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Just Counted All My Clad Coins

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I can barely pick it up :unsure:...I'll let you guys know how much but not sure when I'l get to doing it...as I'm still in collecting mode.


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A good friend from one of the metal detecting clubs I belong to has averaged over 5000 coins a year for the last 5 years, not counting the rings, bracelets etc. Living in PA the detectable season is roughly 8 months depending on when the ground freezes. An early snow fall actually keeps the ground from freezing and lets you see exactly where you`ve been. This last severe cold snap -15 degrees below will take weeks of warmth to thaw the ground.

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    • By Dan(NM)
      I scored a permission a few days and finally got to it today. Although not very old, it turned into a very productive hunt. I was using an Equinox 600 and was digging everything from nickles up. First sweep yielded a wheaty, that's a great way to start a permission. Little did I know I would spend the next 5 hours digging almost almost nothing but coins. Almost every sweep netted a coin or something cool, fortunately, everything was shallow. After almost 2 hours of digging nothing but copper memorials and wheats, when I get a solid and repeatable 33 on the nox. I flip the dirt over and felt a metal object hit my digger :headbang: big silver!!! I love these coins, I thought I might find a silver Washington or maybe a Bengy, but, the Walker was a big surprise. That was only the beginning of a great silver day from a rather small yard. As you can see, lots of neat fun stuff came out of the yard, the 3 small Mexican coins were in the same hole. It appears to have been a homemade piece of jewelry because the solder joints look a bit rough. I also found some kind of trade token, but I cannot make out what it is because it's worn pretty bad.
      I went over the place 3 times from different directions and will be going over it one more time with the Etrac just to see if the Nox and I missed anything. I also have another permission a couple of houses down from this one. I plan on trying to get into several others as well. Very unusual yard, I found a silver rosie on top of the ground last week when I was delivering the mail to this house, which is what prompted me to ask for permission. Several of the wheats were barely under the surface, the Walker was maybe 2" deep, nothing over 5"  It appears that this yard has never had grass or has been worked since the house was built, barely a blade of grass, just dirt :icon_scratch:

    • By Ridge Runner
      I was doing my best to find something at a school that I could tell that someone had been there before me.I’d get a hit on a coin here and there but so far it was nothing to get excited about.
      I should have told you from the start I was swinging my MX Sport with the 6X10 DD coil. I’ve had this coil from way back when but it was my first time out with it.
      I was swinging that coil in hopes they had to over look something. Oh I had found one quarter with a few pennies but nothing to write home about. How little did I know that my next swing was going to give me a big attitude adjustment that I needed so bad.
      Bless that Sport it sounded off with a ID on the high side of ever being a quarter.After pinpointing with the Sport I pulled out my TRX with a better pinpoint on whatever it was. Much to my surprise out pop a quarter. I didn’t probe any further because I wanted to see what the ID level was now if anything else was in there . The ID level had drop but yet not where a quarter would read. Well the TRX went to work again and as before out pop another quarter.
      By now my day had reached a new high and it was something still in that hole. I repeated what I’d done before and believe it or not before it was over I’d done it again.
      The question I was going to ask in the beginning is have you ever found 4 quarters in the same hole? In about a 4 foot circle around the quarters I found 6 pennies too.
      I have found more than a dollar in change in one hole but never 4 quarters.
      That 6X10 DD coil from White’s is a great coin and I plan to keep it on for a while. I have the 6” concentric coil and 7” DD that I have been using but why buy something if you’re not going to give it a try.
    • By Walter S. Fowler
      About a week ago I had another great hunt for older coins with my Equinox 800. I don't often go to areas with the chance of finding older coins so this was a real treat.  Of course, finding older coins is very much a function of going to places where the older coins actually are there.  Found 1941s, 1952d,1941s, 1910, and 1953 wheat pennies. The 1953 on the far left in the photo had been made into a button.  Pretty neat.  Also, found 1956d rosie, 1935 and 1924s Mercury dimes in nice condition. Also, found 2 ea Mexico 1946 10 Centavos and 1 ea Mexico 1945 10 Centavos.  Hunted in my normal Park 1 with Recovery speed upped to 6, iron bias down to 1, and sensitivity 18-20 depending on conditions.  Really getting to like the Equinox after a beginning with a strong learning curve after having used another detector (Whites XLT) for 14 years.  

    • By RenoGeoff
      I seem to be getting something good every time I go out lately, and I use a different setting when I go back to places I've been before and new finds keep popping up. It's like having a different detector each time I go back to a place. Got a nice rare Seated dime 1861 s, Ben Franklin cleaned up nicely, and got my first two Indian heads in a long time. I also got about 4 other silver and a dozen wheats. Not trying to go too deep, but listening for clean tones between the trash.

    • By Andy2640
      Found a handful of silvers last week.  I was wondering if anyone has been lucky enough to find a gold soverighn yet?  Fair enuff if you dont want to discolse that 😉 But would be interesting to know if they are out there.
      From what ive researched, the Victorians did seem to have them in their pockets at times, after all, a half sovereign was worth 120 pence, or 10 shillings.  Of which ive found loads. If only i could get in my delorean time machine and go exchange a few shillings for a few half sovereigns lol.
      Or a full sovereign, worth only 8 half crowns, again which ive got a few of.  Oh how i'd die if i found a sovereign, Its a bucket-Lister for sure.
    • By LoyalistDigger
      I got into the hobby of metal detecting three years ago and have a couple of Teknetics detectors which work just great. I watched the development and release of the Equinox brand with interest as a friend is an avid Minelab user. To cut a really long winded story short, I bought an Equinox 800.
      Nobody has been more amazed at the capabilities of this detector than I. In the short six weeks I have been learning to us it, I am in awe of it's simplicity, or if so desired, it's complexity. I have not ventured too far in adjusting settings yet as I learn the basics of this machine. One of the standout features of the detector is the wireless headset capability; I did not think I would enjoy it as much as I am.
      Anyway, I don't always find silver when I head out detecting but when I do, it is magical. I'll let a couple of pics tell the rest of the story....
      The quarters are 1918, 1951, 1952 and 1960. The dimes are 1942, 1949, 1950, 1960 and 1965...and that Merc is a 1944.
      The ring on the left is stamped sterling and the other two are stamped 925.
      I think I've caught the silver bug that is going around!!!!!
      Thanks to everyone who contributes to this forum as it is a very impressive resource for folks like me. Thank you all!!