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Keith Southern

Deeptech Vista Gold Gain 30khz Model

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Thought maybe some of you gold guys might be interested in a 30khz model unit.

I received my unit and have done a couple quick preliminary videos for it.

Its very sensitive yet also very deep....Id be happy to answer any questions if I can?

I've ran all the deeptechs  Vista models and this one is the highest freq unit they have is actually the flagship.

They just disc up through foil but have great old school feel audio and analog controls yet offer new way thinking in terms of tone breask and iron volume etc.

Very talkative units..can paint a sonic picture of targets in your mind.

The videos will give you an idea





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Keith is the guru of Detector audio.  I told him once that he reminded me of tales my uncle Harold told when we were kids, of his service as a somar man on a destroyer escort in the North Atlantic in 1943 - hunting Nazi u-boats with only his ears as weapons - every sound a clue - to put together a picture - the picture to be come a decision to act

Our hobby isn’t that dramatic, but if you read Keith’s stuff over at Tom Dankowski’s forum, you get a hint of the thrill of the chase - the hidden target - lurking - faint clues you are hearing - then DISCOVER!

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Thanks Steve!!

I thought maybe some here would find a 30Khz detector interesting..

Its 30Khz and is sensitive to small targets Yet it has ability to still Punch the soil quite well on coin sizes...Unique in the Freq range..Yet still handles Iron very well..

The Deeptech units have a unique way of taking a analog feel from the past but giving us modern ways of reporting in terms of  EXACT tone break..Iron Volume..Blazing recovery speeds..High freq..Tight DD's...Blending audio..

I'll get some more Videos up on this Gain model...

I want to do a Hunt Video...and I'm anxiously awaiting the small coil for SITE work..Yet the small coil is not too far out..

The DeepTechs are every bit a world class iron site unlocker...as good as it gets..the 30Khz is a new EDGE...Yet DeepTech by Design that being the deep down DNA of the unit knows how to extract  targets from soil with enough audio intelligence that the deeepies can break through and talk to you where otherwise MOST Vlfs would just cancel out the signal from heavy filtering to quieten the soil...the way the audio blends and the filters bleed it allows for targets to Peek through with a DIG me report...Set the Ground balance right and the background Soil noise will become sort of a DIN audio report..(Like background radiation)..then the things that would become hidden if that radiation report was silenced  by being  filtered too aggressively and   not allow for the legitimate targets to break above and would be unnoticed..

The Deeptechs to me are the Perfect blending of Analog and Digital world for extracting ferrous from non ferrous.Very talkative AUDIO..



Very kind! and yes the thrill is in the hunt is it not.??The satisfaction of Knowing your equipment and PROVING your skillset honing over the decades has not been in vain..I've always looked at detecting like Golf..just you and the soil..It play's out between your ears so to speak...

And the proving of history by finds is the driving quest for Honing of the skillset.One desire feeds the other desire..

I hope everyone has a Great Christmas!!


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    • By Mike Hillis
      I'm going to try out the new Tek weatherproof headphones with the 8500    They are really designed for use with the armrest headphone jack models like the T2 and F75 but I have an extension cord that allows me to use them with the 8500
      These are very nice weather proof Koss models made for 1st Texas. I've had them awhile and I've used them with my F75, Impact and Gold Kruzer, V3 and Etrac.   Audio wise I find them to be on par with the White's Prostars.   I don't have any problem recommending them and they are reasonably priced.

      https://www.tekneticsdirect.com/products/Weatherproof Headphones
      These metal detecting headphones are designed by Koss for Teknetics® following our stringent product specifications.  They are weatherproof to IPX4 specifications to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Our Headphones have superior sound quality, dual volume control and are noise isolating. Teknetics® has created these high quality, weatherproof headphones ideal for beginner detectorists and professional treasure hunters alike, now at a very affordable price. 
      Weatherproof IPX4 Comfortable Over the Ear Design Dual Volume Control Noise Isolating High Performance Sound Quality 18-20,000 Hz frequency 5 ft 60 in Coiled Cord with ¼” Jack 2 Year Warranty Folds Up for Compact Storage and Convenient Travel
    • By Sven1
      Picked this V5 up from a friend in the US. One of those brand detectors I had an eye on before folks in the US got wind of them. At the time they were the V3 version. Think I was the first to post about them before someone took interest in them and decided to bring them over. Which created lots of drama for a number of years before vanishing. When offered the V5, I did not hesitate, may not get another chance as they don't seem appear on the market. Was up for the challenge see if I can get this machine to perform.
      Using the Bliss V5 with the 7x9 coil.
      Took it out to my favorite soccer field with a running track this morning. Got wet a bit. Knew they had a sprinkler system, never knew it actually worked. Found out it does. Every 20 minutes another three start up and the previous three shut down. They circle the field twice.  So I set the Bliss up like my bench test. Did a manual ground balance, so easy took a minute, piece of cake. Guess a 10 turn GB pot won't be needed after all. Took all of about 40 minutes to get used to it. Stable, smooth....Have to say it felt like I used this detector for a long time. Just felt like all the beep and digs I have used wrapped up into one. Just a heck of a lot deeper!!! For the most part only had to adjust threshold a bit now and then, damp and dry dirt. And at one point had some EMI, not bad but, it was there. All I did was adjust the frequency up a bit and drop the Threshold a tiny bit. I was ready to dig a lot of trash and figuring my knee was going to pay for it later. Really surprised that I found very little trash, it was there, could hear. It was easy to tell the canslaw, iron, nails from coins just listening to the duration and sharpness of the target signal. Easy to size a target. Setting the Disc level and Disc depth at the particular setting and using the three position disc toggles, really worked great. Hunt in #3, if I get a a breakup signal, will check in #2, if it double blips or breaks up, really don't have to dig it. Will now dig if its  a very tight signal break up, found it could be a very deep Can. clad coin. I do switch to #2 to take another look at the target, if the signal is good in #3 and good in #2, from what was dug today, its a good target. Appears that the disc target is kind of a notching, each # has a different target acceptance width to it. In a weird way, kind of reminds me how I used the DeepTech Vista X with the two disc controls, standard and alternate in conjunction with adjustable two tone disc control. Even thou the Blisstool V5 is a single tone detector, it does give a lot of target information. Pinpointing was a little iffy at first, using the Makro PulseDiver Pinpointer was needed to zoom in on the target. Later in the hunt, was able to pinpoint with the coil almost dead center on top of the target. The PulseDive pinpointer made locating the target even easier. Couple notes about the Bliss and the pinpointer, had to keep the coil far away from it. It would cause EMI. Did not make an attempt to change the PD frequency as I was too busy having fun. Second note, the headphones I was using pretty well muffled the audio from the PD. So it was switched to vibrate mode, found I really like that mode.

      Hunted for about 4.5 hours this morning. the sun was out, no wind, and temps approaching high 80's F degrees. Had to stop at that point.
      Dug only 3 pieces of foil, foil rejection was excellent, was thinking to myself, this was just like my Mirage Pi..... Dug some very deep 7" pull tabs and most of the coins came from the 7-8" depth. This is with the Gain set at minimum.
      Think only three coins came from depths less than 7" to about 4".  The Bliss V5 from what I saw today is an excellent Canadian clad machine. Real happy with its performance, feel and balance. Thought about acquiring another Tesoro or possibly some deeper beep and dig, no longer looking. Think the Bliss covers about all my needs and then some as a beeper. Definitely a keeper. And having the 11" and 15" coils and lots more Gain if needed, should make  for a great all around relic detector.
      Didn't find any $1 and $2 coins today, think I already found them all using previous detectors, wasn't expecting to find any.

      The Blisstool is now one of those obscure machines you rarely see or hear about these days, too bad so many that bought one sold them pretty early on. Some couldn't wrap their head around how the controls function and work. Then there are those that were able to, found they were excellent detectors with lots of potential and had excellent success with them. Looking forward to using the V5 much more.

    • By Steve Herschbach
      My first metal detector in 1972 was a White's Coinmaster 4. I became a White's dealer in 1976. Over the years I owned the following:
       White's Beachhunter ID, White's Coinmaster IV, White's Coinmaster V Supreme, White's DFX, White's Goldmaster, White's Goldmaster II, White's Goldmaster V/SAT, White's Goldmaster 3, White's Goldmaster 4/B, White's Goldmaster 24K, White's GMT, White's M6, White's MXT, White's MX Sport, White's Surfmaster II, White's Surf PI, White's Surf PI Pro, White's Surf PI Dual Field, White's Sierra Pulse Pro, White's TDI, White's TDI SL, White's Vision, White's V3i
      And as a dealer I "borrowed" and played with countless more models. Right as of this moment I still have a DFX, V3i, and Goldmaster 24K I got in the fall of 2018.
      It's just now sinking in that after 48 years of using White's metal detectors, I have probably officially purchased my last new White's. I guess it is not impossible yet somebody could purchase the company and somehow take things on to new and improved models. Unfortunately, I just do not see that as being very likely. The name may continue, but White's as an industry leader is probably nothing more now than a memory. It's hard to believe that a company that produced something as sophisticated as the V3i in 2009 is now done.... I was still harboring a hope that somehow a V4 would see the light of day. In fact I figured they either pull a rabbit out of their hat, or it was over. Unfortunately it proved to be the latter.
      I do know one thing. My V3i is in pristine condition, and I am going to treat it with kid gloves now. If there was ever a detector that might become a collectors item, the V3i is it. I do not think we will see anything remotely like it ever again.
      The Goldmaster 24k is a very good detector, and thanks to Tom Boykin I got to use it early on and write my last big review of a White's detector. I always felt a little bad about the MX Sport debacle, so it was nice to end things on an upbeat note. A picture of my last detector from White's Electronics, quite a difference from my first "big box" Goldmaster in 1973.

    • By George Kinsey
      Worked very well in bad ground, lite weigh housing, Auto ground trac, pinpoint, three tone options, visual target I.D. and depth reading down to 10". I may take this one with me to the After life.

    • By Aaron
      I put the batteries back in the old Mark 1 LTD, just to make a short demo video on this beautiful old machine. Hope ya like it!
    • By KevinOntheCape
      Hello all, new member here. I recently got a Rutus Alter 71 after using an AT Pro for the past couple yrs. After much research I chose this over the Nox 800 because I can't run with the crowd and after hearing an interview with the developer I was hooked. I wanted a change because my buddy was really cleaning up with his MX Sport and for me as a musician the AT Pro tones annoyed me, particularly the iron grunt gets tiresome. 
            I will say the AT has been good to but the Alter is another level and I really like it. The sweet sounds and tweakability makes me feel connected to the machine just as a really good guitar seems to become an extension of the music making not just a thing in my hands. The Alter arrived the day after having shoulder surgery which gave a couple of days with the manual and online videos before I gave in an assembled it.The next day I had it in the backyard to get familiar with the menus and such, man oh man it was comfortable to swing and well balanced.I have been out about 5 times with it looking goofy with one arm in a sling but got comfortable with it very quickly and have been hitting finds much quicker and more often.I have a learning curve ahead of me but I feel that this machine is a good platform to learn skills I have been reading about and makes those techniques accessible. 
          I have questions for anyone familiar with this detector-
         1- any headphone recommendations? I am putting together a bluetooth setup but may get wired ones also.
         2-I setup a discrimination pattern but it appears to be a global setting,can this be setup as a user program to be recalled ? Any other tips and guidance will be welcome, I really feel good about this detector.

      Rutus Alter 71 metal detector
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