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On This Day In 1869 The Welcome Stranger Nugget Was Found

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20 minutes ago, mn90403 said:

May 9th arrive and May 30 depart

The weekend of May 25th our football team has a Bye.

There are no school holidays at that time.

I might have learnt how to use the QED by then  😊

I will lock in some days off if you are going to be in Victoria the whole time? 

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Thank you for the interest and offer.  I thank everyone as Fred said for the encouragement to come on down.  I do plan on all of the trip being a drive from Melbourne.  Nuggets are the primary target but I would also like to take a swing on a beach or two!

Nothing is set yet and as you suggested I'll start a separate thread to help put together an itinerary.



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On 2/9/2019 at 3:06 AM, Reg Wilson said:

Mitchell, Life's too short. Do it.

I did.

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