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Ramis bozo

To Obtain Precious Metal From Iron

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Only if it contains gold or silver in the first place. Most iron ore contains just iron.

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hey Ramis.   If it is a IRON OXIDE mine there might be gold and silver in it.  Here in Australia there is a iron oxide mine called Olympic Dam, which apparently, is the biggest uranium reserve in the world. According to wikipedia there is reserves of 2.95 billion tonnes of ore grading 1.2% copper, 0.04% uranium, .5 g/t of gold and 6 g/t of silver.    If I am doing the figures right, that means the gold reservers are approx 47 million ounces and the silver reserves are approx 569 million ounces.
  But here is the problem, it is not economically viable to mine the gold and silver and the only reason they are pulling the stuff out of the ground is to get at the uranium and copper.  Uranium and copper produce 95% of the mines income.  Gold and silver are a by product.
Stick with your metal detecting. :smile:

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