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Your Thoughts: Best Pin Pointer?

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My Garrett Carrot is on the fritz.. random signals, not deep, or it beeps on everything. So its still under warranty and I'm going to send it back, but in the mean time I need another one. I'm not real sure I need a water proof one. I rarely hunt in the pouring down rain. I'm looking for one that is sensitive,  simple to use and will last. 

I have heard the XP version has too many adjustments so that one is out (Even though I have a deus)

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I got mine from metaldetector.com.  They had them in stock a couple of weeks ago and I even found a coupon code (10JJA) for $10 off.  I really like it, but I did have to adjust the frequency when my 800 complained about it being too close.  Reminded me of my kids in the backseat as pre-teens. I finally had to install a suitcase buckled on end during road trips to serve as the Great Wall of China.

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Theres a guy on Amazon who  says his is freezing up already...I think the key to pinpointers is to have several so when one breaks you can go back to the truck for the other. Let us know how the Fisher holds up. Interested.


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I’ve had pretty good luck but still have one of the black Garrett Pro-Pointers that had the power button go squirrelly right off the bat. The F-PULSE being brand new I would not be surprised to see some issues in early units. It just seems par for the course on all new detecting stuff these days sorry to say. What bothers me about Garrett is the same issues seem to go on for years and never get fixed. They are great about fixing or replacing units promptly, but how about fixing the root problems instead? First Texas can be slow and has a tendency to drop into corporate denial mode at times but does seem to have a better feedback loop for eventually working bugs out of the system.

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26 minutes ago, George Kinsey said:

Deteknix Huntmate.. Perfect for me.

Thanks for the recommendation George.  Never used a PP before but I think it's time.  Ordered the Xpointer Orange version


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On ‎3‎/‎10‎/‎2018 at 1:56 PM, TennesseeDigger said:

Great..Thanks Steve! These look awesome. Gotta pick one up if I can find them!

Let me know if you want one.. I can get them.  149.00 plus free shipping.

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