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Steve Herschbach

New Minelab Tagline - Performance Is Everything

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Look in the lower left corner of every page on the Minelab website and you will see a new tagline - Performance Is Everything.


More interesting, I was Googling that looking for an image like above, and found this video on Vimeo which appears to be an unpublished marketing video (or one I missed somehow?).

MineLab: Performance Is Everything from Big Media on Vimeo.

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Awesome, awesome, awesome................:biggrin:

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2 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Performance Is Everything.

Yeah, that's what she said.

Nice video though.

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Great video, kudos to the production people and of course to Minelab.

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The video and the new tagline were revealed at the Minelab Americas Annual Partner Conference last month. Good stuff!

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2 of my Field Staff were with me at the Minelab Conference when that video was released.

Yes the statement "Performance is Everything" is perfect.

I just wish they would not have shown the Go-Find so much in the video...

Lunk, Now I know why you have so many Minelabs.

Nice catch Steve.

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For the mass market, the Go-Finds are actually very good detectors, for a family with a couple of kids who want to mess around and try find some coins or rings on a beach or in a park, they're actually quite good.  This same family is most certainly not going to buy a GPZ or even an Equinox 600, but a Go-Find is perfect for them and within their price range for a bit of fun.  I wouldn't be surprised if Minelab make more profit off the Go-Find than they do the Equinox with the higher sales volumes.  Enthusiasts are such a small market.  I'd be very surprised if they sell 1 Equinox to 15 Go-Finds.

The Go-Finds go into normal retail stores for the mass market, they're at all the retail mainstream department stores, camping, outdoors and fishing shops and so on.  

The parent's go to the department store, pick up a small tent, a few sleeping bags and gas cooker for their camping trip, and throw in a blow up boat and a go-find for some activities on their trip.




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