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Deteknix Xpointer Pinpointer


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I am seeing the Deteknix Xpointer advertised in dealer websites as a pulse induction unit. The manufacturer website does not say pulse induction anywhere so far as I have been able to discover. These are the most reliable specs I have located so far http://www.mundodetector.com/manuales/detector-de-mano-xpointer.pdf It is a company brochure and no claim is made of it being pulse induction. If it was it would be an important thing to mention.

Operating Temperatures -35 F (-37 C) to 158 F (7o C) Length 9" Weight 240g without battery Thickness 3.8cm (Max) Water and Dust Probe is waterproof. Do not submerge whole unit into water Operating Frequency 95 kHz Tuning Automatic Indicators Audio / Vibration / Audio+Vibration LED Beam Lights Variable Alarm: Audio and vibration will be intense when probe close to the object. Controls Power switch (On / Off) Mode button (Change alarm modes) LED flashlight (Once power on) Battery Use one 9 Volt battery.

The unit is also being advertised as waterproof. The brochure says the probe is waterproof and by that they mean the tip up to the speaker. They state that you need to cover the speaker when washing the detector. This is not a submersible pinpointer. Water resistant, not waterproof.

I am making inquiries as I have concerns about advertising claims being made for this pinpointer. It may be a good unit but if it is not a pulse induction unit we have an issue. 




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I was talking to a rep from Deteknix called Jason a few months ago because I was interested in their new underwater pinpointer (before the new Garret version was made known). I asked him if it was a PI detector and this is what he said:


"The Xpointer dive version is still under testing. 

We will have two versions a PI type like Xpointer and a VLF+BF version with 2X performance than recent Xpointer."
So according to Jason, both the dive and standard Xpointer are PI detectors.
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That may be in the new model but I am still questioning the $90 version being sold on many dealers websites. The one in the brochure above - the brochure argues otherwise. I may have to get a tech to put it on a scope to get the answer.


I used to employ people as salespeople. You would be amazed how many do not know their own products and what they are selling.

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That's probably a good idea Steve. But as he did say the regular Xpointer was a PI detector and not a VLF one, which they will produce as an option for the dive model, I assume he knows the difference. It's a Chinese company. Not sure how old. I saw a while back on their site that they are also starting to make metal detectors.


I have seen a couple of reviews of the regular Xpointer by people on Youtube and it appears to be slightly more sensitive than the Garrett, if not quite as well made. But then it is also a fair bit cheaper, comes with a lanyard etc etc.


In the end I wasn't 100% certain which kind it was either. And since they weren't available in Spain anyway, I just bought the Garrett.

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My internet is crawling today. I think it's because it's 6 January and here in Spain all the kids open their presents (like Christmas Day). I imagine the whole internet of Spain is being overloaded by people skyping, messaging, flying drones and playing minecraft in multiplayer mode.

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I am really not trying to knock the product but it does just look like a straight up Garrett clone. That is why I am questioning the PI claim as it just does not fit with what I am seeing. I guess I was in sales way too long because I am the ultimate skeptic when it comes to advertising. And seriously, I have a DetectorPro pulse pinpointer that is the deepest I own but it is in a cumbersome package. I would welcome a compact version so I really want to know. I shook the bushes to see what falls out:


Link deleted since Findmall update broke all old links


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If you want, I'll fire off a mail to Jason now and ask him to send me something to prove it's PI...

It's in their own interests anyway.

It is waterproof in the sense that it won't die if it gets wet (rain) but it's not submersible (except the solid shaft of the probe).  It's similar to the Garrett.

The new dive version is designed to be watertight. It is encased in an acrylic/plastic jacket. It's on their website.

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I bought one of these from Bart at bigboyhobbies and I had trouble with as soon as I fired up my detectors---all PI's ----

I simply could not turn it on near one of them... they screamed like panthers!!!!

Bart graciously let me return it, and i went ahead and got a Garrett Pro Pointer from him....

Bearkat4160 has a good youtube comparison of the pinpointers--Minelab, Garrett, and Deteknix....


Unfortuntely, I saw it too late,,but like i said i was able to return it.


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It was interesting to ask the question on the forums just to see the responses. People defend the unit and knock it but nobody knows the answer to the question. The Geotech response was most helpful so far. Same question has been asked in the UK with no clear answer.

Good to know Paul. If it does not play well with detectors that would be no good.

And rumblefish you want to ask that would be great.

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