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Keith Southern

Deeptech Vista Gold Gain 30khz Model

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Thought maybe some of you gold guys might be interested in a 30khz model unit.

I received my unit and have done a couple quick preliminary videos for it.

Its very sensitive yet also very deep....Id be happy to answer any questions if I can?

I've ran all the deeptechs  Vista models and this one is the highest freq unit they have is actually the flagship.

They just disc up through foil but have great old school feel audio and analog controls yet offer new way thinking in terms of tone breask and iron volume etc.

Very talkative units..can paint a sonic picture of targets in your mind.

The videos will give you an idea





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Nice to have you drop by Keith!

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Keith is the guru of Detector audio.  I told him once that he reminded me of tales my uncle Harold told when we were kids, of his service as a somar man on a destroyer escort in the North Atlantic in 1943 - hunting Nazi u-boats with only his ears as weapons - every sound a clue - to put together a picture - the picture to be come a decision to act

Our hobby isn’t that dramatic, but if you read Keith’s stuff over at Tom Dankowski’s forum, you get a hint of the thrill of the chase - the hidden target - lurking - faint clues you are hearing - then DISCOVER!

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Thanks Steve!!

I thought maybe some here would find a 30Khz detector interesting..

Its 30Khz and is sensitive to small targets Yet it has ability to still Punch the soil quite well on coin sizes...Unique in the Freq range..Yet still handles Iron very well..

The Deeptech units have a unique way of taking a analog feel from the past but giving us modern ways of reporting in terms of  EXACT tone break..Iron Volume..Blazing recovery speeds..High freq..Tight DD's...Blending audio..

I'll get some more Videos up on this Gain model...

I want to do a Hunt Video...and I'm anxiously awaiting the small coil for SITE work..Yet the small coil is not too far out..

The DeepTechs are every bit a world class iron site unlocker...as good as it gets..the 30Khz is a new EDGE...Yet DeepTech by Design that being the deep down DNA of the unit knows how to extract  targets from soil with enough audio intelligence that the deeepies can break through and talk to you where otherwise MOST Vlfs would just cancel out the signal from heavy filtering to quieten the soil...the way the audio blends and the filters bleed it allows for targets to Peek through with a DIG me report...Set the Ground balance right and the background Soil noise will become sort of a DIN audio report..(Like background radiation)..then the things that would become hidden if that radiation report was silenced  by being  filtered too aggressively and   not allow for the legitimate targets to break above and would be unnoticed..

The Deeptechs to me are the Perfect blending of Analog and Digital world for extracting ferrous from non ferrous.Very talkative AUDIO..



Very kind! and yes the thrill is in the hunt is it not.??The satisfaction of Knowing your equipment and PROVING your skillset honing over the decades has not been in vain..I've always looked at detecting like Golf..just you and the soil..It play's out between your ears so to speak...

And the proving of history by finds is the driving quest for Honing of the skillset.One desire feeds the other desire..

I hope everyone has a Great Christmas!!


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      Deteknix first made their name with their XPointer pinpointer. The products are made in China and the company has a U.S. office in Covina, CA. The website is at http://www.deteknix.com/
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      The main reason for this post is that the company plans a similar machine but aimed at gold prospectors - the Deteknix Quest Gold. It is to be a 19 kHz machine and except for the frequency appears to be a general purpose detector. There is no release date at this time for the Quest Gold or another planned model, the Quest Diver, a waterproof unit.

      The company does make a wireless headphone setup with a transmitter module you plug into any detector, and a receiver module that lets you use any headphone you want. Looks good on paper, but again some initial issues reported with lost signals, etc. I assume that will get sorted out.
      Anyway, no real reason for posting other than to keep people alerted to possible new prospecting detectors. I can't say that I personally have any real interest in yet another 19 kHz single frequency detector. There are too many now as it is, and no new one is going to do something that existing models can't do also when it comes to detecting gold nuggets. It really is just the design itself that is interesting more than what the machine can do that is interesting. That, and the Chinese finally making a credible attempt at entering the market by at least opening offices in the U.S. You might think this would mean more low price competition but the Quest Pro at $599 will not put much fear in the competition. The Quest Gold is rumored to be about $100 more than the Quest Pro.
      The Quest Pro was supposed to be waterproof to 3 meters. Some websites selling the unit still say it is, but the company website only says "All Terrain Structure Design" so I am not sure just how waterproof these units are.
      I think single frequency VLF is now at commodity stage with the number of new names producing models seemingly growing by the day. This can't go on forever and we are seeing some hints of a coming price war.

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      Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Pro metal detector - new for 2020
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      I've been out of commission for the last couple of months with a broken ankle. While I was laid up, I did a couple of mods to a couple of Explorer's I bought last month. I stole the idea from Kevin(IDX Monster), thanks again!  I finally healed up enough to hobble down by a lake near my house and do some digging. I ran it with gain set at 7...16 manual sens...variability set at 10...conductive tone...fast recovery....no disc..... manual noise cancel at 1...Minelab 8" coil.
        One thing I did find out real quick was how fast it is to get out of shape. Anyway, set out to dig it all and relearn the Explorer and test out the equipment. I've running the Nox 800 for the last 2 years. The chestmount setup works like a charm with no hiccups to speak of. I'm running wireless earbuds that are APTX LL and the transmitter is also APTX LL, no noticeable lag. The battery is mounted on the back of the housing and is a 12v 3000 mah power bank. I tested it and it ran for about 15 hours with the back light on, full threshold, full sensitivity, in the garage with 11"coil mounted.
      I'm very pleased with how smooth the set-up works and was able to dig a couple of keepers while testing it out. The finds are from 2 outings, I found a silver ring and a silver bead the first time out and 2 more of the silver beads and another silver ring , along with the other items today. I'm thinking the silver beads were part of a bracelet or necklace as they were spread out from where I found the first one. One of them rang at 2/30 the first one 5/28, I was surprised at how hard the Explorer hit such small items. Feels good to be swinging a coil again, gonna take the monster old coin hunting tomorrow.

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