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Garrett ATX Backpack Modification

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I determined that Garrett Infinium DD (not mono) coils work with the Garrett ATX. That opened the door for some kind of hip or chest mount. But the control box is large enough and with the handle sticking out not really working out the way I wanted in that regard.
A nice thing about the ATX is it retains all settings when switched off. So in any location it is just set and forget. The headphones have adjustable volume controls.
I went with backpack mount. I got a cheap but surprisingly nice backpack at Walmart for $20 that was the right size with extra pockets and well padded. I put the control box in nose first and punched a small hole in one lower corner pocket for the coil cable to enter the backpack. The cable comes around under my right arm. The headphones just route out top of the backpack zipper and to my left side. The headphones tuck into an exterior pocket for packing around and I could break the rod assembly down and stow it also if need be. The rods would stick out of the top of the backpack a bit but in reality I would just leave it assembled unless shipping.
The only thing I want to do now is use the headphone adapter dongle to rig an external speaker on one backpack strap near my ear like I do with my Minelab.
Kinda crazy doing this but bottom line is it is sweet. I hope to get out in a few days and give the new setup with 10" x 5" DD coil a spin prospecting. I ran the rig for two hours in a tot lot and it was great. Very sensitive to tiny targets. The coil does not false when knocked about like the stock ATX coil. Should be an excellent prospecting setup for rough terrain.


Coil and rod part numbers at https://www.detectorprospector.com/magazine/steves-reviews/garrett-atx-metal-detector-accessories/






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Nice adaptation for land use. Might be worth mentioning that a TDI has comparable performance (maybe not on the smallest gold) and is available used for well under $1000 ($600 - $700 is common). It can be mounted wherever you want.

Steve has one and - not saying that one is better than the other - it is a worthy alternative.

I look forward to further developments - maybe a water version of the TDI and a land version of the ATX.

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Guest Paul (Ca)

Looks great Steve,


You're set backpack and all ready for serious hunting.


You're right on the Infinium DD coil, It works great I've been using my infinium DD more so than the stock it's a keeper hopefully Garrett adds this coil to the ATX line.


Paul (Ca)

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Hi Keith,

Yes it does though how trustworthy the iron check is has yet to be determined. I actually got out and got some time in on real gold ground today with the backpack setup. As set up cable length is fine but a bit short if I try and do a long reach under brush. The machine ran extremely well on red ground, full gain rock solid threshold and no coil falsing. The detector once ground balanced acted like the ground was not there. May as well have been waving the coil in the air. The machine was scary stable and way, way more pleasant to use. I did not find any gold but did find a number of .177 airgun pellets. Pretty small target.

The ground was steep, 45 degrees or more in places. Lots of rocks and brush. I would not have liked the full ATX here on my arm at all and the stock coil would have been hard to maneuver. The backpack version with smaller coil was perfect for this scenario.

Looking better all the time.

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    • By Aureous
      What is Garrett thinking I wonder, to advance the evolution of the ATX circuit? Its a good, solid detector for a single channel PI circuit. If it was removed from the big, heavy, bulky ridiculous housing with the big, bulky, heavy, ridiculous collapsing stem setup, I'm sure it would sell a heap more. Collaborating with a well known and respected coil manufacturer to make available the proprietary plugs and specs would also help heaps. A good coil range sells detectors as we all know.
      My thoughts also stretched to how the QED (also being a single channel PI) can be adjusted to have faster or slower sampling with relevant timings to either find small gold/targets OR bigger, deeper gold/targets. Seeing how Minelabs patents (MPS) don't allow for multi-channel detectors to be built by any other company, I suspect that this adjustable concept is the logical step to make? Use a small coil: fast sampling/timing. Use a large coil: slower sampling/timing. 
      Garrett has a very good PI circuit in the ATX....why not actually (FINALLY) turn it into the quality prospecting PI that it was supposed to be? Most of the engineering is already done so I'd imagine the cost of doing the rest wouldn't be a huge financial burden. God knows the Fisher Impulse Gold isn't on the horizon any time soon so perhaps a well positioned gold prospecting PI detector with ground tracking and great sensitivity should be a focus for Garrett? Especially now that Whites range of prospecting PI's are now gone from the marketplace. They have the 24K to cover the entry level high frequency VLF side of their 'lineup' so now its time to offer a practical prospecting PI as well. Undercut Minelab's high price point by a good margin (which won't be hard to do) and I would suspect that sales should flow, especially in Africa. 
      I think I know Steve's thoughts on this....what about everyone else?
      hello everyone, let's talk about atx, garrett gonna make a replacement? What do we blame him for, simply for being heavy? in performance, it always surpasses all existing machines on the range with gpz! on black sand is it yes or not the only one with the gpz to be effective? steeve please, he is no longer your favorite for his versatility; despite its weight? despite his age ! gpx 6000 really has big problems on very mineralized ground? and on black sand? a future ctx 3030! and why not just a submersible gpz at 3 meters because they have the same design I do not denigrate anyone, nor the detectors I'm just asking his questions to help me trill I may be overvaluing the atx, but is it still a safe bet today or do I have to wait for a new one? I'm just asking if the atx is still the best off-road on the market today (black sand, salt water 3 meters, mineralized soil, performance, medium soil) for me atx is the champion just because the gpz is not submersible  
    • By orcat
      Hi everyone, I need some help.  I live on an island in South Carolina that has a ton of civil war history.  I have historical maps and encapments printed on  clear plastic that I use to cross reference where things were. This along with out of print books and local knowledge and research done by friends makes me think that I just won't be swinging in any old place. 
      There is also the opportunity to look for jewelry on the beaches and in the water.  The hunting I am planning on doing is in the woods, on the beach and in the water.  I would say that actual hunting in the water above a foot or so would be limited to no more than 10% of the time.  The low tides here are extreme and good planning usually negates the need to walk amongst the sharks 😊.  Beach hunting would be approx 70% and wooded areas the remaining 20%.  I am not considering the loss of iron check on mono's as a limiting factor. 
      I have owned the CTX, the NOX 800 and I did own an ATX when I lived up north so I am very familiar with the weight and when a bungee should be used. I also have first hand experience with sand in the cam locks. 
      I would like to limit my arsenal to 2 coils .. maybe 3.  Here are my thoughts and concerns on each. 
      DD COIL: (I will be getting at least one DD) 
      10x12 original DD.  Don't like the issue with coil knocking although I don't know what is is like using an atx without that issue.  The enclosed coils came out after I got mine.. Also worried about the hinge long term
      11x13 DD, never used it. Does it float? That would be bad in the surf.. But then again.. Only 10% ish of the time would I expect to be in waist high water. I would deal with a buoyancy issue if it is that much better a coil. 
      Small 8" mono.  Maybe good for the wooded areas... I think I really want it because I like the looks
      11x13 mono... Does it offer any appreciable depth that would keep it in the running? 
      15x20 Deepseeker.  I have had it and know the weight it adds.. But I am thinking that some of the deep relics may be sanded in and this might be worth it.  I think that there are some doozies still unearthed where old piers have been that are just beyond the capabilities of anything else. I wouldn't primarily use this coil to dig booming targets.. Rather as a cherry picker... 
      OK.. That's my story... What 2 or 3 coils would you recommend for how I am planning on hunting? 
      Thanks in advance for all your comments. 
      John in SC. 
    • By TnRebel
      I'm checking both out. Need some input by others.
    • By TnRebel
      I am looking to get a beach PI detector and the ATX is one of my choices. This is in Florida on the Gulf side around the Tampa area. I am also going to use it in Tennessee where I do a lot of CW relic hunting. I was wondering anyone's idea about this detector.
    • By Dances With Doves
      If you  answer yes what type of hunting do you use it for.Also if you  answer no what are your reason for not getting it.I have the  Infinium and would get the ATX if it was in a different housing,  did not have the cable rot problems I here   of and was less then $1400.I  here it gets about 4''  more then the infinium  with the ground balance off on a nickel.
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