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Hoping To Find  some Guidance  On Gold Hunting  Because I Am Really Confused  And Frustrated

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Hi everyone , 

I am new here , I joined this forum hoping to find  some tips and guidance  on gold hunting  because I am really confused  , frustrated  with so  many information and resource on the net ,  and I dont know from where to start on how can i be a really  a   gold hunter . 

Background : 

My Journey  with gold hunting started in 2010 , when  I  heard from a close friend of mine that there are gold in sudan  ( I am from Yemen by the way ) so I  decided to give a try , so  I bought GPX  4500  at that time it was famous gold detector device + I bought the big circle coil to give me more detecting  depth . 

Why I went for this trip : 1st : Get Rich , 2nd to having fun and go on an adventure  . 

6 months past , we were expecting to find 1 kg gold at least to cover at least our expenses  on this trip , but we found 180 Grams in total , it seemed like we were out of luck may be because we just rushed  things up without guard our self with  knowledge  about gold prospect , we just used the experience of people who went on this trip before and good guy who program the device for us . And that is how round 1 ends in 2010

What kind of advice  I am seeking from you guys , I am looking for that advice which comes from experience    : 

I am  going  back for round 2 in 2018 , I have my old GPX-4500 device unsold and  before going to Sudan again I need to start fresh this time I needed to gain some knowledge  on areas such as:

1- What book / blogs should I read  to start my gold hunting education ? 

2- Should I sell my old device and buy another one ? 

3-How to tell if the device find gold from the the sound it produce how to tell the differences  ( talking about GPX 4500 ) , this question is connected to Q Number 2 ...
I hared that low sound means gold , high means steel .. I have experienced this myself before , but I think it is just 60% true , I am not sure though   , need your input on this . 

4-How to tell if one area has  gold ( with 10 - 20 % chance at least ) and it is worth the time to spend on searching , geologically before going for search ?  Do  I really need the help of Google earth to scan the place ? 

5-Is it true that only places where people find gold is the best place to find gold , what about exploring new area ( this question connected to question number 4 ) .  

6-Is it true that  long range gold detector are fake ? Please see this link for more information : http://raregoldnuggets.com/?p=5095

7-When gold detector will fail to find gold  ?  

8-Do advice me to try looking for gold in the Nile ? 


Thank you for reading my post and I am looking forward to hear from you . 


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Well Khaled, where to start? Firstly, deciding to post your questions here was probably a good decision, as some of the most experienced prospectors in the business post here. ( I do not include myself however ) Steve, J Porter, and a number of others have extensive experience in prospecting and the use of detectors. I shall attempt to answer your questions in order, and hopefully others may add.

1 Boyle's book on gold and genesis of deposits is a great way to understand how and where gold was deposited, and covers African fields.

2 If you are using a GPX4500, then you are arguably using the best technology you can get.

3 You are using a gold detecting pulse induction detector, so the basic rule is to dig everything that gives a signal. Only time and experience will tell you what is worth digging and what is not. Until then, obey the rule. 'When in doubt, dig it out'.

4 Geological maps should be your guide here, plus any maps that note gold mining areas. You need to learn the importance of granite and the metamorphic zones in your hunt for auriferous country. Research, and more research.

5 This question in covered mostly in no 4.

6 Yes, they are fakes. Don't waste your time. Long range prospecting is a different thing, and can be accomplished with computer mapping systems.

7 Your GPX4500 will only fail to find gold if it is out of range or is badly out of tune, or the gold is too fine to register a signal.

8 The Nile? Sorry Khaled, but that question is way beyond my field of experience. Hope someone else can be of help.

A very exciting area of the world to be prospecting, and I wish you luck, and please be careful. Keep your finds secret.

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With an average of (1) gram a day for your last trip, I would say you are doing better than many folks. Not knowing the recovery rates in the Sudan this seems fairly good. Too many people expect to get rich detecting for gold, I'd try and switch your priorities around and make adventure the first priority with finding a decent amount of gold the second. You may stumble across a few retirement nuggets along the way, however, you can't expect to! Best of luck and safe journeys! 

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Look for information in your area for areas that are producing and how they are producing it.  If possible try to get together with locals in that area for a bit of training.  In your research note area's were the gold is relatively shallow and recovery is done by hand then apply what you learn from reading up on geology to look for area's like that.  Historical accounts can help a lot as well.  Reg said it best, Dig It All, because if you go into those historic areas your going to dig a lot of trash but once you hit gold SLOW DOWN and really work it.  Dont leave gold to find gold.  I'm sure you'll run into lots of stories of where gold was found but I dont recommend chasing them no matter how fresh they might seem.  You find it and you stay on it.  Good luck.

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Learn your detector, make sure you know what it is telling you!

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      I have been playing with my Garrett Euroace (Ace 350) for the past couple of days, working it out and learning the machine to teach my daughter how to use it.  I was air testing some modern coinage to see what notches on the target ID scale they come up as so I could set up her discrimination. I got lazy and started waving them on the detector side of the coil, I noticed I was able to detect the coins all the way up to past where the shaft changes from plastic to metal, this is at 40cm, 15.7 inches in the old digits, this was with the coil straight too so when it's tilted it's even closer to the metal part of the shaft.
      This means the coil is obviously seeing the metal shaft, if the coil is moving such as adjusting it's tilt I noticed the detector gets a target in when in all metal, if I use my heavy coin discrimination pattern it doesn't false when the coil moves.  I was wondering why this was falsing when the coil moves was happening yesterday until today when I was able to duplicate it when I discovered by accident I could detect coins past where the shaft changes to metal, it's the coil picking up the metal shaft!!! If I move the coil with it sitting on my table, even the slightest bit it rings off on the shaft! 
      I realize I've not got the stock coil on there and the Nel Tornado is known as a deep coil but this is now a problem for me and the only solution I can think of is to notch out the discrimination point where the shaft sits so it can't see it, but then it may miss good targets in that range too.
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         Also, in my case with the folding shaft I used zip ties to make a loop in each coils cord to go where the folding mechanism is where the cord never interferes with the folding or unfolding of the shaft. I will keep the other coil in my detector bag so I can change the coil during a detecting outing it the situation warrants it. 
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      We recieved the 15's from Crawfords in the UK . Who kindly sent mine with Randy's together for Saturday delivery .Thank you the Crawfords crew you made this hunt possible .
      Kev my son with his sooty and sweep went out with Randy Dee on a permission that has been well detected in the last few years .
      And producing Roman coins and artifacts . Randy and my self where armed with the new 15 inch coil . I was in field1, AM ,5T,BIAS 4,RECOVERY 2 . I usually set at 20 but due to the nature of the field iron infested . I settled with 17 with the 15 . It worked great . As we progressed I meet up with Randy mid morning (fund out ) Bloody hell the whyly fox had 8 romans .His comment was THIS A CRACKING COIL. Coming from Randy that a great complement as he has 40 ++ years detecting and has had the machines . I had 2 ???? I was detecting back to the car for lunch . BANG 31 hhhuuumm . Dug over the full length of my JR Stainless spade . Tried it still in the hole reading 29/30 .By this time Randy and Kev had appeared . Randy gave it a swing hhhuumm summet there DEEP . So I dug 4/5 inch out with my digging tool place it on the side looked .Could see a silver glinting in the muck . I pick it up gave it to Randy .he said its a bloody Denarius and an early won .'Turned out to be a Vespiasian . 69/79 AD . My first Roman Silver and a cracker . I ended up with 8 roman bronzes and the Denarius . nice roman brooch . Randy really cut it up 22 romans and other bita and pieces .Kev had 8 and a very nice snake item (*brooch) ???  Se if I can put some pics on . Well done Minelab on producing a fantastic coil WHICH will stay on the Noxie .