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Ramis bozo

22 Inch Mono Coiltek Goldstalker And 18 Inch Mono Elite Coiltek

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Hey Ramis.   I have not used either coil, but when I had the 5000 I had the 18" Goldstalker and it was very stable.   For what it`s worth, I was told about a bunch of tests that were done on a test bed here in Victoria, and apparently, for out right depth, the 22" Goldstalker beat everything including the 25" Nugget Finder.  I wasn`t there, I didn`t witness the tests, but that`s what I was told.     Dave

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Logic would tell me that the 22'' Coiltek coil could be slightly deeper but i would think that would be on larger targets,but here is a report from Gordon Heritage who is a official Minelab tester and he has report on actually using the 18'' Coiltek on a GPX machine.



Makes interesting reading as its hunting for UK gold coins rather than nuggets which of course we dont usually have.


This review may or may not help you.

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Ramis,  I have tested many coils in the day and my findings sometimes can change based off the size of target and the ground conditions.

I base my coil selection on a variety of factors.  1st and most is the surrounding terrain I plan on detecting?  A 22" coil could be useless on some of my OR, MT and ID hunt sites.  But open ground in NV it would do ok.

Now another bit of knowledge needed to know is the size of gold you plan on hunting for?  Both of those coils are what I consider to me in the "Specialty Class" and designed for one task...to find big gold at depth.  But I also want to find the medium and small nuggets too and the 18" coil will do better on a variety of gold nugget sizes than the 22".

Another issue is soil conditions and amount of mineralized ground.  A larger coil covers more ground so it sees more bad soils, which on smaller gold is harder to hear than a smaller coil in the same ground.  But I have noticed the GPZ 19" coil actually seems to run smoother than the stock 14" coil in some ground I hunt in NV?

Also realize the 18" ELITE is the new style flat wound coil which has some features the GoldStalker does not.

Me personally I would take the ELITE 18 vs the 22".  But if you are wanting stable, then maybe go with the DD?

Hope this helps.


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Have been thinking about this post about which coil is better of the 2 but you left out one vital piece of information and that was your finds that you are after,had a look at one of your previous posts and you mentioned this ' Byzantine and Roman money' so am assuming that its mainly coinage,of course i could be wrong on my assumption but i dont think i am.

My opinion going from what you have mentioned is that the 18'' coil would be better for coinage size items and above but the larger 22'' coil would be the better option for locating say the coin hoard container but not so great on the individual coins.when i am after finding the scattered coins from a plough damage hoard then i mainly use the 15x12 Minelab mono coil,18''Detech mono coil on my TDI Pro and for actually locating the actual container i would use my 20'' Grande Sierra mono coil.

But as most traditional UK hoards are/have been buried usually by a person laying down flat on the ground and placing the container into the hole then these are found in the 15'' to 24'' depth range or the length of the persons arm for a better way of describing it,so in theory a 16''-18'' coil on the GPX should be more than enough hitting power to not only get the individual coins and also the container and other artifacts as well.


These are of course just my thoughts on how i would use my detector/coil combination in a situation like this and its not all that different from your situation by the sound of it.It may be off topic of say the norm of nugget hunting but the common denominator is of course the word 'gold' as in nuggets and gold coinage.

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11 minutes ago, Ramis bozo said:

My goal is to find the jar of small money jar and so on, and thank you from zero to eighty centimeters

I guessed it was along those lines the targets that you are after,if that is the case then i am pretty certain a 16'' coil would be fine and 18'' would be more than enough,this would certainly nail a small money jar size item and of course bigger and still allow for single coinage as well to be found.

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