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Spending time at Steve's website peaked an interest I hadn't had previously.  I want to find a nugget with a detector!  I am on the waiting list for the ML EQ 800 and have seen the small nuggets are that the detector is capable of finding! 

The questions:

I live in in Northeast Ohio, I have seen videos picking up dust high-banking.  Will I find nuggets here? 

If not and I want to be a casual (once in a couple years) prospector and travel abroad should I join a club?


As you can probably tell I am not too terribly serious about it, but it would be something fun to do with my children from time to time.  Hopefully by the time I die I have a small collection to pass on to them to visualize the time we spent together!


Thanks for your time!



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What a lovely reason to want to look for gold.

I'm in Aus so can't help with advice on where to look but browse the forums, do lots of research and if you need to attend a good club to pick some brains.

I have taken my children out lots over the years and even built and used a cradle for a while creating many lovely memories.

They don't always stay looking for gold, but they find their own fun in the bush.

My ten year old spends hours looking for bits of china and old bottles and also loves looking for crystal quartz in the dirt. 


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Nugget hunting is quite an adventure.  The way I see it is that you have two locations.  You can go over to the Carolinas and have a go at it on a couple of  GPAA or public sites for a little color.  The other choice is out West.

I'm in the West and from time to time find gold but not every trip.  I live about 3-6 hours from good gold country.  It would be difficult for me to tell you to make a trip out west for gold but certainly try it if you are coming for other reasons also.  We who hunt for gold learn to enjoy the locations where we find it as much if not more than the gold itself.

Take Arizona as an example.  Gold can be found in deserts, washes, and mountains.  The animals, cactus and flowers are all part of the experience.

Read and watch the videos and when you have an excuse to make that trip, pack your detector.


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You are closer to gold than I would have thought!  I read this article and thought about you.


You can also go to a GPAA chapter meeting:


I hope you get out there with your family sooner rather than later!


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Hi Vez,

When my kids were young, they thought tooth fairy brought gold nuggets. Have fun.

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    • By Happa54
      Hey everyone...
      There are horse paddocks a few miles from home. I stopped in once before a few months ago and got a merc, some wheats, modern clad, bits and pieces of jewelry and metal grommets or ornaments off of clothing. I dug a bunch of quarters there which tells me that no one is hunting the area. These digs came from the grassy areas surrounding the paddocks. 
      On my return yesterday morning, I decided to go into the paddocks (all the gates are open) to see if I could find rings, bracelets or whatever metal objects my Nox would pick up. The ground is an inch or two of crushed rock, not quite sand, and real gritty. It was like finely crushed gravel...lots of tiny rocks. Below this topping, is some sort of concrete floor or something rock hard. Don't know what it is but my Nox was getting high conduct signals from down under and I couldn't break through. I gave up on it. 
      Here is my scenario...
      I started in Park 1, factory settings. My audio was extremely choppy. No consistent signals. Took off IB, went to 50 tones... still choppy and erratic. I felt myself panicking a little. What to do? I put it in Park 2, factory settings. Still choppy and erratic. Did a couple of noise cancels and ground balances, to no available. I thought to myself, "I'm outta here".  
      Is this what beach hunting is like? No can't be. This was strange and I knew that I have to research and discuss with members on the boards. 
    • By phrunt
      Disclaimer: I've only really been interested in Gold hunting so I'm pretty clueless in using my Nox for jewellery hunting.
      This might be a challenging one, a farmer I knows wife lost her wedding ring in a paddock and didn't realise,  Later the same day they run a plough or some sort of farming gadget over the paddock as they planted it out with grass seed so the ring is likely buried.  They're pretty certain it was lost in this paddock.
      I have been recruited to try find this ring, it's 24k gold with about 20 diamonds on it.  The guy originally gave me the wrong description of the ring, probably his ex-wife's ring he described as he said it had 1 diamond and sapphires 😄
      The paddock is really junk filled, I went and swung my detector over it yesterday morning before skiing and there was iron I assume setting the detector off everywhere in all metal mode.
      I know the VDI numbers are extremely useful for coin hunting but will they help for finding this ring, I really don't want to have to dig everything! Is there a range I should be targeting? I assume Field 1 will be the best mode or maybe Park 1 seeing there is a lot of junk?
      Small gold when prospecting always comes up under 10 on the VDI's, I am guessing a ring will come up higher? 
      Would the Equinox be my best choice or would I be better off using my T2 with Mars Tiger 10x13" or 15" round Stock T2 coil for more ground coverage? I also have a Garrett Euroace with Nel Tornado 12x13" I could use if that would be best.  That's the biggest coils I own.
      I have a GPX 4500 with a 15x12 DD Commander I could use but I don't want to dig lots of junk and I was hoping VDI's would be useful.
      I told them I'd do the hunt for nothing when they tried to pay me as it's a bit of fun for me anyway but they said they can't allow that and they'd give me a few sheep for my freezer for my efforts even if I don't find it but I'm sure if I find it they'll force me to take some sort of payment, I will try refuse as I really don't want it but it will be difficult to not take it when they're forcing it....
      The paddock is about 3 hectares!!!!!  Just over 7 acres so I really have a job ahead of me.  The soil is extremely mild but it seems to have its share of junk.  I assume rusty old nails and tractor bits and mower blades whatever else over the years.
      Any help appreciated.
    • By ☠ Cipher
      Found this item on Amazon. It might be good for dunking sub-IP68 pinpointers, or as an added level of protection to IP68s. I'm going to buy one just for the heck of it. What do you guys think? 
    • By Buzzard
      found this today in a wash below and old mine, any ideas as to what it might be.
      Got it with my Equinox 800 in park 1, was looking for possible coins, had the 6 inch coil, sure sounded good.

    • By Alluminati
      Here is a easy way to fix your shaft wobble, even if only temporarily. The male end of the middle shaft just needs a single layer of electrical tape.
      The tolerances on the Minelab shaft are actually pretty tight. If it was any closer you might not be able to get it apart again. Anybody who has swung a Tesoro Knows those twist-locks only work for first assembly, lol
      I've done this before with other machines except I used aluminum tape, time will tell how long the electrical tape will hold out. The tape in the picture has about 15 hours on it, so far it's OK. Besides, it's easy to replace.
      Coincidentally when I took the machine apart for a cleaning and to take this picture, I noticed that Minelab made a similar raised surface on the lower fiberglass rod. The lower rod is so long that a little play really wouldn't translate into as much slop as the upper connection does.

    • By HarbingerSong
      Hello all, i like to take the kids on hikes and look for cool rocks.  I came across this but no one can tell me what it is, and I've looked for an assayer in my area. The closest is quite aways away. I live in so cal. Any help would be fantastic. This weighs approx. 8.79 oz