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    • By nugget hunter nz
      Hay guys so I live in nz and I sold my gm1000 and nox 800 to  clear few bills etc great machines found alot small gold with both .. kept my gpx4500 but thinking of getting a whites 24k double coil pack to try out here in nz as my vlf but I am alittle worried as they have been out for few months now but I cant find one video on them on you tube apart from dealers ones or people with dealers . I would of thought by now someone would of did some testing or direct comparisons to gm1000 etc. Also as theres now no whites dealers in nz does anyone know a good one in aus that ships to nz ? I'm hoping with right set up they will be as good as monster on small gold in low to med ground but less prone to coil noise at high sensitivity and advice opinions welcome.

      Minelab Gold Monster 1000 and White's Goldmaster 24K gold nugget detectors
    • By PG-Prospecting
      From back in May when i first found my little nugget patch.  Some of the smaller pieces of gold in this spot would ring up to the iron side, but since almost every target in this spot is gold, it shows you that on small gold the probability indicator should be ignored.  Some nice gold for only an hour or so spent detecting.  Will have more videos to come, im slowly working through my backlog.  
      Thanks for watching!
    • By inthemountains
      Some of you may know what it is like to swing a large PI detector. It can turn into a job and not be fun even though the weight of gold found is good.
      I have used a GB 2 since it first came out and when I break it out I call that therapy.
      Recently Gerry's Detectors  helped me obtain a Goldmonster to add to my many detectors. Thanks Gerry. I did not know what to expect , I just needed something to have as a loaner.
      Was not really impressed by the rod as it is a 3 piece screw together type. The big coil looks funny and the ergonomics are sort of out of balance. Well that all went away when i turned it on.
      The photo shows the result of the first three outings. I am very impressed. I never thought i would put my GB2 in the corner. Fisher needs a wake up call. Sorry  I am the most die hard GB2 fan out there but this detector with the 5 inch round coil is amazing. Turn on and go. Rechargeable batteries and great response on the smallest gold. Did not even use headphones. The Bug 2 is better in some ways (hot rocks) but is in need of a total update. Heavier cables , push button, possibly a 71HZ Gold Bug Pro type package.
                 I hear the Equinox is as good for gold. I guess i have some testing to do. 
      I could easily put the heavier GPZ away for awhile and just go back to small coil detecting. If I can figure out the Equinox I could find old coins and small gold with one machine on the same day. 
      This must be Steve's approach. Tired of heavy detectors.

    • By PG-Prospecting
      Finally go the video finished of comparing equinox 800 to the gold monster 1000 on in-situ targets in the field.  This is my no mean the comprehensive review as im sure the settings on the equinox could be tweaked more produce even better results.  But from what i saw on my ground they were vary evenly matched.  The gold monster seemed to pop a little harder on the targets, but the equinox still hit all the targets the gm1000 hit.  Since i detect mainly creeks the equinox has a leg up since its water proof and i dont have to worry about it getting wet or falling in the creek.  Hope you guys enjoy the video and ill take more footage as i work this little patch.  
    • By Alex dragongold
      Hi all, just wanna show u this find ,was  in a breccia pipe, its not gold but its beautiful too ,cuprite crystal with native copper thanks to the gold monster, regards ?

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