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Thought maybe some of you gold guys might be interested in a 30khz model unit.

I received my unit and have done a couple quick preliminary videos for it.

Its very sensitive yet also very deep....Id be happy to answer any questions if I can?

I've ran all the deeptechs  Vista models and this one is the highest freq unit they have is actually the flagship.

They just disc up through foil but have great old school feel audio and analog controls yet offer new way thinking in terms of tone breask and iron volume etc.

Very talkative units..can paint a sonic picture of targets in your mind.

The videos will give you an idea





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Keith is the guru of Detector audio.  I told him once that he reminded me of tales my uncle Harold told when we were kids, of his service as a somar man on a destroyer escort in the North Atlantic in 1943 - hunting Nazi u-boats with only his ears as weapons - every sound a clue - to put together a picture - the picture to be come a decision to act

Our hobby isn’t that dramatic, but if you read Keith’s stuff over at Tom Dankowski’s forum, you get a hint of the thrill of the chase - the hidden target - lurking - faint clues you are hearing - then DISCOVER!

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Thanks Steve!!

I thought maybe some here would find a 30Khz detector interesting..

Its 30Khz and is sensitive to small targets Yet it has ability to still Punch the soil quite well on coin sizes...Unique in the Freq range..Yet still handles Iron very well..

The Deeptech units have a unique way of taking a analog feel from the past but giving us modern ways of reporting in terms of  EXACT tone break..Iron Volume..Blazing recovery speeds..High freq..Tight DD's...Blending audio..

I'll get some more Videos up on this Gain model...

I want to do a Hunt Video...and I'm anxiously awaiting the small coil for SITE work..Yet the small coil is not too far out..

The DeepTechs are every bit a world class iron site unlocker...as good as it gets..the 30Khz is a new EDGE...Yet DeepTech by Design that being the deep down DNA of the unit knows how to extract  targets from soil with enough audio intelligence that the deeepies can break through and talk to you where otherwise MOST Vlfs would just cancel out the signal from heavy filtering to quieten the soil...the way the audio blends and the filters bleed it allows for targets to Peek through with a DIG me report...Set the Ground balance right and the background Soil noise will become sort of a DIN audio report..(Like background radiation)..then the things that would become hidden if that radiation report was silenced  by being  filtered too aggressively and   not allow for the legitimate targets to break above and would be unnoticed..

The Deeptechs to me are the Perfect blending of Analog and Digital world for extracting ferrous from non ferrous.Very talkative AUDIO..



Very kind! and yes the thrill is in the hunt is it not.??The satisfaction of Knowing your equipment and PROVING your skillset honing over the decades has not been in vain..I've always looked at detecting like Golf..just you and the soil..It play's out between your ears so to speak...

And the proving of history by finds is the driving quest for Honing of the skillset.One desire feeds the other desire..

I hope everyone has a Great Christmas!!


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    • By phrunt
      One of the things I like most about VLF's is their target ID's.  I'm amazed with detectors being able to ID targets.  Where I hunt I prefer to dig as few holes as possible so I heavily rely on Target ID's.  My front yard is the most difficult place around my area for coin's to ID well, it has the EMI of my house nearby, the worst seems to come from my long range wireless router, I'm also abut 100 meters away from some high voltage power lines that carry power from the nearby windmills to the town.  Once away from my front yard the results of this test do not change much, the ones that shine in this test are even better away from the EMI and the ones that struggle in this test while they do improve their overall performance ranking on Target ID's doesn't really change. 
      What I've done with this video is tweaked the detectors the best I know how to handle the EMI with as high sensitivity that keeps them stable and gives their best hope of a good ID, some run fine maxed out in sensitivity while others needed high disc to operate.  If I lowered the sensitivity anymore on the ones that are struggling with the EMI they would no longer detect the deeper of the two targets so I have to allow some EMI interference to get that deeper target.
      I've put white rocks on the grass where the two targets are located.  The target on the left side is the deepest at about 8" while the right easier target is the same coin at about 6".  They've been there around 2 years.  Both are NZ $1 coins.
              1 dollar coin specifications
      Diameter (mm)
           Weight (g)
               Edge thickness (mm)
                      Edge treatment
                   Intermittent milling
      Not all detectors are running equal coils, this is part of the equation of course on how well they perform.  While the bigger coils get more depth and can accurately get ID's often better than the littler coils they do suffer more from EMI and also on the deeper target they're often more affected by the nail that is about  4" in front of the deeper of the two coins.  The entire area of lawn is covered in roofing nails from when the roof was replaced some years ago.  The roofers just throw nails down all over the place while removing the old roof.
      So this test wasn't to say some detectors are bad or good, it was just showing why I like certain detectors for hunting in my conditions around here, and why I think some excel over others in these conditions with the coils that I have for them.  Each have the coil I find best out of the coils I own to suit this test.  If I put smaller coils on some of the detectors they are unable to detect the deeper left target at all for example the 6" coil won't see the left target on the Nox at all.
      If I had to rank these detectors out of which will give me the best target ID's in the soils around here I would rank them as follows:
      #1 Vanquish so very close in performance to the CTX/Nox but just that tiny bit better as the Vanquish handles EMI the best.
      #2 Equinox / CTX 3030 are so close in performance I'd say they're about the same, although I have very limited CTX knowledge so far being very new to it.
      #3 Ace 300i (In this video it suffers the most from EMI but get it 100 meters away from my house and it shines with good depth and ID's ONLY with the Tornado coil giving it the #3 ranking)
      #4 Gold Bug Pro / Detech Ultimate combo, change back to any other coil I own and it's performance drops a bit.
      The AT Gold, and Teknetics T2 come in at the bottom, I'm not yet sure if the AT Gold is due to the smaller coil size or not, I only have that one coil for it, the T2 is a depth monster but it's ID's are poor by comparison I think, and the smaller coils on the Vanquish and Equinox easily give more accurate ID's on the shallower of the two targets than the AT Pro and even in the best conditions its ID's are nowhere near as accurate as some others when targets get deeper.
      Now please don't read into this in any way that I'm bagging out certain detectors or something, that's not my intention and while the T2 might be at the bottom perhaps in other conditions it might be on the top, I do not know.  The AT Gold I only have the standard coil for so it's instantly at a disadvantage.  What I'm doing is showing why I prefer the detectors that I do for the conditions I hunt in for my coin hunting where I rely on Target ID's for dig decisions.
      This video really shows why I like the Vanquish so much around here for coin hunts.  I'm looking forward to learning more about the CTX it seems very promising and is doing well on silver coins in my local spots so far.  Sorry for the Ace section, at 1:05 I switch to the deeper target, I was too close to the screen with the video so it is hard to tell when I switch targets, especially with the Ace giving similar ID performance on both targets.
      What stands out to me is I could tell a local person hunting in my area if they just wanted to find a bunch of coins and some rings or something without spending much money they could easily just buy a Vanquish or an Ace and do quite well, and not really be left miles behind over someone with something like a CTX, keeping in mind once you're away from my yard junk levels go down to next to nothing, iron junk is very rare in our parks and sports areas around here, with the main junk being bottle tops and pull tabs, and low value coins 🙂
      Obviously this changes for people with very high trash or different soils or whatever variable makes it invalid.
    • By phrunt
      This woman goes detecting in high heels 🙂
      The article: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/31/style/metal-detectorists-ring-finders.html
      Below is a segment of the article so you can decide if you want to click on the link to read the rest
      People have been metal detecting since 1881, when Alexander Graham Bell invented a device to find the bullet lodged in President James Garfield.
      But it took several more decades for recreational metal detectors — devices that resemble “sort of a skillet on the end of a pole,” as one newspaper put it in 1927 — to develop a serious cult following.
      Now, that cult following is growing. Detector makers are reporting record sales. According to an annual report from one brand, Minelab, in 2020 the company sold 30 percent more detectors than the previous year, which had climbed 18 percent the year before that.
      And we are in a bit of a detectorist media moment. New York magazine is making listicles of the best metal detector models. Drew Barrymore is giving them away on her show. The teenage sketch comedian Parker James is wielding one before his six million TikTok followers. In England, Carey Mulligan is making it mainstream; on Nantucket, millennials are making it fashion; and in the gaming industry, a romantic thriller-meets-metal detecting video game will be released this summer.
    • By George1971
      Hello everyone, I would like your opinion and comments about “Golden Mask” metal detectors. They are made in Bulgaria, but I do not know something about their performance. How they are performed compared with some other brands, e.g., minelab, nokta, teknetics etc. Do you have any information or have you purchased that metal detector?  Are they good or not? Would you buy that brand or not? Thanks.

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Compass 1991 Full Line Catalog, 4.2 MB pdf file, 16 pages
      Compass Metal Detector Forum
      A generous file donation by Sven1
      X100 Challenger
      XP Pro Plus
      XP Pro Scanner
      XP 350 Scanner
      Coin Scanner
      Gold Scanner
      Gold Scanner Pro
      Liberty 150
      Liberty 50
      Coin Hustler
      Two Box Locator P.S. 5
      North American Gold Dredge
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Compass 1982 Treasure Hunting Guide, 5.57 MB pdf file, 17 pages
      Compass Metal Detector Forum
      A generous file donation by Sven1
      Coin Magnum
      Relic Magnum 7
      Magnum 420
      Magnum 320
      Magnum 240
      Judge 6
      Judge 2 Automatic
      Compass 94B
      Compass 77B
      Coin Hustler II
      Coin Hustler I
      Pipe Seeker 5
      Price List
    • By Rhino
      A friend offers me to buy him a bhid. 12 ", which he used once in his backyard, lost interest after using it and kept it for 5 years in the garage. It asks for $ 100, but after what I've been reading, I don't know if it will be a good deal.
      There are different opinions everywhere, shallow depth, floating coil, bad ground balance, bad discrimination, etc.
      Can anyone who has owned one give me an exact review of this detector?
      Something good that if I have been able to see is that there are countless coils that adapt to it, it would have to be modified but it would work.
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