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Steve Herschbach

New Teknetics Pinpointer Compared To Garrett & Makro Pinpointers

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TheHunterGT Published on Jan 12, 2018

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Still curious to see how tekpoint or f-pulse works on pickers or small gold compared to Garrett ATPro.

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    • By ☠ Cipher
      Found this item on Amazon. It might be good for dunking sub-IP68 pinpointers, or as an added level of protection to IP68s. I'm going to buy one just for the heck of it. What do you guys think? 
    • By ed 1
      Have seen several reviews of the Jeemak pointer but am not sure about authenticity of the reviewers. Normally if something is this cheap it rings alarm bells. Has anyone got one, are they any good? Would be interested to see if anyone has any experience of them, thanks in advance.
    • By ed 1
      Hi, am looking to purchase a good pinpointer to use with my Equinox 800. Talked to the sales guy at the shop where I purchased the detector and enquired about getting either a Garrett pro or the latest Nokta. The sales guy would only recommend that I get a Minelab pro find 35 as the others would interfere with the detector meaning that I would have to switch it off if I wanted to use the pointer. Has anyone had these sort of problems or was it just a creative salesman ?, any thoughts would be helpful, thanks
    • By nugget hunter
      has any one air test the scuba tector on large objects ????? i like to know it max range ......i seen its worthless on very small targets ....whats it range on a helmet , rifle ,  truck size object ....the targets i look for  are 12 to 24 inches deep could the scuba tector in wet sand go this deep ???  or does it max out at 12" am guessing 2.5x the coil size like other pi detectors do ....
    • By Tnsharpshooter
      Thought I would share this.
      All my end items have version 5 loaded.
      When trying to use MI6 pointer with my first remote tried.
      It was not paired.
      But pinpointer would sound off when i mashed research button in menu.
      Upon turning pinpointer on in a detect mode/screen no cigar.
      So i removed pointer and re paired all seems is fine.
      My other remote, for whatever reason it was already paired up and worked correctly when turning pointer on.
      I have seen some reports of some of the same issues had with verison 4.0 and 4.1as far as linking and delinking problems when using pointer.
      I will try to run my units and pinointer some in an integrated fansion and see what the deal is and share here.
    • By Mac
      Detected an unexplored alpine area last night using only my pinpointer; a mountainous area close to home, hiked in and detected above the tree line. Skies were cloudy with darker clouds moving in but no thunderstorms. No overhead nor underground electrical wires in the area. No antennas anywhere nor engines nor even a road within 2 miles. And no cell phone on me (cell phone and satellite phone was in my backpack, which was about 40 feet from me at the time. Not likely any military jets/ aircraft in range either (those do fly over but no jet noise was heard all evening). So why the detector acted as it did perplexes me and kind of alarms me too if honest about it. I wonder if the detector detected electricity in the skies? Is that possible? I searched online but the info is too generic. When skies got darker off to the west is when the detector went absolutely nuts. As if I'd walked into a vault with metal on all sides of me. Was doing great for about 2 hours, no issues at all other than coming across signs of grizzly activity. Then something very odd happened. My Garrett Pro-Pointer AT started going crazy -- I was kneeling on wet tundra moss, with my gloved hand (neoprene material) in frigid cold glacial runoff, detecting on submerged quartz veins and getting a signal, a definitive hit type alarm. Then, under 20 seconds later the signal was lost.
      I stood up and when I did so, holding the detector out from my waist, with an extended arm, pointed at nothing other than the hillside opposite of me across the tiny creek, the pinpointer began sounding nonstop, I mean nonstop yet nothing 3 feet in every direction. I powered it down then turned it back on. Same thing. I tried to remedy it via button presses to reset it but still same crazy nonstop alarming and so, looking up at the skies it provoked some concern as to perhaps my detector detecting conductivity in the skies overhead, which at that high elevation (4500 ft) meant I was a lightning rod, and so I headed back. Without stopping to check the pinpointer along the route. Back at the truck I turned it on and it was behaving normally again. The nonstop crazy wild beeping was gone. I tested it on the controls (nonmetallic items then metallic items) at the truck and it behaved fine/ normally as it was prior to that incident. Am totally at a loss as to what happened and why.  
      Does anyone have any clue or idea even as to what this may have been due to?
      In the event other details are needed, clouds pretty much blanketed the skies in all directions; darker clouds to the west were perhaps just 2 to 5 miles distance. Lighter to grayish clouds overhead and in other directions. No wires/ human developments of any kind for at least 15 miles to the south and 40 miles to the west and nothing but alpine wilderness the other two directions for thousands of miles. No highway just a rough gravel road so no engines nor CB radios within however many miles. I'd dunked my boots earlier so was barefoot at the time and had no metal on me nor anywhere near me, the digging shovel was about 8 feet from me. Just me and the glacial water and the mountains.