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Nice Article On The Equinox 800 On The Minelab Site

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Great bit of detecting there Steve.... Very impressive.

Sweet silver.... 

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I have been keeping the Equinox stuff over on the Minelab Equinox Forum including the original post that resulted in the Treasure talk blog entry. The interest level is so high it needed its own discussion area. No doubt it will be the best selling detector of 2018.

The obvious target for Minelab is the XP Deus and Garrett AT Max - coin, relic, jewelry, both on land and in water. However, like most top "do-it-all" detectors both Equinox models are perfectly capable of finding gold nuggets. While these are not going to be sold specifically as prospecting detectors, anyone interested in a general purpose VLF that can also be used as a VLF prospecting machine might want to take a look at Equinox. I think it is going to be a very good detector for working around trashy mining camps and hydraulic pits, tailing piles, or anywhere else gold lurks where ferrous trash is a big problem. I have detected gold nuggets weighing under 1 grain (480 grains per Troy Ounce) in the field so I know the machine is capable. However, it has many functions beyond just prospecting and so is more for the person wanting a detector for more than one purpose. Personally, I have never used a detector that does such a wide range of things so very well.

So about time a little something got posted about it here - thanks Flak!



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Steve, What Khz were you using to find the silver coins? And did you try the near equivalent with the Impact? Those are some great finds in the heavily hunted places! And I like the fact that you can find sub-grain nuggets, also.

        Thanks, Joel

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All the coins were found running in multifrequency (Multi-IQ) mode.

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    • By Aurum
      Though I’ve owned the Equinox 800 for a less than 3 weeks, it took less than a couple hours of use to realize I had made the right choice to wait on the higher end model though in all probability I would have made the same finds with a 600.  After deciding to purchase an Equinox a couple of months ago, I angst over which model to purchase. There were good reasons for purchasing both models and 600 was readily available, but as much as I tried, I couldn’t pull the trigger on a 600.  As it turned out, the reasons why I thought I wanted the ‘800’ over the ‘600’ turned out not to be the primary reasons why I’m glad I waited. Here are a few of the reasons. 1) Audio versatility. The 800 comes with the ML 80 headphones and the WM 08 wireless module though either of these can be purchased separately to use with a 600 but at a higher combined cost than just purchasing an 800. Should either the WM 08 or ML 80 go dead for whatever reason, you‘ll still have a wireless option to use. Also, the WM 08 module along with an adapter allows you the option of using your favorite set of headphones with audio that’s even faster than aptX. 3) Four ‘Back Light’ options, not just ‘on’ and ‘off’. 4) More ‘Recovery Speed’ settings though I’m sure some would argue that the three settings on the 600 are adequate. Now that I’ve had the opportunity to use these features, it reinforces my choice to have waited on the 800. I’m looking forward to gaining more experience with the Equinox as I learn to use the advanced settings and other features that only come with the ‘800’. Some finds from my first few hunts.

    • By Stephen newell
      I have just ordered a box 800. I have been going through treads for awhile now. I was thinking it might help to have a single source thread with links to the must read threads. Such as Mr H's review some by our new Zealand guys. I was hoping Mr.H could kick this off with the top 5. Any thoughts?
    • By PG-Prospecting
      So i got my Nox and have messed around a little bit with it.  
      Main question i have is that if i am hunting for relics and coins, but the soil is highly mineralized (there is a gold prospect on the property and I pan gold from the soil, and there are tons of magnitite crystals free and in the rock matrix) what is the best mode to use, Field since target are spread out or Gold since the soil is so mineralized?  There is an old road that cuts right past the old prospect pits.  Most the ground i will hunt has the possibility of gold as well as relics lol.  
      The ground here gives the monster issues with hot rocks, the gpx does fine.  While there is fine gold in the overburden i have yet to find anything big enough for a detector to locate.  
      Another question:  a few of the hits i got with the 800 jump between negative numbers and 11 to 15.  Ive attempted to dig these and cannot locate anything, and when i bring the gpx over it has no hits.  So i understand  negative numbers are generally hot rocks.  But ive played around with some of my gold and most of the medium sized nuggets 1 to 4 gram ring up right around 11 to 15.  So i keep chasing what?  Hot ground??
      Any insight is appreciated.   
    • By Steve Herschbach
      These are available at some dealers now. Headphone Adaptor Cable 3.5mm (1/8-inch) to 6.35mm (1/4-inch) Part No. 3011-0369 $40.00

      Minelab Equinox 1/8" male waterproof connection to 1/4" female non-waterproof connection
      I plan on wading a lot with the Equinox and this creates a waterproof connection to the detector itself. The cable is two feet long and reaches just about to my shoulder. Main gripe - the straight connection once it makes that 180 degree bend gives up some length. To prevent stress from pulling on this constantly the cable should be affixed to the detector itself so the cable does not get stressed repeatedly where it makes the bend.
      This is a good solution for people who want to hunt in the water but do not need to put their head in the water, and so who do not need the waterproof headphones. The cable also mates directly to the WM08 module for those who wish to use it for that purpose.
      Minelab Equinox Parts & Accessories Page
      Do be aware there is a compatibility issue as regards the Equinox external speaker. If headphones and adapters are not wired correctly the speaker will keep going even with headphones plugged in. Here is the Minelab article on the subject. As far as I know this applies to the CTX 3030, GPZ 7000, Gold Monster 1000, and both Equinox models. I use Sun Ray Pro Gold (CTX version) headphones which are wired to work properly with the Minelab units.

      Minelab headphone wiring diagram