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Three Ring Day Again!

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Nice work the surf is on the rise now if I can only drag myself to the beach...it's about an hour and a half away. Thanks for posting. 


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I think they should all still go into the Treasure Chest, Strick.   They all look nice.    Yeah, if it doesn't have the weight, it isn't gold.  Even white gold has the weight.  Could be fresh dropped gold plate though.  You got to it before it started to bubble and flake.

Nice ring  mn.  


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15 hours ago, Skate said:

You're on fire!!!  7 rings in a week. You're destroying all the normal ratios us regular humans live by. 

Just 4 ... if I could get out then I'd have the 7 you said.

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6 hours ago, mn90403 said:

Just 4 ... if I could get out then I'd have the 7 you said.

I misread it but still, 4 rings in a week is still killing it and something to be proud of. I've found 3 rings total so far this year including my titanium yesterday and one 14k earring. I'm just trying to keep up with you Mitchel.:biggrin: 

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    • By tvanwho
      so why do coin dealers and jewelers tell us the retail price on our found jewelry is like $1,000 + and then they turn around and offer us pennies for it? I never understood this ?
    • By Mark Gillespie
      Getting a week at the beach for a little R & R and yes detecting.
      I must be honest my first day was not that grand (two zincs and a shell casing) with the Equinox 800.  Hunted with the stock beach 1 program with no adjustments found very little in the way of nice finds.  I had high hopes the beach was like it was a couple years ago, but sand had been hauled in and built up by maybe 5'.  Even the wet slope didn't yield much in the way of finds.  But decided to hunt the towel line the second day and found a matching set of earrings some 4" deep at the edge of where high tide and the towel line began.   Talk about small, but the Equinox had no problem finding small targets.

    • By Alluminati
      Ya ya, you're probably getting tired of all the "new Equinox just got gold" threads, but here is another.
      Same old tired cliche, first day out with new said wonder-machine, then BAM out comes a 8" deep, 1/4 ounce gold ring from a previously pounded location. Sigh. I mean come on, it was right under the soccer net, 4 feet from where I usually set down my drinking water. The place I stand when I look at other gold I find. The place that every newbie heads to. The place I did a tight over-lapping spiral around both posts with a Deus and a Lobo. The place that my 2 friends have detected on multiple occasions with a Deus and Etrac.
      Yet it was right there the whole time. I walked up to the net, dug a penny and thought "hmm, I'm surprised that is still there" but hey it is a multi-freq Mineslab right? No big deal, stranger things have happened. About 14"-16" away I get the almost identical signal, perhaps slightly jumpier, flickering 20-22 ID. I saw that soft edge golden glow in the bottom of the hole, I said "F-you don't be something or other" cause this place has gold toned aluminum scraps and beaver-tails that would make Peter Munk take a triple take.
      I thought the ring looked to be about 3-4 grams, my eyes almost bulged out of my head when I saw it weighed in at over 8 grams, a good size piece of alloy around here. It might be higher then 10K due to the heft, the mark is worn and my acids are expired so I will get it XRFed when I get a chance to stop in.
      This is my forth Mineslab and the third time something like this has happened. There was that week of silver running around town with a new Etrac, I also hit gold 45 minutes into a first water hunt when my Excalibur was new.
      My old friend deep 2 1/2" square nail is back, some of his big brothers too. They are a rough bunch to hang with but I usually get the old silver when they are around.
      For those wondering, the ring is a 22. I was in Park 2, 7 reactivity, sens21-22, multi-IQ

    • By mn90403
      Wow, was I surprised.  I thought I'd go out for a short hunt at about 11:30 PM and be back in a couple of hours.  It turned out to be a lot more fun than that.
      As soon as I got to the beach I knew the conditions were pretty good but this 6" coil has been burning a hole in my floor since I used it on Saturday looking for nuggets.  I gave it one day of rest and then I had to go use it on the beach.
      My first target was a dime.  It sounded good and it was down about 3 inches.  Not bad I thought for the little coil and then I came across a lot of pennies. Often times I won't dig them but I wanted to know how deep the coil could see them so dig, dig, dig.  I was finding pennies at 6-7 inches with no problem.  I know because the diameter of my sand scoop is 6 inches like the coil.  After many pennies I wanted to get to a different part of the beach so I skipped them for a bit.
      When I got to where I wanted to be someone was up on the blanket line with their detector.  I hunted along the wet sand in Beach 1 all out (25).  I started finding some quarters.  I worked my way down the beach and I looked up and saw a guy 25-30 yards ahead of me coming in my direction.  (I ignore this guy because he doesn't fill his holes.)  I turn back away from him to work my little section and I get an 8 signal.  I dig down about 7 inches and I see the rose colored ring in the scoop. ( I don't know what is in this ring.)  The other guy has just walked past me so I drop it in my pouch so he can't see it.  I swing around the find area and about 20 feet away I get a 3 ... it is the Michael Kors belt buckle ring.  (Fun to find but not worth much.)
      All along I'm finding more quarters and the $1 coin.  I walk down to a beach I call Ring Beach but nothing to be found.  On the way back I hunt a newly exposed area near where I found the two rings.  I get a signal that jumps between 12 and 14 but never staying on 13.  It turns out to be a 14/20 Toe Ring.  So, now I have 3 rings with the smallest coil I've ever used on the beach.
      Something is going right.  Along the way I find a fine chain.  There were a couple of the quarters I dug that had to be 9 inches deep.
      It was a fun first time on the beach with the 6 inch coil but it won't be the last time.

    • By Happa54
      Hey everyone...
      My focus this year is buffs, V's and war niks..... wasn't thinking of gold.
      I spent half day at one of my usual pounded Los Angeles parks. Got a little clad and 17 nickels in my pouch. 
      This 600 knocks the cr_p out of nickels. I get another nickel signal (12/13) and dig approximately 4 inches.
      Because I've been fooled before by coins that initially appear to be gold, I didn't get too excited. But when I cleaned off the dirt and looked real close, I couldn't find any markings. So then I thought, some sort of fake gold or something. Even the white pearl in the setting was breaking down and I thought it was plastic. 
      I did the magnet test at home and it passed but still not totally convinced.... heck this could be brass maybe, I thought? 
      This morning I take it to a jeweler and he puts it through his tests. He says it's 18k. Says it looks made in Asia and markings worn or very old ring. Then another jeweler repeats the process and he concurs with the first jeweler. He then says, "I'll give you $40 for it". 
      I asked, "what's it worth retail?"... he puts it on a scale and says "maybe $1,000 just for the gold". I think you know what I said next. They were interested in setting a new stone in place but I told them it's for my girlfriend and I'll let her handle it. I've made purchases here before so there were no hard feelings either way. 
      Thanx for stopping in everyone and as always.... HH

    • By Mike Hillis
      Last time I had to chance to take a metal detector outside was about a month ago.    FINALLY was able to plan for some detecting time Sunday morning.   I'd been thinking about my G2+LTD audio profiling abilities, so I unpacked it Saturday night and go it ready to go for Sunday morning's hunt.   Was hunting gold as always but was mainly into audio target size profiling so I was digging coins too.  
      This was just another stinking zincoln signal.  
      Boy was I surprised when about 3" down out pops a silver ring.  
      925 silver with a EC hallmark.     Don't have any idea if the stones are real or not.   Being silver I don't have my hopes up but you never know.   Its like a starburst on the finger in the sunlight.   I'll get it tested and find out.   If they are real its ching ching.  If not, it is still a  $100 bill.