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It looks like I have an 800 coming next week but I will feel better when I get the tracking number. I Do a fair amount of park hunting and see that the tabs and the nickels seem to hit about the same on the Equinox. Now that there are a few machines out there I wonder who has figured out any way to tell nickels from tabs. Has anyone found a way to at least up the odds on nickels vs tabs? I am familiar with some of the Deus tricks (raising the coil) (frequency shift) etc. Have any of these tricks helped with the Equinox?

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14 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

I am an admitted weirdo on this whole subject.

Well look on the bright side at least you're the head weirdo. :laugh: I hear what you're saying about digging and not missing targets. Some days I just go coin popping for the fun of it. I have a couple spots that are just loaded with clad and I use it to pay for coils and such.  I was just hoping someone has spotted a "tell" one way or the other. I will investigate the book.

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The only tell I can identify is that the deeper the signal appears to be, the more you had better be digging it. Yet to this day some shallow small items trick me into thinking they are deeper large items. I admit to a lack of patience with target analysis because in the time I can take to walk around and shift modes and think some more and then try that - I can just dig it.

People have lots of tricks and I hope my "dissertation" does not shut down further discussion. At the end of the day it's just my opinion on things and others will differ and that's great! I am all ears if anyone has some way to tell with any degree of certainty good from bad beyond the basic "it sounds round" which is real in my opinion. My ring cherry picking is based on "roundness" but it does get me all those round ring pull tabs also. Which is why I am kind of fond of ring pull tabs. :rolleyes:

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Hopefully I will have my detector by the end of the week and can do my own experiments. And at the end of the day there might not be any "tells" at all but it will be fun trying to find one. I plan on digging all the signals till I figure it out. I also agree about the round sound.

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Every time a person passes on a target, they could be passing a very nice find.

Use this info here at your own risk.

Chasing nickels with Equinox.

These are my experiences solely.

If you see 14 come in Nox's window odds are not a nickel.

If you see a 10 come in the window odds are not a nickel.

The number 12 seems to be the sweet spot.  But some can give 11s and yes 13s.

Pull rings with the tabs wrapped around ring can read 13.

Pull rings and tabs stretched out in the wild likely will read 14,15.16 area.

Expect nickels shallower to give more robust signal vs a junk aluminum that reads like a nickel ID wise.

Deep nickels like (in medium mineralized soil) and deep I am talking down past 9" deep may start reading low. Especially the ones in the 10-11" range.

I don't dig every target everywhere I detect.  Don't have time, and I'm gambling they are junk targets.

If a person decides to create a nickel window and say assigning high tone to be alerted.  Don't get to greedy.  I would assign 11-14 ID wise for my window.  You can alway walk on the ones giving 14 in the window.  But if you get too greedy with a more narrow window you might cramp Equinox's style a bit for reporting tonally.  

Equinox is a big time nickel hound.


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No (Tells) for me so far and I have had it out 2 times this week at the beach. I was kind of surprised at the number of rusty bottle caps has increased in my find bag.

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1 hour ago, Steve Herschbach said:

In my world a nickel is just another gold range target. Interestingly enough the nickel range is weak on gold rings. Women's rings tend to fall lower on the scale and mens rings higher, so nickel is an important reference point for jewelry hunters.


I have noticed this...most of the gold rings I have found are below the nickel range...I'm still waiting for that 12.13-12.15 Gold ring so I keep digging nickels....Wonderful post...and I hate the guy with the lawn mower. :biggrin:


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6 minutes ago, Toddbbq said:

No (Tells) for me so far and I have had it out 2 times this week at the beach. I was kind of surprised at the number of rusty bottle caps has increased in my find bag.

Bottle caps have been talked about...I've been looking at the finds guys are posting and there are few if any in the bag so either they are keen to avoiding them or are not showing them. The rusty ones are probably easy to avoid...but I have zillions in the parks where I live and my CTX clearly tells me when it is one.... EVERY TIME  Hopefully I can do the same with the horse. 


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