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Nokta Impact And Iron Volume

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I recently had the opportunity to review the Nokta Impact. I'm not going to go into details but to say I fell in love with it is probably an understatement! One feature that really stands out to me is the Iron volume setting. When learning the detector I was really surprised I hadn't heard about the Iron volume setting before as its amazing! Iron volume has two functions.

1 - Instead of discriminating out iron you can adjust the volume from 0-5. 5 being the loudest and 0 turning it completely off. When I am relic hunting I run most detectors wide open of very close and listen to all that iron so I don't miss anything but it gets so annoying. With the Impact I can turn iron off, detector is still picking it up but I don't have to listen to it or I can hear it in a very low volume.

2 - it can also be adjusted from n1-n5 on notched targets. The volume can't be completely turned off but the volume can be very low. The advantage to all this is when you start discriminating and notching out targets most detectors will start clipping on targets, slow down a bit and lose depth. With the Nokta you can just ignore or hear those targets at a very low level.

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I wouldn't buy another detector that DID NOT have adjustable iron audio. 

I was first introduced to it on my Racer 2, and there's no doubt it's a valuable tool, particularly for those of us that relic hunt iron infested environs. 


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Iron volume is available on a number of machines. I am not sure who did it first (XP Gold Max?) but I agree, it is a must have feature. The Impact is an extremely capable detector and it sounds like the Multi Kruzer packs the same punch but with fewer mode options. Nokta and Makro are on a real roll.

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