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yankee nugget

Fresh Lava Could There Be Placer

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am not into geology ,,,,i dont know  hard rock mining either .....what i know 5 types of lava .....what,, where and how would u look for placer in this lava or this area ??? ......this is in a gold rich area ....could a gold bug 2 find anything ?????? any information would be helpful thanks

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A placer is a concentration of mineral that occurs after the original host rock has decomposed. Therefore a placer cannot by definition exist in fresh lava.

If you are simply asking if gold could be found in a recently cooled fresh lava flow, the answer is that is extremely unlikely.

Placer Geology

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thank you steve for giving me a better understanding on placer vs hard rock .........i guess those 2 woman from from the UK just got lucky at the Taal volcano ,,,,,,there father was a  geologist and the nuggets were fist size ,,,,,,that was the first time those women used metal detectors and the first time at Taal  they said the father sent them here to find the gold that was years ago  .....so placer might  be found from old (millions of years ) lava flows ....my understanding of Taal is nobody ever looked on the crater island ,,,,,thanks again steve

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Yankee where did you see the report? cantfind anything.....just wondering? Link? Cheers, Ig

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