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1 hour ago, SteveJJ said:

Ok, now I need to know about those bikes! Looks like foldable electric, but I can't see a label to know who makes it. Please share!  Thanks!

Hi Steve , Our bikes aren't foldable . The grey one which is the only one that has a name on it and they are made in oz . Got it for nothing as hubby saw a man riding it and asked what it's like and he said hates it as it doesn't click into electric mode easily when you back off the speed and go again . He said if you want to come to my house when I go back you can have it . That we did . The yellow one has no name anywhere and we bought at a garage sale for $500 . It goes well but the thing we don't like about it is you either peddle or use electric mode only as its not  a mix of both automatically like the grey one . Good to get into bush and nobody knows your there . 


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Thank you for the info Judy. Appreciated


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On 3/5/2018 at 4:31 PM, martygene said:

Thanks for the tip. I just ordered one and I don't have an Equinox YET !!! lol    same bag a Azon is 56.00  great deal from Kco

Same here. The bag from KCo will be here tomorrow. The 800 by Friday!

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Here’s my e-bike. It’s called the RadRover by RadPowerBikes. It’s an amazing invention. Like an electric motorcycle. I ride it everywhere. Best of luck!


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    • By PseudoShooter
      Hello All
      I wanted to share another case solution. This is a Plano gun case that I purchased from Amazon Canada. Nice case for $100. It took a little time to pick out all of the plugs but at least all of the parts have a place now. The left over plugs will be good for padding other stuff too so I'm saving them for now.
      Edit: I just realized that there is not much room for headphones but I don't use them and I'll probably go with ear buds if I ever do. My main concern was providing as much protection as possible to the gear in case I fly with the case.

    • By Sasquatch
      So I ordered the Deano's protector and saw he also has an arm cuff cover which I ordered as well.  I really like it, the first day I had my detector in the field the arm cuff pad was peeling up at the edge from taking my arm in and out.  Deano's cover is a simple stitched neoprene that slides over both sides of the arm cuff.  Comfortable, stays in place, and easy to remove. Really happy with it. As other's have said the cover fits well also, and quick shipping on both.
    • By Doc
      I got the first few covers from the production run of Gold Monster Covers I designed.  I got a limited amount sent to me before the bulk of them will be shipped.  It will take about 30 days to get the bulk of the production run, but I am really happy with the way they have turned out.  The Gold Monster cover is made of a tough Green canvas with a neoprene lining to offer protection to the detector.  I also designed a cord wrap, that closes with a hook and loop strip.  I designed this to protect the coil cable and allow you to secure that cable without using that plastic cable pinch that has been molded into the vertical support.  First it is very hard to get the coil cable in and out of that little plastic pinch, and second I am afraid over time you may damage the coil wiring.  The wrap allows you to easily change the coil and not be pinch that cable all the time.

      This thing was a real bear to design because of all the weird angles.  I think the testimony to the difficulty of the design is that I don't think anyone else has designed a cover for this machine yet.

      See the pictures.


    • By Doc
      Hey gang,

      I saw this Gladiator wake board bag at Overton's and thought, "That looks like it may be a great metal detector bag." 

      Typically I find that bags made for other sports seem to be much better padded and better made than bags made for metal detecting.  So I ordered one.  This bag kicks butt.  I really like the fact that it has a lot of padding.  It is really wide.  It has a big zipper mesh see-through pocket for accessories. And a little zippered pocket for bits and bobbs.  And it's only like $39.99.

      I tried to find out who manufactures these but I wonder if this is Overton's own private brand because I couldn't find anyone else that carries them.  They were on Amazon, now they say they are no longer available.  I don't know if that means they are closing them out or what.


    • By SDMiner
      Got mine ordered up last night.
      Call or email Doc if you want one.
      Email: docsdetecting@gmail.com
      Phone: 1-800-477-3211-477-3211 EXT. 14
      --3211 EXT. 14
      1-800-477-3211 EXT. 14

    • By Steve Herschbach
      I got a second Equinox and that gave me a coil I could mess with since I now have a backup. I have not done this before and so can't vouch for this per se until I use it some more to see about longer term durability.
      I started with Lexan Sheet - Polycarbonate - .030" - 1/32" Thick, Clear, 12" x 12" Nominal from Amazon $6.89 delivered. I was quite tempted to use 1/16" instead but Lexan is tough so on this first go I went with the thinner 1/32" to keep the weight down.
      Outline with marker to create bottom cover slightly larger than coil itself - side protection for coil.

      Cut out with fine tooth jig saw....

      I chose E6000 as a sealant / glue because I have used this in the past for bonding plastics other glues won't bond. Still, I am not sure this is the best choice, but there you go.

      Scuff up the smooth plastic surface (after removing protective film) then run a bead over all the coil bottom contact areas. I ran an additional bead around the little shelf created by the skip plate being about 1/8" larger around the exterior than the coil. Extra bonding plus a "bump cushion" against side blows from rocks.
      Here is is after a little use. Smooth running, light - but does collect debris topside. Happy I did it so far.