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Stellar Find Made By Gent Using Impact Detector

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  • 1 month later...

Here's the video showing the gold coin being located in above post.


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    • By Gold Catcher
      Amazing find! You have to do google translate, it is in Danish

    • By phrunt
      It happened last year with Craig Douglas (NuggetHunterNZ on DP Forum) finding a 177 Gram gold nugget and now it's happened again, these guys have now found a 121 gram nugget in a creek similar to how Craig found his this time using a GPX 4500 or 5000, not sure which one.

      And the video of it, these guys make a heap of good videos usually of them dredging but this time it was detecting when they found it.  The video has a fair few gold finds on it, Perhaps I need to start looking in creeks more often 🙂
    • By GotAU?
      Some interesting stories here. One of note; a policeman received a 16-month sentence for trying to sell 10 coins from the area where the horde was recovered:
    • By kac
      Never even knew we had diamonds  like that here in the states.
    • By mn90403
      Roman Gold Coins!
    • By Norvic
      1,500-Year-Old Gold Treasure Trove Found by Danish Man – ARTnews.com
      Wow, Eye candy of a different kind 
      ‘Enormous’ treasure trove of sixth century gold found in Denmark - Saudi Gazette
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