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Last Two Hunts

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Nice job Skate. Our shores have been getting replenished lately and I need to hit the beach too.


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    • By foreverteachable
      I found out old nickles read 12-13 on my Equinox and now have been re-searching spots I picked silver and wheaties from recently.

    • By flakmagnet
      I was at the beach in dry sand next to an embankment that came down from the highway, running Beach 1 with the gain cranked. It was unlike any hit I had gotten after about 200 hours with the Equinox 800. All the numbers were pretty good but very confused and the varying signals had different strengths. It was an area about a foot and a half across. Each time I rescanned the hole there were more hits. Now, none of these coins are valuable beyond their face value, but look how many there were by the time I finished going over the little area. I had never had anything like that happen - 28 coins in the same hole. 

    • By foreverteachable
      Today I had my first opportunity to detect a site with the Equinox 600. It is a town green and has a section where and old house may have burned down or fill was dumped so one section has lots of steel and iron nails and other debris. I live in Upstate NY near Albany and places in the area have been pounded by very capable detectorists. I used Park one and began detecting. Even at a sensitivity setting of 23 it was really stable and I started off impressed. Unfortunately after several really nice tones that read 24-36 and turned out to be steel or cut Iron nails I was pretty disappointed. I had heard the nox was really good in iron but it wasn't proving to be. I turned up and down the iron bias and tried hunting in Park 2 but same results. I have never used Minelab detectors  before but I have used several other detectors in the past, including Whites Classics and DFX, Shadow X5, Fisher F22, most recently an A T Pro for the first time and I didn't receive this level of falsing on nail with a higher disc that I did with the equinox. I am normally pretty optimistic and can figure settings on other detectors out pretty quick (I know I am new at using it )but I just wasn't clicking with this detector. Also even when I swung the coil at a 90 degree angle several good signals with vdi #'s 24-36, still sounded good. (Are there other setting to help with this than iron bias?) I like to give things a chance and try to learn them but the thought crossed my mind that I could sell this thing before I scratched it and I could just use the AT Pro that a buddy recently gave me 🙂 Also the ergonomics seemed awkwards, it was rubbing on my forearm and seemed front-heavy. I detected my way over to the main green where there have been recent flea markets and where I have unfortunately found newer targets down pretty deep due to the soil but I figured, "let's see how this does on some deeper coins in an area with less old iron." I didn't expect to find anything old. I found a dime down 6 in, a bottle cap down 7 in, another bottle cap down 7". The depth was decent but not overly impressive. I detected the area in the past with my DFX and never found any silver there and had to work hard gor only a couple wheaties at about 6-7".  I figured I would detect my way back to the car quick and I got a really nice signal that read 24 to 26 but it had a really full tone to it that sounded different. It sounded really sweet, unlike any other detector that I have used. I just knew it was a coin.  I dug down about 6 to 7 in and at the bottom of the plug I noticed another dime. I thought, "Cool another dime but this thing isn't impressing me as much as all the hype ;-). I then looked at it again and it looked a little different. The pattern was odd, it had been discolored from the soil and it turned out to be a 44 Mercury. That made me smile really wide since I never found silver there in the half a dozen times that I detected there with 2 other detectors. I found silver on the first hunt and have decided that perhaps my initial reactions were premature and I need to keep this thing LOL ANY SUGGESTIONS ON IRON FALSING ARE MUCH APPRECIATED AS WELL.

    • By normmcq
      After finding my first  silver coin last August, I recently found my oldest coin. It is in very poor condition but, it is a special find for me.

    • By Happa54
      Planned short morning hunt yesterday in a polluted L.A. park.
      I decided to lay off the silvers for awhile and seek my first V nickel. 
      Field 2 with factory settings and blocked out mid conductors with 12,13,14 open.
      My first coin was a '36 buff in nice condition. Second coin was a worn V nickel. Other nickels followed.
      I was blown away at how fast I got these coins. I did dig a few pulltabs too but not too many since I am getting pretty good at identifying nickels based on how they jump around in the numbers.
      I think I'll keep running my machine this way for awhile and see how many Buffs/V's I can get over the next several months. 
      Thanks for stopping in and happy hunting. 

    • By davidh
      I had my first hammy yesterday with the 800 . Cracking cut quarter . It was well over 6 inch . I was in field 1, sen18 , 5 T , RECOVERY 4 , iRON BIAS 3 . Rang in VDI a solid 10 . I was in all metal . Target tone 1 set at 1 . So the iron is in the threshold I am hard of hearing set at 11 . The sens was 18 reduced to knock out falsing area .