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    • By Steve Herschbach
      Minelab Equinox Software Update Released new 9/7/18
      Equinox 600 / 800 Full Instruction Manual (English pdf 5.59 MB)
      Equinox 600 / 800 Getting Started Guide (English pdf 847.71 KB)
      Equinox Battery Charging Recommendations And Warnings
      Equinox Downloads Page (Other language versions of above)
      Minelab Equinox Parts & Accessories Page
      Some Equinox Videos Done By Purchasers
      Can I Be Critical Of The Equinox Here?
      Equinox 600 Versus Equinox 800
      Minelab E-trac, CTX 3030, Excalibur Versus Equinox
      Minelab Multi-IQ Technology Explained
      Selectable Frequency And Multiple Frequency
      Tips For Getting Started
      More Tips For Getting Started 
      Even More Getting Started Tips
      And Yet Another Getting Started Tip
      Loose Rods, Wobbly Rods, Rod Flex
      Important Tip - Global Vs Local Settings
      Minelab Equinox Factory Presets
      Minelab Equinox Tones & Advanced Tone Options
      Video - Adjusting Zones, Tones, & Tone Volumes On Equinox
      External Speaker Not Turning Off When I Plug In Wired Headphones
      Headphones That Work With Nearly All Detectors  new 10/30/18
      Short Bursts Of Intense Static Or Interference
      Equinox Recovery ( Detect Speed ) Settings
      Recovery Speed & Target Masking
      Recovery Speed & The Conveyor Belt
      Ground Balancing The Minelab Equinox
      Equinox High Mineral Tips
      If The Audio Is Open Gate Or The Snap Shot Type ?
      Iron Bias - What It Is
      Why Only 50 Points Of Target ID Resolution?
      Nickels Versus Tabs
      Bottlecaps & Equinox
      Target ID Normalization
      Some Minelab Equinox VDI Numbers
      Another Equinox Target ID Chart
      Target ID Numbers Can Vary With Search Profile & Frequency
      ads by Amazon...
      UK Target ID Numbers
      Canadian Target ID Numbers
      Australian Target ID Numbers
      Jewelry Target ID Numbers & Tones
      How Metal Detector Discrimination Works
      Iron Falsing
      A New Way To Do 50 Tone Audio
      Is Park 2 The Magic Mode??
      Park 2 Compared To Field 1 Or Field 2?
      Park 1 & Field 1 versus Park 2 & Field 2
      Multi-IQ Frequency Weighting Differences Between Park & Field Modes
      Number Of Saved Profile Slots For Custom Settings
      User Profile Button
      Gold Nugget Detecting Tips
      More Tips ON Nugget Detecting With Equinox new 9/7/18
      So What Is Gold Mode Exactly?
      Equinox First Gold Nugget Photos
      My First Equinox Gold Nuggets
      Equinox, Micro Nuggets
      Target ID Numbers For Gold Nuggets & Gold Jewelry
      Complete Set Of Equinox Physical Measurements
      Remove Or Reposition Equinox Handle & Pod Assembly?
      Waterproof Connections & Audio Jack Sizes
      Equinox, Lithium Batteries, & Air Travel
      Equinox Battery Life Test
      Minelab ML80 Wireless Headphones
      Check ML80 Battery Level
      Equinox Future Firmware Updates
      Minelab Discount For U.S. Military
      2018 - Year Of The Equinox!
      Minelab Equinox - The Best All Around Detector I Have Ever Used!
      The Simple Reason Why Equinox Is Special
      The Video I Have Most Enjoyed So Far - What Makes Equinox Special
      I Saw In A Video Where Equinox Got Beat By....
      Early Minelab Testers Question??
      Equinox 800 - My Take, Commentary, And Testing
      Is The Equinox A Deep Seeking Machine??
      Gold Coin Found With Equinox
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Minelab Equinox 600 / 800 Brochure
      Minelab Equinox 600 / 800 Getting Started Guide
      Minelab Equinox 600 Product Page
      Minelab Equinox 800 Product Page
      Minelab Equinox 600 | 800 specifications (click for larger version)

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Minelab Equinox 600 | 800 Getting Started Guide, 1.43 MB pdf file, 4 pages 
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Minelab Equinox 600 | 800 Brochure, 2.01 MB pdf file, 4 pages 
    • By JohnnyRox
      Unboxed it, assembled it and went to power it up...and nothing.  Hooked it up to the charger and the charging light stays solid and doesn't blink.  Able to power it up while on charge and the battery indicator reads full...but as soon as I unplug the charger, it dies.  
      Need some help please.  
    • By Happa54
      Hey everyone...
      I've had my Nox for approx 10 months now and have approx 200 hours on it. 
      I'm getting more comfortable with its various modes and have fallen into a good groove with the machine. I've done well with it in great finds. 
      The area that I'm weak on is single frequencies because I have not given them a chance to prove whether it is even worth it to hunt in those modes.
      My questions are... When do you use 5kz or 10kz? Trashy or moderate trash sites? Do you use single just to cross reference a signal against multi frequency?
      Has anyone dug anything significantly better in single vs multi? Has anyone been impressed at what single frequency can do vs multi? 
      Note: For the most part I hunt trashy sites with relic/jewelry/coin mix. At the parks I simply put it on Park 1 or 2 and do not think about single frequency. But when in lot sites, and I'm running into lots of trash, I wonder how the single frequencies will work for me. Or better yet... what should it be doing for me that's better than multi?
      Any feedback is appreciated.