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Gold Monster On The Beach

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Just wondering on peoples thoughts on how the GM would go on the beach, I am looking at buying one to use for hunting nuggets and cleaning up patches, but I go to the coast several times a year so it would be nice to still have a swing while on holidays.

I have seen some commentary about them being okay at finding gold chains etc and I know I will dig a lot of junk, just after thoughts.

Thanks in advance.

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I tried the GM in some tot lots and it hit on every little bitty piece of foil there.....way to sensitive in my opinion.

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This guy in Hawaii is a very experienced beach hunter and is doing just fine with his Gold Monster. It will get the foil but the gold also.

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I do use my GM here in Hawaii on the beach to find gold.  I did buy the GM just for hunting for gold jewelry here on the dry sand.  Having in the past lived in California and I did hunt for gold nuggets.  I knew that  I would be digging a lot tin foil, tiny pieces of different metals.  But if you do put in the time and dig enough targets.  You will find gold jewelry.  Granted some of it will be very tiny pieces broke off a larger gold item.  No fine gold chains yet but that just means to me that I have been over one yet.  

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Thanks guys for the feedback.

Sounds like my kids will be digging a lot of holes :wink: I cant get them out nugget hunting but mention the beach and they are all in!


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    • By goldseeker4000
      I finally got out and found some nuggets to feed the hunger. My buddy had already found 11 or 12 and I was getting skunked and feeling desperate to find any gold so I moved to a spot I had pulled 4 nuggets out in May and within 5 min found the first.  Then in a couple minutes  found the second, third and fourth. I moved up a couple feet on a tailings slope and kept banging them out. Ten all total on sat within 1 1/2 - 2 hour span from first to the last. I finally got my wife to pick up my detector and give it her first ever try detecting for gold. Within 5 minutes she found her first tiny nugget. I asked her how did that feel finding it. She replied fun, I'm ready to find my second nugget. The tiny nugget in the hand is my wifes. My ten nuggets totaled 1.9 grams. These nuggets were found using the new headphones for the Gold monster by Detector Pro that i am field testing. I would highly recommend getting a pair  from Detector Pro.

    • By phrunt
      I'm not much of a coin/relic hunter, I've dedicated my detecting time mostly to Gold prospecting so my jewellery finds lately have been more chance than anything, first a found a silver ring at a ski field using the Equinox while I was trying to get my wife and daughter hooked on detecting by going to a place they will find coins to excite them, next I found a silver/ivory ring while detecting for gold using my GPX 4500 at a prospecting location and then today my most bizarre find of all using my Gold Monster 1000. I chose to use the GM1000 because it's tiny coil was handy for quick recoveries. 
      I was itching to go for a detect as I'm all excited my Equinox 800's new 6" coil is on it's way to my house but I had a job to do today, we bought a bunch of 20 hedging plants to put along a fence line of my back paddock as there is a house there with neighbours and I dislike any form of neighbours so I wanted to block them out more than the 6 foot fence will do.  This part of the paddock is riddled with junk, lots of old rusty nails and rubbish from a point in time where there was an old farm house on the land.  I'm converting my back paddock into normal landscaped ground as I got rid of my pet sheep before winter.  I was worried I wouldn't have enough grass for them to last the winter as I've planted out half the paddock as a fruit orchid with 30 or so fruit trees so I had to fence that part off or they would eat them.   That wasn't an invitation for kiwi and pet sheep jokes 
      I was digging up all the ground along the fence line to get rid of the grass there while the soil is all soft, the frozen ground has defrosted the past week or so as we've had abnormally warm temperatures for winter and this part of the paddock normally stays frozen as it's in the shade from the fence so my wife wanted me to take the opportunity to dig up the ground ready to put the hedge.  We bought all the plants last week ready for them to start to grow in spring.  I hate digging there in summer as the ground goes rock hard and dry.
      I was going to dig up the entire area anyway so I was walking along it digging up all signals with the GM1000 but it got too hard as there were so many targets so I went in discriminate mode finding any non-ferrous and digging them.  I found my share of junk, one odd looking thing with metal balls on it, no idea what it is

      Starting digging the area and and targeting non-ferrous with the GM1000

      Strange looking object with the metal balls, a giant chunk of metal too, not sure what it is but its non-ferrous

      Some more junk
      The weather was starting to turn as it's meant to snow tonight up on the mountains around here, it was getting windy and dark clouds approaching so I started to speed things up and stop digging any of the grass up and just went exclusively digging non-ferrous targets and I had a loud signal all the way to the right on the non-ferrous meter on the GM, I was hoping an old coin as I'd found lots of old coins in the paddock behind mine a few months ago with the T2.  I decided to take photos/video of the recovery when it got interesting and I dug and found an old bit of a branch of a tree but the signal was loud and coming through the wood thinking I was about to film an old coin recovery.

      Turned out to be some sort of old jewellery

      I'm not sure if it's real gold, but the gold indicator on the GM1000 goes all the way across to non-ferrous, I'm unsure what the pearl looking stuff is either.

      The interesting thing is when I cleaned it up, it says Western Germany on it, no hallmarks at all that I can find.  Since it says Western Germany I can guess it's pretty old as now it would just say Germany.  My guess is it was about 10-15 cm deep, I took a video of the recovery thinking I was digging up a coin but it's not overly worth watching as I wasn't knowing it was going to be anything decent so I didn't put any effort into keeping it stable or anything but I'll put the video up if anyone's interested.
      I'm not sure what the thing is, looks like you hook it on something.

    • By phrunt
      So, I was out detecting with John (kiwijw) yesterday however that's another story, my Gold Monster was put in the car the night before, we got down quite cold overnight, I think it was -6 but my car was in the garage so I guess it got down to about 0 in the car, then in the morning I jumped in my car and John and I went to a spot to do a bit of gold prospecting.  I found a nice sounding target with my GPX and dug it up but couldn't for the life of me find it, so I went and got my GM1000 and used that to pinpoint the target and recover it, it was just a shutgun pellet, but it was very muddy where I did it and I was sure I had mud under my coil cover so I thought I'd pop it off to take a look as I was right at a creek and figured I'd rinse it off as I wasn't intending on using the Monster the rest of the day so I was going to break it down to put in my backpack rather than leave it lying around as I wander off detecting.
      During the process of popping it off pressing my finger onto the coil caused it to crack, a big crack too... I'm not sure if it was because of the cold the night before causing the plastic to go brittle or a fault with the plastic but surely it shouldn't crack pressing on it to get the coil cover off.
      I've sent Minelab Service an email asking if they're going to cover it under warranty. I think they should, it's hardly any sort of mistreatment however they can probably try get out of it as they could say its some sort of physical damage.  This will be a test as to how good their service is.
      This is the second issue I've had with my Monster, the first was the speaker on it failed, repaired under warranty although Minelab doesn't cover shipping costs in NZ like USA.

    • By PG-Prospecting
      Finally found my fist Virginia picker with the GM 1000 on the private land that i have access too!  This is my first piece of detected gold from here.  Ive found lots of nuggets dredging the creek but nuggets have eluded my detecting efforts.  
      I found this one in a small feeder creek.  I have since detected most of the feeder and found nothing else.  I still have yet to find any pickers or nuggets outside the creek at this location which is frustrating to say the least.  I also run a GPX4800 outside the creek but no dice still.  Up to 12 gram nuggets found dredging in the creek but nothing outside of it.  One of these days lol.  

    • By Mxt Sniper
      I was just wondering if there was any plans of aftermarket coils being produced for the Minelab GM1000? I can think of a couple reasons why they would be welcomed. The coils seem to be impact sensitive, and the coils do not have good edge sensitivity. Am also wondering if a concentric coil can be built to work on the gm1000? I tend to prefer concentric coils over dd's for vlf nugget detecting.