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Sourdough Scott

Antique Blasting Box

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25 minutes ago, tvanwho said:

Cool, but I always did wonder what pushing the  plunger did to make things go Boom?

Found this answer for you: When you push down the plunger down, the rack gear on the plunger shaft turns a pinion gear on a magneto (a type of electrical generator) shaft. The current this produces sets off the primer charge, which in turn detonates the dynamite or whatever explosive you happen to be using.

All the best,


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The pushing down the plunger, turns the magneto with many revolutions. It stores lots of volts. When the plunger bottoms out, it hits a contact plate, which sends out the charge to the detonation cord. Takes lots of volts to charge 20 holes. That could be up to a mile of det cord. 


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Could be cool as a door handle




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