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Folks Desiring Accessories For Equinox

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You do make me jealous with those chiseled features.

I’m still pulling for a 2/22 delivery for you so I can snag that scale, so that’s what I call wishful thinking.

Regardless, hope you are swinging an EQ soonest.


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As soon as the accessories were advertised I sent my dealer a pre-order for the items and quantities I wanted. I will deal with the pricing when that is available.

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    • By Dan(NM)
      I scored a permission a few days and finally got to it today. Although not very old, it turned into a very productive hunt. I was using an Equinox 600 and was digging everything from nickles up. First sweep yielded a wheaty, that's a great way to start a permission. Little did I know I would spend the next 5 hours digging almost almost nothing but coins. Almost every sweep netted a coin or something cool, fortunately, everything was shallow. After almost 2 hours of digging nothing but copper memorials and wheats, when I get a solid and repeatable 33 on the nox. I flip the dirt over and felt a metal object hit my digger :headbang: big silver!!! I love these coins, I thought I might find a silver Washington or maybe a Bengy, but, the Walker was a big surprise. That was only the beginning of a great silver day from a rather small yard. As you can see, lots of neat fun stuff came out of the yard, the 3 small Mexican coins were in the same hole. It appears to have been a homemade piece of jewelry because the solder joints look a bit rough. I also found some kind of trade token, but I cannot make out what it is because it's worn pretty bad.
      I went over the place 3 times from different directions and will be going over it one more time with the Etrac just to see if the Nox and I missed anything. I also have another permission a couple of houses down from this one. I plan on trying to get into several others as well. Very unusual yard, I found a silver rosie on top of the ground last week when I was delivering the mail to this house, which is what prompted me to ask for permission. Several of the wheats were barely under the surface, the Walker was maybe 2" deep, nothing over 5"  It appears that this yard has never had grass or has been worked since the house was built, barely a blade of grass, just dirt :icon_scratch:

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    • By steveg
      Hi all!  

      FINALLY, after a long wait, I have a 6" coil on the way.  I'm really looking forward to trying this coil in some really trashy spots I have in mind.
      A question for anyone that has the coil -- have you done any depth comparisons with it and the 11"?  I'm curious as to how much depth would be lost, given equal settings, on a coin-sized target?

    • By unearth
      Which end of the Nox is the waterproof end? Is it the coil cable end OR the coil receptacle on the back of the controller? Or, are both waterproof? When I rinse my Nox off after a beach hunt I cover both connectors with my thumb so as not to get the pins or the pin receptacles wet. Does anybody know what the thread count is on the connectors? I would like to get a male and a female solid end so as to rinse the Nox off without any possible water problems.
      Thanks for any info on this matter.
    • By Sasquatch
      Hey just got an Equinox 800 last week, my first detector.  First of all thanks for all the info, it has really helped me figure out this thing!  So far I've only detected around the house and found a wide range of trash: Nails, stakes, nuts, bolts, old chunks of iron, shell casing, a piece of buckshot, molten aluminum nugget from a bonfire, stainless steel wire, tarp grommet, bottle cap, tin can lid.  Nothing amazing but happy with the results, right now I'm digging everything with a consistent signal to learn, figuring out the Target ID and learning the sounds.  Probably a little tough area to start at, but as soon as I figured out the sensitivity and ground balance, the signals are much clearer, I've been impressed how deep it has found some things.  Also suprised I haven't dug any hot rocks yet, there are a lot of rocks in our driveway that are magnetic and I expected to be having to dig a lot more, but so far haven't dug one.
      Thanks again for all the advice on here, excited to go look for some nuggets and lost stuff.  Really happy with the machine, love the wireless headphones!  Seems hard to beat for an "all-around" type machine.
    • By unearth
      Went to a local So. Cal. park this morning, and boy what a workout! I'm not sure the Nox is the right machine for a modern trashy park. In some area's of the park the Nox was sounding off like a machine gun. I tried P1, P2, F1, F2, 5 tone, 50 tone, 0 GB, manual GB, auto GB, recovery at 5, 6, 7 and IB at 3, 4, 5. It seems no matter what I tried, I couldn't get the machine to quiet down. It might just be too much trash. I couldn't keep up with the Noxs' noise. I got tired of trying to distinguish good target sounds from bad target sounds, so after two hours my head couldn't take it anymore so I just gave up and headed home. 
      Anybody got any ideas on the best way to handle this type of park? Or, is it best to just pass it by?
      Thanks in advance for any help in this area.