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Minelab Equinox 800, Xp Deus, Minelab Etrac, Nokta Impact ( Test And Commentary)

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This will be where I will share info.

Head to head test.
This pic here, look closely towards end of little screwdriver looking magnet. At the end of it lays a #9 shot pellet out of the cartridge in pic.

Equinox hits this small item well, even going out to 1-1.25" coil height (air test).
Using settings park 2 Mulit freq, speed setting 6, 0 iron bias.
I did notice though reducing speed setting seemed to make performance worse (distance wise).

What about Deus using 11" LF coil?
Deus could hear, have to be real close coil though, tonal signature not as evident nonferrous exist vs Equinox.

Equinox is clear winner here with this test.
Forgot to say.Sensitivty setting used on Equinox 23.
Sensitivity setting used with Deus 93.

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Another head to head using Deus and Equinox.
This pic, pay close attention, a nail is stuck down in roll of tape, ruler in scale to show how far nickel is away from nail.

Now most of the time folks seem to use nails laying on their sides.
This test here I did is a bit unusual.
Let me explain.

My goal was to use Equinox multi frequency selected, at level 6 speed setting using park 2 iron bias at 0, to see how close I could get the nickel sweeping from both directions left to right, right to left when looking at pic, but NOT a sweep, rather just hovering or maybe better stated just barely rocking coil over nickel (above top of nail)  and get a good signal.
The pic above is such scenario with Equinox with stated settings above.
Didn't check other single freq ops using Equinox.

What about Deus using 11" LF coil?
No cigar.
Nothing tonally to dig (nonferrous) sounding when using coil in the same fashion as Equinox.  Oh the Deus seems like it sees the nickel, by tonally it can't unravel itself from the nail.  I tried quite a few settings to get to pass. Still no cigar.

Remember I am big Deus fan.
But what I see is what I report.

And notice I set the booby trap up using Equinox and not Deus.
Wonder why?

For gee whiz, Deus using 9" HF coil does pass test above and with even a sweep, using 28.8khz reactivity 3 silencer -1.  All I tried settings wise.

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Here is a head to head Equinox vs Deus wearing 11" LF coil.
That's a stick next to dime.  Notice the nail perched on top of roll of tape.


Notice how far the clad dime is away from nail.
The thing next to dime is a stick.
Ruler in pic to give folks an idea of how far.
Roll or tape is 2" wide, so nail above coin 2" .

Down the barrel sweeps keep dime in center of coil when sweeping.

Equinox passes here speed settings 5,6, and 7.  Disc park 2, 0 iron bias setting, multi freq, Speed setting 5 signal can be improved by going to all metal.
This is sweeps both directions not hovering coil.
I can hover coil and wiggle and get great signal.
Coil sweep height above nail, approx 1" maybe a tad more.

Deus using 18khz sweeping won't pass this test using any Reactivty setting.
I can hover coil and get Deus to respond,, not. Well though. Using 3 and 4 Reactivty.  Level 5 Reactivty no cigar. Level 2.5 no cigar. I tried using some disc with Deus too, 6, no help.  Full tones 0 disc no cigar.  I hear a small pop when coil passes.

Special note here: I adjusted iron bias setting, 0 setting gives best signal 2 way, as I progress upwards (above 2 or 3) all I get is a trailing tone when sweeping coming from left to right.

Another head to head.
Deus 11" LF coil vs Equinox stock coil.
The sponge is 3.25" thick (tall), ruler in pic to give folks idea of distance from dime.
Equinox passes this test speed setting 6 barely, 7 is better.

Deus, does not pass,,I based on what I hear is knowing the dime is where it is.  
Deus audio heavily compromised, extremely irony sounding,
Right now, my best guess.
Folks may do better with Equinox, meaning Equinox seems to give more real sounding nonferrous tone.  Where Deus tone gets watered down more with nail.
Did not check using anything other than multi freq using Equinox.

Are we having fun yet?

For gee whiz, Deus wearing round 9" HF coil doesn't pass last test in pic above.
Tried only 14.4 kHz and 28.8 khz though, multiple settings. No cigar.

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I was yesterday.
The mighty Nox is in the middle.
Poor quality pic, I apologize.

Notice the big elm tree in background.
This tree and myself have got to know each other in last 6 years.
A great place to try out any detector to help with evaluating.
Site is old town site late 1700s, early 1800 s.

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Comparing Deus LF 11" coil to Equnox, Equinox has uncanny ability to not let its tone get pulled into iron range moreso compared to Deus.

This imo takes out a lot of guess work, user needs less of a trained ear using Equinox when sweeping and evaluating challenged nonferrous targets.

Emi or detector chatter, you won't hear much with Equinox.  Deus a different story.

Deus wearing 11" LF coil is just a tad less nose heavy vs Equinox.

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Interesting observations, thank you.

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in the end the deus is beaten on all types of terrain and detection conditions by equinox! making this statement, the deus no longer has any interest

Thank you for the tests.  


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21 hours ago, vive equinox said:

in the end the deus is beaten on all types of terrain and detection conditions by equinox! making this statement, the deus no longer has any interest

Thank you for the tests.  

I will never make blanket statements saying one detector is better than the other.  Some folks may indeed still have interest in Deus.  I don't plan on selling the 3 I have.  Remember coil sizes not available to wide scale for Equinox. Coils are and can be a factor for detecting- depending on scenario.

Yes, on some test I give info where it seems a model has advantage.  But this is talking in a more limited fashion.

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:(Here is a pic.


The pic obviously nails above us nickel (non war nickel).  Nickel is two 2x4s thick distance wise beneath the 2 nails.

So what about Equinox here?

I want folks to read this and use at own risk.

There are 2 outcomes really using Mulit frequency depending on ground balance.
If I do manual GB and turn tracking off, test results not near as good vs if I leave tracking on.

When I bob coil detector balances at 1 or 2 in air.
But using tracking, detector seems to go to 55 in the meter.
Notice this test conducted around 16" off the ground. The detector may be still see ground effect and tradking.
If I bob coil over cut of clean wood 16" off the ground, meter goes to 0,1 or 2.
Turn on tracking, start sweeping test scenario, not good result but if I keep sweeping the detector performs better and when I go to GB and look in meter it is reading approximately 54/55.
Using Mulit freq, tracking GB, park 2 sens 20, iron bias 0. Best signal achieved (good signal too) speed setting 7, good 2 way hit, and can achieve signal what looks to be 7" approximately above nails.  Speed 6 setting, when sweeping from the right ( where bigger nail is) to left, signal can be hit and miss.

Btw I should say, if you hit the horse shoe button, imo Equinox reporting smoothed up some. (Extremely small)

Nest logical question here for some folks.
What about the mighty Deus wearing 11" LF coil here?
Alright I checked with Deus wearing 11" LF coil.
Hot program GB manual 88. Disc levels of 0 and 6 full tones reactivity levels 3 and 4.
Deus reporting when swept real close to nails, a user might think big iron the way it sounds.  O disc.
Biggest difference I see though, coil height reporting.
Deus tone is getting fuzzy as height grows. Reactivity 4 clears it up some, still there though.  Beginner detectorist imo if they swept this situation like I did at coil height, they could be fooled moreso using Deus vs  Equinox (assuming they have each detector set up with primo settings to strike the nickel and nail situation. And I did try reactivity 2.5. Sounded bad like iron.

Different pic/test..

This time a clad US dime sitting just one 2x4 thickness below nails.  Tight scenario here.

So what does Equinox do?
Park 2 Mulit freq, iron bias 0, tracking GB (54) in window, speed setting7, good signal.  Can get good signal even with what looks like at least  6" coil height if not more above nails.  Speed setting 6 is again hit and miss when coil is swept from the left side.

Deus here wearing 11" LF coil, again coil height, as it increases tone sounds compromised, user better be on their game.  Tried some very reasonable/realistic setting too.

I even check this setup using the mighty Nokta Impact. Stock coil, remember it is 7x11".  I like Impact's performance on this 'one' test better than Deus wearing 11" LF coil, especially at increased coil height(the way tone reports).

I even did above test using Deus 9" round HF coil.  Did not like what I witnessed. Person could get fooled real easy on not knowing dime is down there. Tried all freqs.  Lowest 14.4khz had best clues with coil closer to nails being swept 28.8khz allowed for more coil height. But this coil use here didn't top Equinox performance.'one test' remember.

New pic, new test.
Notice now US nickel is three 2x4 thickness below nails.
I actually set this test up using Deus wearing 11" LF coil. What you see is as close as I can move the nails inwards and still get s dig me/infestigate signal. Again reactivity levels 3 and 4 will hear this nickel, but do behave differently.


So what about Equinox?
Using park 2 multi freq, iron bias 0, speed setting 6, using factory disc setting, Equinox underperforms Deus, but if I push horse button going to AM, Equinox here picks up, and give a very good signal sweeping.  As far as picking up nickel signal wise I rate a tie here as long as Equinox in AM.  For actual signal quality,,Equinox the winner as long as in AM.  Deus does better than Equinox here with coil closer to nails when sweeping.

Time for another pic and test here. US nickel in pic.
The test I did here a little different.  All previous test above Equinox was at factory park 2 disc setting, except for when I talked above about going to AM.

On this test what I did was reduced disc setting on both Deus and Equinox just to the point where no audio was given on the nails when swept in configuration in pic.
This meant going to 5.6 on Deus and accepting 0 disc setting on Equinox.
Used multi freq with Equinox.
Using these disc settings how did the 2 detectors compare when swept?
Remember Deus is wearing 11" LF coil.

User of Deus needs to be in 4 reactivity to get a hit on nickel.  Tone is very short sounding, sporadic giving tone when swept.

Equinox gives fuller tone and although it is somewhat inconsistent giving tone. When sweeping what's in the pic.  Equinox by a cat whisker.  Speed 8 setting worked too detecting the nickel.  But again  when Equinox reports a user won't be so confused trying to figure out what they heard.

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VERY interesting tests.  I hope you continue to do more.

I didn't see that you stated explicitly, so I'll ask:  Was the direction of coil sweep always parallel to the 2x4s during these tests? And always with the coil centered over the coin?  If you tried sweeping at  various angles, the results would also be interesting.  I guess 45 and 90 degrees are the obvious other angles to try.

I'd also be interested if you tried the Impact on more than the one test you mentioned for it.  I'd also like to know what mode you used on the Impact, and what the other settings were.

One minor suggestion:  Your previous tests showed a ruler so we could judge distances.  That was a great idea!  I'd like to see it for these tests, too.

I'm sure other people will suggest a dozen (or a thousand) other things you should do, either instead of what you did or in addition to it.  That's the nature of research, I think.  You run some measurements, gather some results, and answer some questions.  But each of those answers cause you to think of a bunch of new questions to answer, too.  That's why research never ends.

Thanks for your work on this.  Great stuff!



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