price,this then allows you to use the stock coil for locating the stray or single coins or what ever you are after,then the larger 15'' coil for locating the actual container.This option does basically exactly the same as a high end Pulse machine or specialist dedicated machine at a fraction of the cost.

Of course this is just my opinion and thoughts on how i would tackle such a detecting scenario and it has been successful i may add.


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