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Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt 2018 (details)

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      Crawfords Metal Detectors posted April 19
      Do you want to get the best from your Equinox? Then join our masterclass!
      The Day: Join us for a day of tutorial and hands on learning with the experts.
      The venue: We have secured a small undetected field in North Lincolnshire in an area renowned for Roman and medieval finds, including one famous medieval artefact!
      The Date: Saturday 26th May
      Who can attend: Anyone with an Equinox can attend. Places are limited to 50 so tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis. The cost is £10 per person (as the landowner has requested a donation to the local church). Refreshments etc will be provided.
      Tickets will be available now. Call 01724 845608 or on our website
    • By Tnsharpshooter
    • By Doc
      Fair to say a good time was had by all at Bill Southern's fall outing.  Plenty of food.  It was delicious.  Bill smoked 2 briskets, I smoked 1, Kevin Hoagland smoked a pork roast, and someone smoked a turkey.  There were a ton of people.  Debbie Smikoski, the Minelab representative, came with two suitcases full of Minelab goodies for the drawing, which was free.  Everyone walked away with some kind of Minelab goody, whether it be a hat, t-shirt, gloves, etc.

      Bill donated a Go-Find 40 for the drawing and I donated a pick, there were other donations made as well.

      Bill, Kevin, Mike Furness, Debbie, and I hosted two training sessions on the Gold Monster 1000.  We trained over 50 people on this amazing little gold getter.

      I went back to a ravine where I had my last successful find and spent one hour walking just to get far enough and exhausted enough that I figured most detectorists would probably be tired of digging trash.  That is where I started looking.  There was no shortage of trash.  Got a nice target that sounded pretty loud, could have been mistaken for trash but I liked where it was positioned, right on the side of the gully before it would drop into the wash.  Turned out to be a nice 3.3 gram nugget, perfect pendant nugget.

      If you have never attended one of these spring and fall outings I encourage you to do so.  Lot of fun, lot of good information shared, great food and people.  The next one coming in the Spring is going to be at Quartzsite.

      Here's some pictures.    By the way we have moved to a 4500 sq foot warehouse in Henderson.  1180 Wigwam Parkway, Suite 110, Henderson, NV 89074.  I sold my office building to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.  I think given the neighborhood, the police would be the only ones safe in that building.  I built my building in 1986, so it served me well for 31 years, it was time to cash out.  The Metro Police are going to turn my office into a Neighborhood Criminal Justice Center.

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
      Doc from Doc's Detecting

    • By mn90403
      It is time to go to Rye Patch for our annual outing.  This year I have more of a plan where I want to look for gold.  I've done some research but that doesn't find it for me.  I'll be using the 19 a bit and high sensitivity 14 on a couple of places.  I'll try to get in a few swings with the 2300.
      One thing I know it is going to be cold.
      I'll be back on Sunday.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Bill Southern & Kevin Hoagland will be hosting some Gold Monster 1000 Field training at the upcoming Nuggetshooter Outing. The outing will be held at the San Domingo Placer area in Maricopa County Arizona near Morristown Nov. 17 - 19. You must RSVP - see below or Bill’s Forum for details.

    • By tboykin
      Not as far as manufacturers from what I saw.
      I have some great footage of the event and also some ghost towns. First video will be out this Friday. Fun trip!