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Have You Tried To Find Forrest Fenn's Treasure?

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Here's a video interview with Mitzi Wallace, wife of minister Paris Wallace who died this past June searching for the treasure.  She has a different view than the "call it off" and "you can't be responsible for yourself so someone needs to do it for you" proponents.


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I think Fenn's idea of a treasure hunt is awesome. Hunting and searching for potentially 5 million gold SHOULD involve some risks. The fact that people die or have been injured is a part of life. The sheriff needs to stick to protecting and serving against crime and leave the treasure issues to someone else. I just wish I had the time and the brains to figure it out myself. 

Next thing you know we're going to see a group protesting Oak Island because the legend says someone else has to die in order for the treasure to be found. Then we'll have a group calling for Expedition Unknown to change their name to Expedition Somewhere so people aren't afraid to watch the show. 

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wish i was good at riddles ........this hunt sounds great.....THANK YOU MR FENN 5 million thumbs up to a great american

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Yes, I've been working on it a few years.   Its amazing how many good solves there are to the poem that don't end up with the treasure in hand.   Great fun.


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    • By DDancer
      This year, 2018, I'm working thru the year to pay up on last years not so great stab at a golden prospects in Australia last year, 2017.  It was a great trip, always is, but a lot of little factors kept me gold poor *which I use to pay for food, fuel and amenities* so I leaned on the credit card a little to hard.  Hahh!  No one ever said I'd get rich but ehh~ One can dream by the camp fire.~~  Another driving factor for this post is that my email does not like to send pictures so this is for you all who have asked "Where are the pictures?" when I tried to send them.
      Well that aside Its Always A Good Go down under.  I stayed mostly in the region of Kalgoorie last year, hard hunted land that, so I could be of help and hang around with my mates in Coolgardie while they fixed up a new caravan and ute.  The gold was small and hard to come by but I still got a few ounces in littles from the EL's I applied for, and yes sent the reports in for, but in all here are a few good days on the scales :

      And here are what most days went like.  I only had a few days streaches during the weeks out bush where I caught the skunk... but I entertained myself otherwise 😉

      I did find one small meteorite but it chose to find the hole in my pocket instead of coming home with me.  Bugger.  But while I was out and about I decided to look for another mineral I knew occured in the region were I was and took a few days driving the fence lines to find it.  Chrysoprase.  Never did find the mine that my mate pointed me towards but I did find an area that had the right indicators, what is called white and blue chrysoprase and chalcedony, and on stopping there I took a couple of days to speck around.

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    • By AU_Solitude
      Pretty amazing - the article is worth a read if you love anything to do with treasure hunting.
      It's great how over the last few decades underwater ROV's are putting these treasures/history back in reach.
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      I From morocco i have paper of treasure like this photo and i have other Place more than 30 with treasure in land i don't have detector for 1,5m to know the place treasure and make sure
      i have a EDS gold catcher but not working well always i find only ferrous target with Disc
      I need someone from morocco can work with me or someone help me for good Detector for 1,5m for Detect Gold

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      Another reason why you shouldn't blab a discovery....
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      Thought this might interest you.
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      I was unsure as to which forum this would be appropriate to post under? Regardless, it's a good read if you have five minutes or so.