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Mike Hillis

What Can A 3mm 10k White Gold 4 Prong Earring Stud Tell You?

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I use a Tesoro Mojave for tiny jewelry hunting.  Playgrounds, sports fields and fitness trails around the exercise equipment.  Always jokingly call it “urban prospecting” because most of the gold I find is tiny broken bits of clasps, chains and earrings.  Here’s a little 10k clasp from yesterday. Unfortunately didn’t find any of the chain. 


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On 2/6/2019 at 2:35 PM, Mike Hillis said:

Texkenzie on Tom D' site did the testing for me and it fell flat.

I disagree with his result or at least his Gold Kruzer may have an issue mine lacks. Whatever though, sounds like you have a solution that’s going to work for you so all is good.

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Thank you for all the feed back and the pictures.  I really appreciate them as I come back here and research. 

I really hope the GMK does good on my test target as the feature set is attractive.   I'll find out in few weeks.   I'm half way with the funding.


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On 2/11/2019 at 11:56 AM, SLGuin said:

Those are pretty impressive finds Gerry. The TDI-BH seems to really work for you! Would you say it is as sensitive to small items as the ATX? Some more information on the recovery method you use would be an interesting thread to read too. Sorry to go off topic. 

SLGuin,  I appreciate your desire to know how an ATX does on sensitivity to the same targets.  I don't know for certain as I did not have an ATX in the salt water with me that day and compare the signals/targets.  But I do know this, the TDI Beach Hunter is almost half the cost of the ATX, lighter and easier to swing.  Now if I was wanting pure depth on larger targets and or Prospecting, I feel the bigger coil of the ATX would edge out the TDI BH'er.  Now since I paid an extra $1000 for the ATX, I might as well step up to the GPX-4500 for $500 more (same price if 15% military discount) as it has proven many people with success in a variety of soils.  That is one of the main reasons it is now the #1 performing PI detector at the Civil War Hunts called DIV.

One of my beach scoops has a stud ring catch screen.  I sometimes use mask to see tiny targets and fan with my hands in clear water.  Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the further information. Never heard of a stud ring catch screen, will have to look that up.

Hopefully Mike will not be offended at straying off topic a bit. 

For my purpose it is less about depth and more about sensitivity to smaller and finer gold targets. It was a surprise to see a TDI nailing stud earrings, it just never occurred to me that it could go that small. One would think then that fine gold rings with large stones standing on edge might also be possible because just the setting might be enough to catch. Thinking there of a phenomenon described by CJ Clynick as "parachuting" where the drag of the stone settles the ring into an upright position that is harder to detect.

Tom Dankowski often says that hunting micro is about the stones, not the gold. My experience is that very little of the micro has any appreciable value. I have cups of the stuff to prove it. The real value for me is bycatch, the stuff you find because you can find that small stuff and the ways you can hunt with high frequency VLF.

Do you have any sense of how deep those earrings settle in the sand?

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    • By Luis
      After reading and rereading all the comments of the forum, decision for model 600, I think that for my needs, that is enough for me. I arrived yesterday and did a little test at home, since Steve has said many times that he does not have the gold program but that he can do equally well in other programs. This test is in park 2 mode and sensitivity to 12, since I am inside the house

    • By devilsrenegade
      Big Arm state park on Flathead lake with my mxt and the detech 10x5 coil. ran it in relic mode with the sens. hot and the disc pot set at 2. the prospectors pick worked great to get through the cobbles to recover the targets. Highlights were .65 gram silver bracelet, 54 s and 56 wheat's, and junk butterfly pendant. it sure was nice to be out swinging. just thought I'd share my first hunt this year.
      The best of luck to all ! 

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      Hi to app.
      I have a Nox 600 since 1 year and I used here in Italy to find everywhere  generally on beaches but not only.
      I choosed to buy the 600 instead of the 800 version due to the fact that here I can't find native Gold but this is my opinion that for me Nox 800 was wasted.
      I found just 4 Gold little items last year and I made a lot of work for that. I digged a lot on beaches and I digged from VDI 1 to VDI 29 in Beach 1 and 2 depending of near the sea or just in the Sand. As I remember 3 little rings bad VDI 6, 10 and 12.
      Now what I want to ask you in your experience is:
      Is it ok to stay with 600? Or could be very different for finding gold rings in the beach (my possibile gold items here are just rings and other little items on beach, no native gold nuggets...)
      Is a good idea to change mi finding way to All Metal mode?
      I used generally 5 tones. Do you advice me to start Learning the 50 tones in the way that I could choose to dig low ID (2 to 12) and be more helpful to find gold instead of tinfoil. Now the probability that from VDI 2 to 12 could be gold items la very low just looking at the target ID.
      In your esperience with Equinox which trick or method you advise me most for the search for gold objects like rings or earrings or small objects on the beach?
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      This is a pat myself on the back kind of thread.
      Here is the bulk of my aluminum shown with this seasons gold. Just over an ounce.
      What isn't shown is a bit of larger can slaw and smaller foil, but rest assured there wasn't that much more, call it 20% higher target count if you want.
      This represents positive ID gold signals, the easy ones you shouldn't be leaving.
      My nephew wants to collect tabs and beaver tails, which is the reason I have them still this year.
      No doubt I threw out a couple modern tabs early in the season, however I reluctantly agreed to collect those too. lol
      Tonight I thought it would be interesting to see how much aluminum I dug to get that gold. These gold targets ranged from 1-22 TID. Only dig nickles? You fool!
      So what do you think? Is that a lot of aluminum? Are you sure? Think about it, I bet you've dug way more pennies than this just to see a silver coin make an appearance. Would you rather another silver dime or have your Equinox paid for?
      Advice is a hard thing to take, if it's common knowledge it probably wont help you find much. Remember 10% of the people get 90% of the goods. That means the other 90% are sharing the 10% left behind. One group is relying on statistics and probability while the other relies on pure luck.
      Don't notch aluminum, you must close your eyes and drink from the hose.
      Yes I'm on a high horse, I get double digit gold every year from this little town while most of my peers get nothing. NOTHING EVER. They have lots of advice and complaints and reasons to notch numbers. So proud to talk clad counts. These people don't work either, myself I'm gone 50-60 hours a week.
      I love aluminum, whats the matter with you people!
      This Equinox smacks gold like FBS smacks silver.  Pay a stranger $5 to kick you in the ass if you need to.
            Happy New Year, Alluminati rules.