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Gerry in Idaho

Animated Gold Nuggets. Lets See What You Got!!!

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I like the "mashed scorpions"


here is "Goldfinger"


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This one kind of looks like a lady (facing right) bent over holding a child.  If you can't see it...have a couple more shots of whisky.

Could be a Prospector holding a pan?  I'll have another..please.


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On 1/17/2018 at 6:19 PM, Bob(AK) said:

I like the "mashed scorpions"


here is "Goldfinger"


Goldfinger looks to be pretty good sized?  Nice one Bob.

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On 1/17/2018 at 3:23 AM, kiwijw said:

Not sure that you would call these animated either but they are pretty crazy unusual specimens. Again these are from the Coromandel region of NZ, where I used to live. Found with my home made 4" dredge

No3 creek gold2

flip side

No3 creek gold

The next three are the same one from different angles

coro speci


coro speci 1


coro speci 4

And another from three different angles

coro speci zoomed


coro speci 3


coro speci 2


coro gold speci 6

Flip side

coro gold speci 5


JW :smile:

Some pretty neat ones there JW.  I think I have a couple that looks like those too.  Will have to swing by the bank next week and check.

On 1/15/2018 at 12:57 PM, AuWanderer said:

10 gram...wire gold made into a stick pin. 

st g1.jpg

Stunner one there. Thanks for sharing.


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Hermit crab? Or maybe a gold tooth. - about a 3 grammer.


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I didn't see this until someone pointed it out to me but it looks like the "Alien"


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A billy goat head and shoulder but others say a dog.

Copy of p1010047


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some kind of gold bug


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      High Sierra Gold
      Join Jeff and Mike as they look for Gold and Treasure in the High Sierra's , Watch as Jeff finds a  .45 Gram nugget. 
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      Here is a new find this summer with GPZ . 4 1/2 troy oz.  I credit my son with this find because I told him it was probably a big piece of tin. I listened to it and was super tired so i really didn't think we were going to dig something like that. He dug and pried at the nugget's hiding spot for a time as I watched and listened. I saw it come out but we were in the shade so it looked like a flat piece of rusty tin. When he dropped it in my hand I knew that was  a great nugget.  This was one of the best high five father and son moments we have ever had detecting.

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      We’ve all heard “follow the drywashers” but I decided to follow the Monster lol. Since getting back from FL and enjoying time at the cabin it’s been tougher to find spots to play. One of my favorites from last summer is claimed up, and I can’t get to my other area yet due to high creek water. So I’ve been exploring new territory and found a spot that has my decomposing granite bedrock that is fun to detect. The first time playing with the Monster I got these cute little nuggies( Chinese coin was given to me by a local miner who felt sorry for me cuz I haven’t found one yet! )

      But the detecting started to dry up after a couple more visits, so I decided to get the drywasher out. Now I know why this spot wasn’t claimed....no access road so I lugged all my gear a quarter mile over rock piles, through brush, over downed trees etc, and set up:

      After shoveling and scraping the bedrock I always stop and check it out with the Monster....found 2 little guys!

      Here’s another view of the area...not a soul around, and only the sound of my Puffer and the creek below....love it!

      Ran for about one and a half hours, and when I panned out the concentrates got some nice color! 

      I think the Puffer and the Monster make a great team! Next time I’ll let the Goldbug2 come and play too....better for investigating the cracks and crevices. 
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      As Simon has already stated in his post, he picked me up on tuesday morning & we headed off to our destination. On parking his wagon we started the slog up the hill to our spot up there somewhere.
      Our first area wasn't kind to us on the gold front so I moved on to some old timer throw out piles.
      I got a faint signal right in tight at the base of a bush. I have detected his pile numerous times but due to this time of the year, our winter, the bush & grass growth is a lot retarded & I was able to poke the Zeds coil in further. Hence getting this signal now & not getting it when the bush would have had a lot more growth. I at first thought it may have been a bit of falsing from pushing the coil into the bish. But it did have that signal sound to it.
      Gold it was. My first piece for the day.
      I then targeted that bedrock just in front of me with the shallow alluvial gravels sitting on top. In behind that is all washed out workings. 
      Ended up with my 2nd piece
      I then got another signal from a throw out pile. But on digging into it it was just top soil & no gravels, & then after a bit of depth the signal was out.
      Not thinking for a second that it was going to be gold. But it was.
      At this point I went to find Simon & to have a sit down & a bite to eat. He had just found rubbish. I pointed him in the direction of some other old throw out piles & told him to try there. He ended up getting 3 bits & I just ended up with one more. Making my total for the day 4. For a total of .53 of a gram.
      We ended up heading back to the same area on thursday but tried a different spot initially. We went in my wagon this time & negotiated a bit of a slippery track that in the end I thought I should not have gone down. But too late...we were there now. We arrived amid heavy fog & a pretty gloomy looking day seemed to be in store for us. Luckily for us the fog lifted.
      Our first area turned up no gold but Simon found that big heavy silver ring deep down in an old timers throw out pile. What a great find that was. There were a few little creek run offs coming down of the hill that are usually bone dry but they had a bit of water in them due to snow melt. The old timers had worked some of these quite heavily right down to bedrock. Stacking the slabs of schist they had pulled out of them into very neat rock walls to get them out of their way. 
      Came across the remains of some low rock walls that look like they would have been the bottom walls of a canvas tent set up. Didn't look to have been enough rock to have been a complete stone hut. The schist face at the back being the back wall.
      We worked our way up to the area where we had our success on tuesday. Simon headed back to the throw out piles where he had scored his 3 bits on tuesday. I targeted the schist sheet bedrock more. For no reason I pulled a slab of schist out of the way after scanning over it & getting nothing. On moving it & rescanning I got a faint signal.
      You can see the shape of where the slab of schist had been. I scraped the shallow dirt off the bedrock & the signal was coming from a little crack in the schist. Raked it out with the pointy end of the pick & it moved. No way I thought this was going to be a shotgun pellet. And it wasn't.
      But look how small.
      I then got a signal scanning over a fair size slad of schist. Turned it over & out of the way.
      The signal was still there but a lot stronger. Again it ended up being in a crack in the schist bedrock.
      But gold again 
      Things went dry for quite a while after that. It was getting time to think about heading back to the truck. We had a bit of a walk to get back to it. I was in a spot where I had got three bits the last time we were in here from the one dig hole. I slowly scanned the area but nothing. I then turned around & I just happened to push my coil tight into the base of a tussock grass growing out of a biggish crevice in the schist bedrock. Again due to the retarded growth of winter I was able to get the coil further into the base of this tussock grass from other previous times. Bang...got a nice mellow signal. I hacked the tussock out & the signal was living down to a bit of depth but I was into nice gravely schist.
      All at once the signal was out. My best bit for quite a while.
      So with that one I called it a day. Rounded up Simon who unfortunately had got a skunk on the gold but had that awesome silver ring.
      Three for 1.15 grams
      After a horrible crap weather day this morning, I thought it was a right off for the day & I was not going to be going detecting today. But by 1.30pm it had fined up & the sun was out. I decided to go for a quick late afternoon detect to a local spot. Forgot my phone in my rush out the door. I took the GM 1000 & the GB2 but pretty much just stuck with the GB2. I did get the smallest piece of the day with the GM 1000. The rest were with the GB2. Ended up with 6 little tiddlers for .24 of a gram. Two weighed together wouldn't even register on my scales. 
      Best of luck out there