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Eq 800 On Its Way, Now Which Pointer Should I Get?


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11 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

So, I've pretty much decided on the #Garrett #Carrot being my first purchase. BUT... I've also decided on FOR SURE getting a back up. I can clearly see that a pointer is an ABSOLUTE necessity if one has any serious intentions toward the metal detecting profession. That said, I can see clearly that if I'm going to get one, I'd better MAKE SURE I have a back up. As you probably know though, this back order drama with #Cabela's and the #Minelab #Equinox800 is delaying my whole process.

At a glance, the #Fisher #F-Pulse wins with me, simply due to it's bright color. As you also may know, I'm a total greenhorn, but a thoughtful consumer as well. The brightly colored body is a VERY important feature to me. I know me, and I know that at some point, I'm going to set this thing down and forget it. To be able to see it 50 yards away amongst a green or brown background is the ONLY FEATURE I can speak to per my life's experience at this point. ESPECIALLY when I'm putting $120+ into such a device.

With all of it's other features, per your review, the #F-Pulse is definitely winning the race as my "Back up". HOWEVER, as a true horn, I don't know my apples from my oranges yet. With all of the features that both the #GarrettCarrot and the #FisherF-Pulse have to offer, I will have NO IDEA how to compare until I simply get them in my hands, and start using them in conjunction with my #MinelabEquinox800. Who knows... Maybe this #Fisher will be my main carry, and the #Carrot will be the back up left in the car.

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Good review Steve 


For users info : I had some interference between the Fisher F-Pulse and Equinox 800 last time I went out

I had the F-Pulse on full power and it didnt like the Equinox being on...the F-Pulse would not stop going off and was very touchy

To fix this all I did was a another Equinox Noise Cancel when the F-Pulse was turned on.

No problems after that

The Fisher F-Pulse also could of been adjusted as it can run on 16 different frequencies. I am sure this would work also.

Happy hunting:biggrin:

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