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Laszlo Peter Eles

Revolutionary War Button Found With AT Max Video

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    • By Andy2640
      From some research so far:  Feel free to add more knowledge, would be appreciated.
      Factors of items going deeper into earth
      1. Worms (LOL)
      2. Leaves organic matter build up over time
      3. Moles
      4. Drainage
      Is that it??   I know its a noob thing to be obsessed with depth, but i keep wondering how deep those medieval/Roman/or pre-1800 coins/relics are.
    • By foreverteachable
      Here is a picture of the Buckle I found in it's display case. It is always nice to dig up some history and be able to share it with others. 

    • By Steve Herschbach
      So last year I am wandering around well off the beaten path in northern Nevada. I was targeting some old mapped prospects that turned out just to be natural features the mappers mistook for mining activity.
      Still, there is gold elsewhere in the area, and I am seeing lots of quartz scattered around. I wandered for miles swinging the Garrett ATX with one of the new 11" x 13" DD coils. This particular area had some hot rocks that were bugging my GPZ 7000 but which the Garrett tuned out entirely, so I went with the ATX.

      Garrett ATX in the Nevada desert
      Hours go by with not a single signal. Then I get this soft loud signal in the middle of nothing - no sign of human activity of any sort. It is strong but not a sharp signal, so I figure it is something large and deep.
      I start digging and it is deep. I am thinking maybe a meteorite? Or can I dare hope for a large nugget find - no, I tend to not let my thoughts go too far in that direction.... but still........
      Close to two feet and this pops out of the ground:

      Looks to be an aircraft 20mm cannon round, probably WW2 era. I imagine somebody was flying around out there decades ago and fired off a round, which ended up punching into the ground where I found it. Who knows what the real story is, but it got my heart pumping and was the only find of the day.
    • By foreverteachable
      It was a Great day trying the nox out in the fields and woods

    • By foreverteachable
      Good day all. I found this button at an old home site where military buttons and an old eagle sword plate dating back to the mid 1800s was found and never identified it since it is worn. IT could possibly be a 2 piece button because there is a ridge on back but might be one piece as well.Thanks!

    • By Cal_Cobra
      Had some business to do out in the country over the weekend and hit a recommended spot that produced in the old days. It's been hard, hard hit, so hard hit it was left to wither away. I don't mind taking a crack at those kind of sites.
      At any rate, I gave it a try for a few hours and was pleasantly impressed with what I was able to dig up on this site left to die. I think I may have dug a half to one of those cheap stamped brass 49er buckles, but this one is a plain Jane. Also got a civil war era eagle button but it's seen better days. Some kind of neat buckle all twisted up, but the prize was a surface find - I believe that tiny bottle is an opium bottle? And of course, leave it to me to find a merc that's likely 100 years newer then the site!!!
      The canslaw was punishing!!

      Not too many small arms shells, zero shotgun shells (amazingly!) but some BIG OLD LEAD (bottom) !!!  
      As large as a couple of those pieces are, there could be anything from a gold coin to a silver dollar still out there IMO 🤓

      Aside from aluminum, not many conductors left!

      This poor eagle button:

      Felt good to get out!!  
      I did a lot better at the sale I was picking stuff up from, but there's nothing like detecting old sites