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Nuke em

Might Be My Last Search This Year ?

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At 8 am this morning i got up thinking whether i wanted to brave the rain and hit the beach . After about 1 second i thought yep. I got myself together and grabbed my Explorer XS and went to the Bus stop . I passed a beach along the way that gives me an idea whether it will be worth it but wasn't sure . 

I went to the same place as the Boxing Day hunt and when i got there i saw enough beach below high tide that made me think oh yes .

So from just after 10 am till around 12.45 pm i searched the beach and it looks like no one is searching at the moment as i was finding lots of coinage about . I found a what might be a Silver ring and something that also might be Silver and as i was digging a hole for a coin i saw nearby a broken Silver chain bracelet . 

I carried on past the area that went quiet and wandered past a few beaches that i know to be quiet , at around 12.45 i was knackered so i walked the mile plus back to the start point and gave it one last check before finishing .

My total this time was £29.63 p plus the Silver bit or bits ,a copper Pendent "Religious"? and for the Americans here i also found a 1981 Quarter Dollar "lower left" . I find US coins here and there on my local beaches as well as EU coins . My oldest US coin i have found on a beach is a US Quarter Dollar from 1935 which i have kept , not the best condition but is nice anyway .

I might go tomorrow but it may have to wait till i have done something else first and that depends on the weather that is getting in the way a lot .

I have also reached today the total i was going for for the year and as a result will donate to 3 charities the last £215 i have found . Those will be Alzheimer's research UK , Cancer Research and Brain Tumor research . Anything i find tomorrow if i go will also be donated . 

Wonder if there is anyone who can guess the total coinage i have had this year ? 

I have also had 4 Gold and 25 Silver rings and a few other Silver bits including chains or bits of.

I have been out 88 times this year or 89 if i go tomorrow .

88) £29.63p FOUND 29-12-17 E. XS.JPG

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well, at least you don't have to dig corroded zinc pennies that cost US about 2 cents each,  to make...

Nice job on the coinage...and

a very good use of dirty money!


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Our 1p , 2p , 5p and 10p coins have converted to Iron core . We still have a lot of the older Copper or Nickel versions but they are getting taken out slowly . Hopefully the rest stay non Ferrous or it will be only Gems to look for and they are a lot rarer .

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I am on the bus heading to the beach. The tide is in so will work it out for a while . most finds yesterday were just below high tide mark, not expecting much today but it has been rough and a bit windy.


Did the beach for a while but its all built up , had £4.13p .

Thats my lot for this year .

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That’s awesome you take the bus. That’s a hardcore serious hunter. It’s great that you donate to Alzheimer’s research. Best of luck in 2018.

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    • By Andy2640
      From some research so far:  Feel free to add more knowledge, would be appreciated.
      Factors of items going deeper into earth
      1. Worms (LOL)
      2. Leaves organic matter build up over time
      3. Moles
      4. Drainage
      Is that it??   I know its a noob thing to be obsessed with depth, but i keep wondering how deep those medieval/Roman/or pre-1800 coins/relics are.
    • By MCH2
      I found one of my bucket listers this morning during a 3 hour hunt.  What is it? :)
      I will take her down to the laboratory for some electrolysis and post  pic later.

    • By Nuke em
      Last night after work i went to the beach with my ET for low tide , i got there at 9.20pm . Low tide was around midnight so i had some time to search down to low tide . I also searched the tops , for a while i found very little . There were quite a few people on the beach still after dark but i found some coinage . low down on the beach i had a 12  46 and found another Silver ring , probably a toe ring ? After that i did the tops but coinage was rare again . But in the dark i shone on an area of rubbish and saw a £10 note so that doubled my finds at the time.
      After finished that beach i went onto another beach next and found little but then on the tops i found a watch , doesn't fit my wrist or Mum's so will see if it fits my Nieces .
      I left the beach at 11.45pm as i was to tired to carry on and it was very warm and muggy , I was betting my swollocks off . I could almost wish for a storm to cool things off .
      I will be back there later today at 5pm in 2 hours time . Tide will be high so i will work it out again and hope for yellow. 
      My finds yesterday were £25.73p , the ring and the watch .

    • By Mark Gillespie
      Did a little construction hunting yesterday at one of the locals schools where I live.  It’s truly amazing what happens when the top layer of dirt is removed from an old, hunted out site.  Over the past 20 years this particular site has yielded many different type of coins dated to the late 1800’s.  Some brought both happiness and complete confusions as to why they were at this location but little research revealed the original school was a two story wooden structure and an old home at the same location.  Well anyway, the city decided to build on to the school again and started moving dirt this week and I thought I’d give it a try.   I believe the V nickels might have come from the original school location.  Maybe moved and reburied when the original school was demolished.  All and all a very enjoyable hunt to say the least.  I must admit I've not re-hunted this site since getting my Equinox, but maybe I should.

    • By Dan(NM)
      I haven't been out much in the last 2 months due to getting the house ready to sell for a big move to Texas. So, the last couple of days I've had a few hours to finally get out and hit a couple of places that had played out for the most part with the CTX.
       I went to the local zoo hoping to score at least a wheat or a Rosie, well, it turned out better than I expected. I sure love the fact I can move right along with Nox rather than crawling with the CTX and cover some serious real estate. Using my trusty 2-tone cherry picking mode I popped out 2 rosies, a merc and a wheaty.  Having big fun lately 🙂

    • By Nuke em
      On Thursday/Friday 29-06-18 after finishing work at 9pm Thursday i went to the beach when the weather was very warm , i searched from 1am to 7am and found £37.25p , a Silver ring , a 50 Euro Cent , a US Cent and another small foreign coin , a 13000 mah Power bank , a nail file and a pen . When i got home i  had to go to London Guy's Hospital with Mum on the 10.30 Bus then a Train so Mum could go to see her Surgeon at 2.30pm that will be operating on her right Lung which is possibly Cancerous but they cannot be sure of it in a few weeks time . She definitely has a lump in her Lung so being she has had Breast Cancer in the past we can assume it is Cancer. We got home from there at around 9pm and stuffed into take away Fish and Chips .
      Saturday i worked.
      Today Sunday 1st July was a really warm day here in the UK and the beaches i go to to detect were heaving big time . I went early at 4pm to see if i could hunt for rings low down and i would hunt the dry tops later when the crowds cleared a bit . Well i started at around 4pm and searched the lower beach in the surf as the tide went out being careful not to drop ET in the oggin , not long into the search i found a small Silver ring and had some coins turn up too . I occasionally searched some spots on the tops which were clear of crowds and found more . At about 7pm i was disturbed by a Romanian woman that her Husband had lost his Wedding ring , she said its the same as hers at 14k and hers read 12  16 on the ET . So for a while i searched for the ring where he said he lost it but didn't find it . So for a while i kept looking for other stuff and found more coinage and another small Silver ring . After a while another detectorist turned up and the man that lost the ring asked him if he could look for it , he was using an older XP machine so as i didn't want him to find it as it would have been embarrassing for my ET i got stuck in looking for it again . The couple were obviously thinking that the ring was lost and had started to leave the beach when i had a 12  15 on my ET , i dug the target and i saw it was the ring . But it wasn't where he said it was . I shouted i have found the ring and they came back to me . He said he was going to give me a reward and gave me £50 . 
      I think that he was happy just to have the ring back , being their rings were the same except for size . After that i went hunting for more rings and had another bigger Silver ring and a junk ring , when the crowds cleared a bit more i did the dry and found more coinage .
      It is harder than in the past now most people use cashless means of payment but today was quite good though not as good as a few years ago when i could score a ton through the night . I could have stayed through the night but my knees are getting a bit knackered for that and by 11 pm i was knackered so called it a day .
      My total for this search was including the reward £94.34p , a US Cent , a 20 Euro Cent , 3 Silver rings , a junk ring and the returned Gold ring .  
      Thats the first Gold ring i have found that was found with my present ET and my first 14k . The picture of the Gold ring is taken by my phone on my upturned rucksack.
      I would go to the beach on Monday but i have other things to do so my next search is next Friday night or Saturday .