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Official Go-Find 22, 44, & 66 Release

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“Three new models are now available – the GO-FIND 22, 44 and 66, which will replace the GO-FIND 20, 40, and 60 models. New GO-FIND Series models have been designed with increased sensitivity so that targets can be identified at greater depth when compared to the original GO-FIND Series models. The new models are constructed using the same proven collapsible, lightweight platform and feature the same easy-to-use consumer interface which the original GO-FIND Series successfully brought to market in 2015. New GO-FIND Series models feature proprietary Minelab VFLEX digital electronics to enhance standard single frequency VLF detection technology.”

More details here

The new Go-Find page at the Minelab website:


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Not bad for the 8 - 12 year olds they are intended for. I would not have shown them in the video as being in the same class as the rest of the Minelab lineup. Especially now that you can get an X-Terra for about the same money. Though it does sound like they now have the same guts as an X-Terra and the 66 might serve some people well as a detector to stuff in a rucksack or under the car seat.

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I have not been able to find any description or review that talks about specific changes to the physical design. The last time I had hands on with a Go-Find I pulled the coil to extend the rod out and the whole coil/lower rod just pulled right out. Guess I pulled too hard. Then I pinched a finger collapsing the unit. Handle on the old model seemed loose. So yes, tweaking/firming up the physical design was something I really wanted to see, but no evidence of it yet.

Although it sounds like the new models are packing an X-Terra circuit and therefore should be acceptable performers, I have a hard time thinking of the Go-Finds as being anything more than a kids detector though, primarily because of the limited target id info. The three preset non-ferrous zones on the 66 is pretty minimal. It would get the job done though and I can’t deny it would be easy to stuff in a rucksack or under a car seat.

If Minelab is true to their word the new Go-Finds are the last single frequency detectors we are going to see from a Minelab.

Go-Find Getting Started Guide


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