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Stellar Find Made By Gent Using Impact Detector

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  • 1 month later...

Here's the video showing the gold coin being located in above post.


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      Never even knew we had diamonds  like that here in the states.
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      Found this article from 2018, I missed it at the time so others may have too, pretty interesting, Looks an easy find for a metal detector but I'd imagine most would dismiss it as junk and move on without digging.
      Workers found large number of ancient coins at a construction site in Baishui county of Weinan, Northwest China's Shaanxi province, on Nov 9, and archaeologists said most coins belong to Song Dynasty (960-1279).
      Zhao Zhangfeng, director of Baishui cultural relics office, said that police received the report of the discovery around 11 am on Nov 9, and police soon arrived at the site and cordoned it off.
      Archaeologists later arrived at the site and collected about 100,000 coins, weighing 460 kilograms. A few coins date back to Tang Dynasty (618-907), and most are of Song Dynasty.
      Zhao said that few people could have so many coins at that time, and initial analysis showed that the coins belong to the old-style Chinese private bank that buried the coins during wars.
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      A "very rare" Edward III gold coin lost in the wake of the Black Death has been found by a metal detectorist. The 23-carat leopard was discovered with another gold coin, called a noble, near Reepham, Norfolk. Finds liaison officer Helen Geake said the leopard was withdrawn within months of being minted in 1344 and "hardly any have survived". She said the coins were equivalent to £12,000 today and would have been owned by someone "at the top of society". The leopard - which has never been found with another coin - was discovered with a "rare" 1351-52 Edward III noble.
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