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GP 3500


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18 minutes ago, Luis said:

Me gustaría saber cuál es un precio razonable para el GP 3500 de Minelab. Supuestamente está obsoleto ya que hay 4 nuevos modelos. Gracias

Es una muy buena máquina. El precio es probablemente 1600-2000usd dependiendo de la cantidad de accesorios.
No es obsoleto ... solo un nivel diferente. Si puede pagar 9000 dollar y es un adicto serio al oro, entonces quiere el GPX7000.


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Hahahaha... that is a direct translation from Google translate...just type it in and it translates to whatever language you want.

As far as the 3500, I agree totally with you .

I have often thought about having one for a back up---- wish I never sold mine especially after Ismael modded it. (Just made it a little quieter)

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14 minutes ago, fredmason said:

Paul...you are a man of many talents-and surprises...please tell Luis that the 3500 is, in my opinion, a most excellent and easy to use PI...if I had to go back beyond the gpz or 5000 the 3500 would be my pick!

mucho gusto, amigo


Luis here is a man who has been detecting for years and he knows the 3500 is a very good machine.

Luis es un hombre que ha estado detectando durante años y sabe que la 3500 es una máquina muy buena.
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I own a tdi sl that I use for the beach. But this coming year, I want to start the golden nugget. The area of the seeds is 500 kilometers from where I live. Surely fence, two or three times a year and I do not think it's worth me to buy a 4500, or, a 5000 for the price they have. That's why I ask about the 3500

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