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Detech Coils

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  Wondering if anyone uses the Detech brand of coils on their Minelabs and how do you think they compare with coiltek and NF.

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    • By phrunt
      Is $67 USD a good price for a Detech 15x8" GPX Coil brand new, still in box from a reputable seller?  I thought it was so I bought it.  It had the feature I love about my 12x6" X-coil. good ground coverage with sensitivity to small gold.  It's why my X-coil has barely left my GPX since getting it but I'd prefer to have a coil I can leave on each detector, saves me time and effort in changing coils too often
      I believe this is an old style bundle wound coil....
      Has anyone had experience with this coil?
      I ended up buying it today as the price just seemed too good to refuse and hope to use it on my QED.
      I can't find out much about it, only one person I know has had one and wasn't overly impressed but I do know coils behave differently in different environments. The manufacturers promo text makes it sound good.

      15 x 8" Monoloop Closed Design Elliptical  800g
      For Minelab GPX, GP and SD series detectors
      This closed design coil has been designed to go deeper than standard coils.  You can search a large area quite fast, due to the easy size and weight, without losing any depth!
      Made to locate Gold!  Very stable, no false signals, able to work in heavy mineralisation.  Add this coil to your detector and go over ground you previously searched and you will be pleased with the added GOLD you will find. 
      Every GOLD prospector's wishlist item.
      15 x 8" MONO coil is sensitive to smaller gold and still very stable over the ground locating gold nuggets not only in new undetected ground, but gold has been found in many areas that have been searched with detectors and said to have no more gold to find.  MONO type search coils and larger size SEF coils have become the coils of choice for most professional and serious gold hunters throughout the world.  Better sensitivity, more accurate, able to locate both large and small gold nuggets that other coils miss.  Closed or solid design makes searching rubble strewn ground a breeze without snagging.

    • By fredmason
      Detech dd coils say they can give good discrimination with Minelab PI machines,
      can anyone give a forum or reference discussing this 
    • By drxalaa
      I From morocco i have paper of treasure like this photo and i have other Place more than 30 with treasure in land i don't have detector for 1,5m to know the place treasure and make sure
      i have a EDS gold catcher but not working well always i find only ferrous target with Disc
      I need someone from morocco can work with me or someone help me for good Detector for 1,5m for Detect Gold

    • By argyle
      It was my understanding that Nokta mentioned a while ago that the NOKTA IMPACT would be a unit built for Kellyco only, as a more or less exact copy of the original Racer, only on an ergonomic shaft as opposed to the terrible Racer shafts.

      As far as performance on the Goldfields go, both the CoRe, Fors Gold and Racer are left wanting badly. The Gold Racer I haven't used yet but will very soon, and even with it's new 'intelligent vsat, I don't hold much hope for it due to such a high frequency, limiting it to surface and just a few inches depth on smallish gold.

      The most interesting units are one that a lot of guys aren't picking up on yet, that is the release of the new Detech Chaser's in a few weeks.
      I guess Detech didn't get involved in all the cash for comments the other brands chose to push their units with.
      Even judging by the now discontinued analogue Detech units as the Winner and Plus and finally Reacher ....these early models absolutely kill Nokta/Makro units on both quiet and hot ground. So the new digital Chaser's are looking pretty good.
      The first one will be in 14kHz, then another in 28kHz, and the third in 4.8kHz like the Detech Relic Striker that puts an enormous amount of gain out of it's very large stock SEF coil.
      The Chaser will have a full coil selection to boot.

    • By Cal_Cobra
      Their SEF and Ultimate coils are legendary, as are some of their gold coils, but saw that now their making coils for the Makro Racers too:
      The Ultimate coil might do well on the Racers if you have a need for a large coil.
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