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just new here have minelab eureka gold just found out not make them anymore waiting for summer have fisher cz 20 love my cz 20 hope eureka gold can keep up lol 

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    • By Domenico
      I am Domenico from little country Belgium. I'm a beach hunter, and have been reading this forum for ages....I decided to sign in to share my beach hunting experiences (since 1994), and especially because I'm enjoying my new equinox 800....It pays off on €-coins and jewelry...
      I am more interested in metal detectors than in finds, but with this Equinox, I'm in Paradise...
      See you on the forum !
    • By PseudoShooter
      I'm John and I live in Windsor, ON.
      I had just returned from a trip to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. After poking around in some of the the many 1800's stone foundations found there, I became very interested in detecting again after lightly exploring it during my youth.  Given the island's history and location, I'm sure that there is a wealth of undiscovered booty to be had there still.
      I'm very glad to have found this site and it's wealth of good information. I eagerly look forward to learning all I can from everyone here. 
    • By Bob'ke
      Hello to you all,
      Have been detecting for about 4 years/450 hours.  In the spring of 2017 I decided it was time for me to upgrade. Since then I pondered 3/4 detectors of different makes/models. After more than a year of watching and reading detectortests on the web, today I finally made my choice. Thanks to Steve's posts and the videos of "Calabash Digger" and this forum I've ordered today a Minelab Equinox 800 and registered an account on DetectorProspector.com.  
      Hope we all will be members of the "Minelab Equinox Fan Club" for a long time! 
      Greetings to all from a Dutchman, living in Belgium.
    • By EMField
      Greetings to all.
      New member here from Michigan.
      I've been detecting for about the last 10 yrs.  I did my very first detecting as a kid with my father many yrs ago, 1969-70 ish with an old BFO machine.  Lots of silver in those days!
      I wish Michigan was a state where nugget hunting was a possibility!  I went out west and hunted tailings on Patented land as a guest, through a friend, and had a great time. I even bought a used GMT for the trip, with the intent of future trips west.  A couple Grandchildren later, and those intended nugget hunting trips may now be more of a hope than reality?
      I've been popping in for the last couple yrs and enjoyed reading about members nugget hunting adventures, and general information on gold detecting.  I figured it was time to join Steve's Forums.
    • By stojance.kitanov
      Hallo all,I am looking for an investor for a metal detector,I live in a country where many gold coins can be found,but I do not have the money to provide myself,
    • By Propjob
      Hey all!   Old time detectorist from the Strafford Cnty Area  New Hampshire and Seacoast. Own the Nox 800, Explorer XS, Garrett GTI1500. Member of Ring Finders.  Retired and am a business mentor .  Bought the new 800 to start and analyze a new business idea, and have gotten somewhat used to it, would like to hook up with somebody to be more competent with Beach hunting and some of the quirks of this machine as well as my explorer. I am an electronics RF engineer in my past life and hope to use some of this knowledge in understanding more about detectors.  Hello to all and look forward to your experiences....JIM