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The Consequence Of Equinox

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40 minutes ago, Tnsharpshooter said:

Johnson City is quite a haul from my house.  I do go over to Knoxville occassionally to visit detector dealer and a couple friends I have there.

Well I can come to you. I'll be retired anyway. I went to see Richard down at Backwoods Metal detectors. Nice fella and good deals.

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35 minutes ago, Champ Ferguson said:

Hey John! I grew up nearby to JC. Still lots of family in the area.

Best advice I can give you is to eat at Pals.

Been down there a few times to scope out the area. I love the people and the laws or lack of! Made a few friends and can't wait to retire there. Ate at Pals it's great! Prob not what the Dr. ordered though. But he's not eatin it!




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8 minutes ago, Johnnysalami1957 said:

Well I can come to you. I'll be retired anyway. I went to see Richard down at Backwoods Metal detectors. Nice fella and good deals.

Sure, we can try to get together.

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1 minute ago, Chase Goldman said:

Is this the ultimate consequence of the Equinox?

I get request from folks to come visit or some times depending I go to them and talk detectors and hunt.  I get long distance calls pretty frequently based on some of my posts on forums.  These folks usually are looking for help.  Some are a bit bashful to post publically on a forum asking questions.  So, could something I say about Equinox cause more of these things to happen. Perhaps.  Already have one gent wanting to visit and talk/ demonstrate and yes detect with him with Equinox.  

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    • By Happa54
      Hey everyone… I hope you all had a great weekend hunt.
      I cut my teeth in this hobby on the ML Safari which is basically a tone machine, and the TID’s are secondary. This is the way I run my 600. I like to hear all tones. I don’t know anyone who has the 800 so I don’t know what tone breaks sound like but I am guessing there are 5…correct?
      I like to hear a nickel as a nickel, a dime as a dime, quarter as a quarter, and so on. Au naturale on tones is what I’m used to.
      I have been going back and forth in my decision to either purchase the 800 or keep the 600. For me there is a technical aspect between the two that would seal it up for me…. And that is;
      Pound for pound, is the 600 just as powerful or equal to the 800 when maxed out at recovery speed 3 vs recovery speed of 6 on the 800? 3 on the 600 is equal to 6 on the 800 but are they really equal as written in the manual?  Some of you own both models… do you see any differences when running both at speeds of 6 or 4?
      I have noticed through reading and watching videos that most Nox 800 owners don’t seem to hunt often above 6 or 7 on the recovery speed.  In fact, from my observations, most 800 users seem to hunt at 6, 5 and 4… and for obvious reasons mainly due to loss of depth and erratic signals. I hunt mostly in recovery speed 2 on my 600 which is equal to 4 on the 800.
      So, being that my emphasis is on tones and slower recovery speeds, is it really necessary to upgrade to the 800? Who hunts in speeds of 7-8? I hunt the some of the most polluted parks in L.A. and I go low and slow. Learned that habit from my Safari.
      I am clear on the loss of gold prospecting, profiling, etc. with the 600 but I am not concerned about these features.  I still use my Audio Technica or Grey Ghosts Ultimates and have wires dangling but I prefer it this way since I am into hearing quality tones.
      Your input is much appreciated…. Thank you
    • By Bhogg
      I was out today had the Nox and the SDC and after getting a 2.56 gram nugget with the SDC I decided to run the Nox over it to see what number it was ringing up and to my surprise it wouldn’t pick it up on Gold mode 1 but would on Gold mode 2,  but even more unusual was it would pickup a .04 nugget on mode 1 and not the 2.56 nugget.
      I found this a bit strange anyone have an explanation for this?.
      I tried to load a video I took of me running the Nox over both nuggets but it said it was over the size limit allowed so not sure if there’s another way to load it up on here? The video only goes for a minute and twelve seconds.
    • By Johnnysalami1957
      I was just wondering why someone would choose a detector with only 3 selectable frequencies over a machine that has more than 3 selectable frequencies and can operate in multi frequency? 
    • By Lunk
      I finally got my hands on the long-awaited new 6-inch coil for my Minelab Equinox 800 (thank you Gerry); definitely a sight for sore eyes!

      I had a couple of hours to kill this afternoon, so I took it to an old nugget patch where I had found a few bits with the Gold Monster last year. The Nox is ultra-lightweight with this small coil, making the detector nearly effortless to swing. Set to all-metal in Gold 1 with Sensitivity at 24, the EQX was zipping pretty hard on the hot rocks, but notch-discriminating them out helped tremendously whenever they started to get thick. Straight away I got a hot rock signal reading -7,-8,-9 on the EQX display, but in the mix were some jumpy positive numbers of anywhere from 1 to 5...hmmm, definitely worth investigating. After removing the first inch of soil with the pick, the small hot rock was out. Moving the coil back over the target zone now displayed a solid 2 on the display screen, with an occasional jump from 1 to 5. After another 3 inches of depth, the target was in the scoop:

      The small, heart-shaped nugget was undoubtedly apropos, since I was already quite enamored with this little 6-inch sharpshooter.😍

      Just 2 feet away I hit a persistent signal of 1; this time, the gold was only an inch deep...easy money.

      Swinging down slope only a few more feet and I had a repeatable 2 on the display; a screamer at 2 inches, this bit had some thickness compared to the first two, and was in a small clay-filled crevice in the bedrock.

      The fourth target was a ripper from the get-go, but as I was removing soil from the hole, I noticed a much fainter signal as I waved the scoop over the coil. A quick sifting revealed a tiny little speck of yellow:

      No doubt about it, the 6-inch coil is super hot. With the main target still screaming in the hole, I finally had it in the scoop after removing 3 inches of soil: a mini arrowhead-shaped golden beauty.

      I couldn’t be more pleased with this new coil, a solid performer on the gold fields. Well done Minelab.

    • By sdbirder
      I've noticed when I transition from submerged saltwater to bone dry beach my ground balance will shoot up into the 50-70's until the coil drys up. My quandary, should I trust this reading or manually set it at what I know the dry beach is (usually is 0 to 7)? I've tried both and it doesn't seem to matter much, but then there's always the fear of missing something due to an incorrect setting and I just wanted to confirm the best practice.
      Thanks in advance!
    • By NSC
      This Eq800 testing video comes from Facebook.
      I understand it was filmed at a Minelab Turkey demonstration day 
      I would like to know the settings