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Did not know how to put the video up like it is now so thank you  whom ever changed it which I am assuming it was Mr Herschbach

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    • By Giddiup
      Hi Guys,
      My mate has an EZ Pickens backpack style dry blower vac. Hasn't been used in a long while. Its a wild looking piece of equipment, looks like a jet pack! I have been unable to find any information, manuals, value etc for it and wanted to put the feelers out overseas to see what i can find. Google only shows up some old private sales and its mentioned in a few threads...nothing in google 'images' either. I would like to clean it up, value it and see where to from there.
      Any assistance much appreciated:)
    • By AzViper
      I got into prospecting kinda hot and heavy. I like to build all my own equipment mainly cause I can at a much lower cost and have a better product than whats being sold commercially. I know this forum is mainly geared towards the prospector swinging a metal detector, if Steve does not mind I would like to post the how to build the Viper-Vac here in these forums. I also built this trommel and many other tools I use.

    • By LukeOzDigger
      Hey everyone, just wanted to start a new topic on Drywashing for gold in Australia.
      Here's a video of me and my mate Pete out on a quick overnighter' it's still dry enough here at the moment but finding time to get out before it starts raining might stop us from more footage this season.
      Steve' feel free to move it to a more relevant section if needed, also if others want to add info video's etc to the same topic feel free just keep the topic on Australia.
    • By Rick Watkins
      Going to finally get a gold trip in last week of Oct, hopefully, i heard that area got some good rains recently,just wondering what you guys that have been near winnemucca think about bringing my drywasher ,is the ground still too damp. I heard they had 2 storms that dumped 1/2 of rain each one.
    • By Greg
      Looking to maybe buy a dry washer. What does everyone like? Power blower, electric bellows, size, brand ext.. Is one brand better than another for fine gold recovery or do they all preform the same or close to the same.
      I would be grateful for all information.

      Thanks Greg,
    • By Rick Watkins
      I have a goldbuddy stallion that I use in ore.nev. deserts wouldlike to know if anyone has this d.w.? If so do you have any suggestions that may help in recovery? I have learned a few things that work for me but looking for more ideas that may help.