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Which Detector Would You Choose: Gold Detecting Only?

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Which one of the three would be best on dry beach sand?

All with standard coil.

1. Old Tesoro  Diablo-2 Gold Demon  (20 khz).  Gnd Adj, Sensitivity, Threshold.  No discrimination capability

2. Old Tesoro Silver Sabre Umax (10 khz).

3. Old Fisher 1235X (5.7 khz).

4. New Fisher F22 (7.5 khz).

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Welcome to the forum!

If you are hunting gold jewelry and not going to get into wet salt sand my choice would be Diablo. If you want less hots on small aluminum (and tiny gold) the other models will serve.

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Welcome to the forum chieftain.

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    • By Alluminati
      The Equinox got wet for the first time today, it survived and will be without a doubt my primary water detector. I can do 80% of the area I want to do without needing the waterproof headphones, which is kinda nice.
      The beaches are fairly well sanded in here right now, but I know where to look for a few spots of clay. Things are going to get real interesting this fall when the mighty winds shift. 
      Pictured are the older coins. A 1957 Penny, 1959 silver dime and a 1952 silver quarter. Not a bad bit of change considering I only found 5 coins total. Also a brass ring and a nail that might be from a horseshoe.

    • By Mark Gillespie
      Received a message from my ole friend of 15+ years, "Gene Scullion" former metal detector dealer and also former Senior Sales Manager for 1st Texas "Their Loss".
      He had went water hunting and this was his finds and his statement, "One white gold, one silver and one stainless steel.  I'm liking the EQ800!"

    • By Rivers rat
      Hello did a good sesh today ,3 hours i could have stay another 2 ......i really have fun when i take the lobo out as i know it sniff the goodies in a way that my other dont.....
      Anyway here are the goodies.Weather was pleasant after the heat of July it seems we are back with a typical british summer......An Irish guard decoration a silver and a nice lead seal and few coins modern and old

    • By Nuke em
      I have been limited at the moment in going to the beach because i have to see Mum in Hospital nearly every day in London . She has now had her Lung operation and is hopefully on the mend . But yesterday i didn't go to see her and will later today . 
      I instead went to bed early last night and at 1.30am this morning got up and took the ET to the beach . I wanted to have a quick search on the tops before going onto the wet and looking for rings . I didn't expect much coinage , the weather has been raining for a couple of days and other detectorists would have cleaned up the coinage if any in most places .
      I got to the beach at around 2.15am and searched the dry tops for 2 hours getting little coinage mostly , though most of what i had today . When the sand started to show i went onto it and almost immediately found a Silver ring (middle left) on the blue tack and a few coins . A bit further along i had a 12  23  signal and i did think yellow , i just had that feeling and when i dug it out it turned out to be just that . Its a 2.7g 9k (top) , that is my 7th for the year so far , a short time later i found a junk ring ( bottom) . On that particular beach i found no more and left and searched a small beach but that was baron on the sand and as i had now reached the point where the tide was turning i went straight for one last place . 
      I searched and found mostly 1p and 2p coins and the dark £1 coin in black sand . Then i had another high tone which i thought 2p but that turned out to be the Silver ring with the turquoise stone in it . I found a junk chain with stones not long after and the junk earring and a Silver Pendent with the Amber in it . At the end of the search at around 6.15 am i had found a total of £15.16p and the said jems .
      I have to see Mum today and i might not be home before 10.30pm tonight so i might not make tomorrow morning ? But it is a long tide and i have the game on and smell yellow so might bare it and go on the red eye at 4am if i wake up. That will be an ET search too . My Nox is still in the box and not set up , being that i sold my first Nox . I will get that out and use that in a few weeks time when the Summer season is over . That is for the sand only when its stirred by the waves and wind.

    • By mn90403
      Sometimes you just have to find the right beach ... the right energy.  That is what I did this morning.
      I got out about 3 hours before low tide (4:30 AM) at a regular beach and found next to nothing.  There was nothing that had been moved by the tide or the waves in one of my favorite beaches.  This half of a mile beach was dead.  It was time to go over a jetty and detect a beach that could get waves and energy from a different direction.
      That got me started.  The waves overnight had been small and the tide was not really going to be very low but the beach had quite a slope to it.  I found a couple of quarters.  I gridded as I have done this beach before and the quarters kept coming.  These were 'old' quarters as my wife sometimes says.  That means they are tarnished and have been in the water for some time.  Now enough energy had focused on this beach to move them up.  What comes with old quarters?  RINGS!
      The first one came at the bottom of a grid.  It was the stainless steel black ring.  More quarters and more dimes and then the bracelet, and then the second ring and more quarters and a little trash and I'm skipping some pennies.  Then I get an 18 on the 800 and I did it and it is the 3rd ring.  Another cheap one but still a ring.  I'm closing in on 3 hours and I need to go move my car but I also want to complete my grid pattern.  
      Then for about the 3rd or 4th time this hunt I get multiple signals but the 800 is fast enough to distinguish the sounds.  I focus on a 'ring sound' and sure enough I get the 1.9g/14k ring.  It was among 2 other quarters, a couple of nickels and a dime.  These were all within a 5 ft circle digging down about 6-8 inches.
      It was a good day and a good lesson once again about the energy.  The places I hunt need energy to move valuable objects.  Some of the heavies will be at the bottom of the grid but the gold ring was near the top.  Quarters will get there also with the right waves and wind.  I don't need a negative tide to find some good stuff.
      38 Quarters
      37 Dimes
      14 Nickels
      23 Pennies (I could have dug more but I do a little cherry picking to save my arm and time!)
       4 Rings
      The beach is not always this good and looking for gold in the desert has its challenges also.  You have to take what you can get.

    • By Nuke em
      This morning i took my Nox to the beach for a look at the low tide , i didn't take the Terra too so was going to have to use the Nox on the difficult dry tops too if necessary . I got there at 5am and went straight for the normally best beach . It didn't look brilliant , the lower beach had built up a bit but was workable. There were others detecting the dry here and there so i went straight for the wet . 
      I got lucky and found a few coins almost immediately and not long after a small toe ring , it looks Silver and had a high tone but isn't marked . It compares well with tones on other Silver rings of the same size that i have . Further along i found another ring , it also has no hallmark but has a high tone , i scuffed the metal and it stayed Silver looking . I will get them checked one day but will consider them Silvers . The tide was too short to do much sand so i will have to do that tomorrow when the tide is out further . Time for a Gold . After that i went onto the tops with my Beach 1 mode and only listened to high tones for the Pound coins . Lower denomination coins are impossible to tell with so many junk targets about , thats normally best for the Terra to look for. 
      After a while i left that beach and worked East and it was hard work , i looked at an area i searched last week but found little . I was about to give up when a Man came up to me and asked if i could find a bunch of keys he lost , there were car keys , house , shop and other keys so i went for a look , he said he would pay for my time . I doubted i would find them .
      We got to the area he and his family were at and i searched that area but there was no sign of them . I asked if he was sure about the area and he then said maybe it was a bit further down . I searched for a while and then suddenly i got a target that seemed right and i scuffed the surface a bit and saw the keys . He was very happy as it was not long before he would have had to pay for parking and he has to display the ticket inside the car . He could have been given a ticket let alone the cost of all those keys to cut. 
      He picked out 3 x £20 notes and said have this but i said no i couldn't and said only £20 . .
      I think i am getting quite used to finding peoples lost rings and things when out , might have to start a business 🙂 , bet that will pay . Like Hell it will !
      When i left i counted up and my total was £38.25p and the 2 rings . 
      Tomorrow the weather will be a bit stormy after the heatwave we have had , so i will be there looking for the Gold if any and will be out from 5am till 2pm . I am going to use the Nox firth till the sand fills in the do the tops till i have searched them out . Thats 2 miles of beaches if i can .
      On Sunday there is a nice dig on with the Weekend Wanderers which i was thinking of going too but i am not likely to go , the weather is iffy and i dont like the heat on fields either . but the main reason is that i dont want to be far from home right now . 
      On Thursday my Mother went to the Hospital for an Echo scan of her Heart so the results can go to Guy's Hospital in London . She will soon be there to have her operation for Lung Cancer . But when she was going into the entrance she tripped up and fell on the floor face first . Theres no broken bones but she does have a big bruise and black eyes . Both are black now . 
      She is getting the most out of the NHS right now!
      I will go to another dig another time. Been a long time since i have searched land .