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Charging Ml 80 Wireless Headphones

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Something to watch out for....

Went to charge my headphones recently but couldn't get the status LED lights to show red charging , no matter what I tried just couldn't get a light. Changed cords and chargers but to no avail.

About to ring my dealer about a replacement, with thoughts of  "Knowing my luck ,I  bet you don't have stock etc etc " when.......upon reading the manual  pg 56... I realized that I was looking at the lefthand earpiece status LEDs and not the righthand Status LEDs. .. Duh!!   .

The righthand earpiece LEDS are the only ones "activated".


Both earpieces(left and right)  have LEDs or provision for and whilst the mini usb plugs into the left hand earpiece you need to check  right hand earpiece for status.


All good now, I'm a Happy Chappie once again.



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My Makro wireless headphones take all of about 30 minutes to charge, and last a couple of days.

How long are the ML wireless headphones taking, and how long does a full charge last ?


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Not sure what long means to you but to recharge the headphones after three hours of use takes less than an hour.

I have not used them longer than four hours so don't know how long it takes a charge to run down.

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The ML h/phones  don't have a gauge on them so  both phones and detector are recharged after each outing.

I have never run either unit to flat so I don't know how long a charge lasts.

I have never taken much notice of the recharging time but at a guess I would say two hours in the field detecting would take less than an hour to replenish...this of course depends on what charger you are using. ( I'm currently using a Samsung 2amp charger.)

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Good info to share.

Could save someone from a nervous breakdown.

Thanks for sharing.

Hard to see the lite out in daylight too when headphones are turned on.

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I've gotten into the habit of charging my MK and phones up each night after a full day of detecting. 

Do we think the ML phones on a full charge will go a full 8-10 day of detecting? 

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Who knows, but if they don't last for 10 hours and run out of their own juice you can always plug them into the WM08 (or directly into the detector) via the supplied wired connection cord and run them passively so running out of audio juice does not seem to be an issue at all.

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Well I guess I've wore out my charging socket.  Been having a time trying to get the charge light to come on but this time it looks like the female port on the head phones has come loose and fell inside the ear piece.  Not sure what I'll have to do now. 

Seems like I read somewhere that these head phones are actually made by another company, any ideas?

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Personally I love the ML80s and mine although broken (I ran over them!) and glued back together are still going strong. They are rebranded Miccus SR-71 Stealth headphones. Four hours to charge from fully dead, up to 20 hours operation when fully charged.

Miccus Stealth 71 wireless headphones


From the link above:

Fly in under the radar with the Miccus SR-71 Stealth Bluetooth Headphones. Clocking in at 32ms of latency, they are the perfect wireless companion to watch Television, Movies or Gaming. In addition, when paired with your mobile phone or tablet you get all the podcasts and streaming music options plus with the built-in Mic you get the ability to make and receive phone calls all in HD sound quality!

* High-fidelity Bluetooth v4.2 over ear, on ear headphones with aptX Low Latency support.
* Soft leather ear pads with easy to adjust headband for head sizes from XS to XXX- Large.
* Built-in Microphone for use with gaming and mobile phones
* Long Battery Life - playback time up to 20 hours to keep you going well into the night.
* Built in Mic - the SR-71 Stealth switches automatically between music and calls.
* Wireless or Wired - connect the 3.5mm audio cable for use like traditional wired headphones.

* Bluetooth v4.2 (compatible with Bluetooth v2.0 or higher) Profiles: HFP, A2DP, AVRCP 
* Audio Codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-LL, NOTE aptX-LL requires pairing with a Bluetooth transmitter that also supports aptX-LL.
* Operation range: up to 33 ft (10 M), Operating Frequency: 2.4 GHz
* Audio Impedance: 32 Ohm, Drivers: 40mm, Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
* Charging Time - 4 hours; Music Play Time - 20 hours; Standby time - up to 180 hours
* Dimensions: 21.0(L) x 16.0(W) x 5(H) cm (folded); Headset weight: 220.4 g

What’s in the box?
* Miccus SR-71 Stealth Headphones (MSHSR-71)
* Hard-sided Travel Case
* USB Charging Cable
* 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable
* User Manual and Quick start Guide

Warranty & Support
* 2-Year No Hassle, No Troubles, No Worries Warranty. We want you to be confident knowing that we stand behind our product and we will take care of you.
* Friendly and knowledgeable - If the need should arise; our Customer Service reps are Jedi masters at speaking and writing English and will work with you to solve a problem. 
* Support by phone available Monday-Friday, 11am-4pm EST (616) 604-4449; email support and knowledgebase available 24hrs.

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