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Having A Hard Time Detecting That First Nugget

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So do you think now I'll have a gold monster it's worth me saving up to try get my hands on a 2300 so I can get into the PI's? There is one on Trademe for under under 2 grand but they appear far cheaper in Australia, I have lots of family and friends in Australia I could buy one there and get it delivered to them and pick it up next time I'm over there, we tend to go once a year as I have family there.  I could probably get one for not too much more than the price of my GM or would the GM be almost just as good in our mild ground around here.  Just thinking about your comment about multiple detectors for different areas/situations.  I know you mainly run a PI and use the GM as a supplement. I love the sound the PI's make.

I saw your youtube video of you using your 2300 in Australia finding lots of gold in that red dirt, looked great fun.  When I lived in Australia I lived in Melbourne and then Brisbane for a majority of the time, It's a shame I didn't do metal detecting back then.

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3 hours ago, phrunt said:

youtube is just filled with videos on how bad the Gold Monster 1000 is, but it seems they're mostly false as it's being used wrong.  Disappointing people do these sorts of videos.


When I first purchased the Monster the first place I visited was the hottest ground I know of in NQ OZ, ground that to my knowledge is near as hot as any ground in OZ. The Monster got gold despite that ground seeing 1000s of PIs especially SDCs, I am not saying it is better then the SDC, I prefer a SDC on that ground, (after a GPZ7000) what I am saying is it is a very capable MD. You are going to love it.

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Fantastic, I'm excited, waiting for it to arrive, It may even arrive today, I can't wait.

-- Didn't come today! damn!

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Simon, I think you need to settle down, catch your breath & count to ten or you will end up with a divorce :blink: Just wait for your GM 1000 to arrive & take it from there. One step at a time. My honest opinion of the SDC 2300 here in New Zealand is that it doesn't have the same clout here as it does over in Aussie & there highly mineralised ground. That is  due to our ground being so beautifully insanely mild, as I keep saying. My 4500 & little 8x6 Nuggetfinder sadie coil left the 2300 for dead. The reason I got the 2300 was for its water proof ability. Fact is I have never used it in the water. Also its fold up back packable design really appealed to me as I do a lot of hiking to remote spots, you have to these days. But after many times using it & the 4500 always doing better, I lost faith in the 2300 & just kept on taking the 4500. I know quite a few people here in NZ who have moved on their 2300's.  Another bonus of the 4500 over the 2300 is that you can fit many other different size, shape & configurations of coils to the 4500. I have many coils for it. Each one being a game changer out in the field. Coils for small gold, bigger deeper gold,  Elliptical coils for tight detecting spots, bigger coils for more open ground & bigger ground coverage per sweep etc. The 2300 just comes with that one 8" coil. Thats it. My advice for you would be to get a 4500, in time. It will just give you so many options with that one detector & a selection of coils.

Good luck out there

JW :smile:

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Thanks John, made me laugh there but then introduced me to the 4500 which is even better! :biggrin: Cheapest I can get one by the looks of it is 2500 AUD with 3 coils, best put that on the back burner, already not in the good books for the GM1000.  I will run the GM1000 for a while and if I can prove I can find stuff she may be more sympathetic to me wanting a 4500.

I took my GBP out for a spin today to try find these lead shots that should be everywhere on the Oreti from duck hunters, ran it highest sensitivity with the 10" coil and nothing after 20 minutes except a few bottle caps, a can and a screw, so I tried with the T2 with the Mars Tiger in the same ground and found one on some fine gravel at the water's edge after only about 5 minutes.  Tested by waving it in front of the GBP and it got a good 3" on it so i don't see why its not finding them in the ground, maybe it's just me.  I didn't take my Nel Sharpshooter coil for the GBP to the river as I just walked down but I would think it might do better than the elliptical 10", so far it seems to be just that bit more sensitive.

At least when the Monster arrives i'll be finding them, good exercise digging them all up everywhere as long as this insane heat goes away :happy:, maybe one will be gold one day!

-----Today I was testing my Gold Bug Pro out in my sheep paddock (yes, i'm in New Zealand, we all have a sheep paddock), just mucking around trying to get a feel for it, it's just an extension of my back yard that I keep a couple of sheep in to keep it mowed and it has about 30 fruit trees in there.   Anyway, swinging around finding lots of rubbish in there, a surprising amount of old scrap bits of metals and wire and just rubbish really, I was quite disappointed my land was so messy, then I had a target that was screaming out goodness, I assumed it was a coke can or something but it was a ring! a gold ring! unbelievable, who finds a gold ring in their backyard!  I promptly gave it to my wife, who knows... may encourage her to support my metal detecting hobby a bit more! :biggrin: 

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GOLD MONSTER ARRIVED! Off to Queenstown tomorrow! wish me luck!  - The aussies decided to stay in Queenstown until Saturday for a bit of a treat, opens me up to being able to freely use my new monster.

I'm going to an area with very small gold, should I use the 5" or 10" coil? from what I've seen in reviews the size of the coil doesn't really matter with gold size on this machine? I'd prefer to use the 10" due to ground coverage.


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Geezzz Simon.....haven't you got a job to go to?....... :biggrin: I am out of action this weekend. Just had a bunch of friends come down today from Auckland. We have the Gibbston Valley concert on this Saturday. Men At Work, Electric light Orchestra (was supposed to be George Thorogood & The Destroyers but a family illness saw them cancel) & Alanis Morissette   


So I can't hook up with you this weekend. Coil size depends on how tight the spaces are that you will be poking & prodding the detector in to. In theory the 5" will give you the tiniest of gold but the 10" ain't too shabby either. Just remember....you want to be targeting bedrock or very shallow ground if at all possible to stand a chance. There aren't, if any, places around Queenstown that hasn't seen a detector or two. Don't for a second think you are the first  to be doing so. You may like to read this thread from our local forum. Don't let it put you off though.


Best of luck out there & let us know how you do.

JW :smile:

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I am fortunate enough to run my own little business so I can have a fair bit of free time but a reasonable chunk of my income comes from renting out my house at Queenstown.

I would have liked to go see Men at Work and ELO, Alanis is alright too. Have fun with your visitors, mine are in Queenstown at the moment sending us photos of them at Ferg and Fat Badgers all excited to be here.  They even jumped in the lake on arrival to celebrate their move to NZ.

Out of interest this morning after the GM's battery charged overnight I put both the GBP and GM on my outdoor wooden table and did a basic little air test waving my nugget under them, the GM got about double the depth of the GBP but waving my gold ring under them both the GBP hit it just as hard at the same sorts of depths if not slightly more so I would say they're a close match for big gold (none around here anyway) but them GM is twice as good for small gold.  Obviously a simple non-accurate test but it gave me an idea of performance.

I know there is gold still around, in my sluce i've now had 5 bits big enough for a detector, all .2+ of a gram, so your Zed would bang on them quite hard I would imagine, the depth is probably the reason they haven't been found before.  I might use a dig and detect method, digging for my sluice, detecting as I'm digging as I can't go wandering too far off today, my daughter wants to come with me (school holidays)

So far I'm impressed with it, feels to have good build quality, reminds me a lot of my Go-Find 40, especially the control unit, very similar except the Go-Find they put a backlight which doesn't make sense, put it on a cheap detector but not a more expensive one.

They even had a minelab hat, pen and torch in the box, the torch to replace the backlight i guess :biggrin:

Well I better run, got to get ready for a big day

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Well I had a fun day out, the Gold Monster 1000 sure can pick up some tiny bits of gold, of course they have to be near the coil, within 2 inches or so but they can be absolutely tiny.  I knew I'd have no luck walking along the creek detecting, there is just nothing near the surface left from all the folks before me but I also knew it would do a good job in my giant hole i've been working on with my sluice.

What I did is scanned my hole with the GM1000, the edges and the base of it, it was regularly sounding off on good signals so I dug those areas and put it into my bucket until the signal went away, then looked elsewhere in the hole, everytime I found a signal I dug until it went away, classified all I got and ran it through the sluice, no junk just gold.   It did alright for only about 2 hours at the Creek doing it, the rest of the time I spent wandering around swinging the detector just to get a feel of it and learn how to use it better.  No gold today directly with the detector but I was happy with what I got using it as a scout for my sluice. 

The photo below is of my big hole i've been digging! the entire deep looking bit right down to the bottom of my photo is my hole.  The big rocks in there were just too big to move.  The big rock pile blocking the creek to the left are all the bigger rocks that came out of the hole.  It looks quite natural, and i'm careful to make it look neat and tidy as the Creek is so nice I wouldn't want to leave a mess.  Lots of little fish are now living in it as the creek was very shallow for them, the water was getting too warm with our current heatwave.


and the photo of the Gold from using the GM1000 as a gold finding scout


All the bigger ones in the vial the GM1000 was picking up in the hole and directing me where to dig, pretty amazing, they would weigh 0.0x of a gram.  I'm happy with this result for about 2 hours in the creek and the Gold Monster 1000 gets a big yes vote from me.


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My collection has grown significantly since getting my GM1000 and learning how to use the Gold Bug Pro a bit better, Bigger ones mostly the GM1000 but one with the GBP, smaller stuff was all the sluice and hard labour, all at the same location. I am also starting to really appreciate my Teknetics T2 with Mars Tiger Coil, that combo can hit a 2 gram nugget just as deep as the Gm1000 with 10" coil but covers a lot more ground.  I think I will use it more often if I go to detect large open areas, I didn't think a 13khz machine would be so good on small gold, especially with such a large coil.  I have the stock coil, 15" and 5" coil for it too but I find the Tiger to be the best, it just seems to control the EMI better and has a nice feel to it and it's surprising how sensitive it is to small gold.

You'll notice a little rock in there, unfortunately it landed up the wrong way but a rock with a tiny bit of gold stuck in it.


I'm happy with this haul for someone new to the art of gold prospecting and my collection gets bigger every single time I go out.  I have this forum to thank for that, all the advice and information has been invaluable.

---- I made a mistake in the original post saying the T2 was detecting a .02 gram nugget at the same depth as the GM1000, I meant to say a 2 gram nugget.  I had the .02 gram nugget on my mind at the time as I was using it as a test nugget the same day.

Edited by phrunt
Incorrect nugget weight in original post on the T2
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      Small gold when prospecting always comes up under 10 on the VDI's, I am guessing a ring will come up higher? 
      Would the Equinox be my best choice or would I be better off using my T2 with Mars Tiger 10x13" or 15" round Stock T2 coil for more ground coverage? I also have a Garrett Euroace with Nel Tornado 12x13" I could use if that would be best.  That's the biggest coils I own.
      I have a GPX 4500 with a 15x12 DD Commander I could use but I don't want to dig lots of junk and I was hoping VDI's would be useful.
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